My Grandson doing Gangnam Style w/marching band

dorothy_oahuOctober 6, 2012

I hate to post his picture on a public forum but I just LOL at this. He is the drum major at his high school and had posted another video taken at school doing this but this is the Pep squad with his backup. I know he will get the whole pand doing doing even more moves soon.

He's such a talented kid. Plays several musical instruments (the band kids love him) and in his senior year he is the drum major. He has great grades and is getting ready to take the SAT and ACT tests for college. He went to Georgetown for a month with Junior Statesmen of America and got an A. He is involved with so many extra curricular activities and is either president or vice president of them. Well, Grandma could keep bragging but on to the entertainment. H is such a character and lots of fun. He is also in the National Merit semi-finals.

This Gangnam style dance is everywhere now and if you haven't seen it you can look it up. A Korean guy named Psy is all over Youtube doing this Gangnam dance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gangnam

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Good Luck to your grandson on his test!! lol...enjoyed watching...thanks for sharing...

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What fun!! That was great--plus all the other things he does. You must be very proud of him.

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I loved the video. You certainly have bragging rights with that one! Isn't it a blessing to have grandchildren--we get the joy without the responsibilities! Thanks for sharing!

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That was wonderful!

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Loved the video!

Such a talented and smart grandson you have.

I wish him well!

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He must have your dancing genes! I loved it and smiled all the way through while watching it!

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Great video! All 4 of my kids were in band! We've been close friends with several Drum Majors, too. All the band kids work hard, but those Drum Majors really are dedicated, hard-working kids!

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Way Cool! Dorothy, you have a real performer there.

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That was fun,, Dorothy! He is very talented! Thanks!

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That was such a good video. What a great kid. He's got an awesome future.

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i'm really out of touch so thanks for posting and helping this old timer keep up to date!! Your GS is a doll and really talented!!

Great seeing you Dorothy!! haven't seen you here in ages!!

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How cute is that? He looks like he's having a wonderful time and the audience is just lovin' it! Glad it's on tape for him to keep (and for you to watch whenever you want). I had never heard the term "gangnam" before--I'm out of it, too.

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