Who here has suffered from hypothyroidism?

gogwmosOctober 7, 2012

I have found a good endocrinologist last month and did blood and urine workups but I am wondering how long it takes, once she puts me on my meds, to begin to feel better? Right now I am so fatigued that I can sleep 20 hours a day, have gained 70 lbs without changing my diet (I have been on Synthroid for a few years, every 6 months they up the dosage but it isn't helping much) and I just want to feel good and normal. My GP who has been doing my thyroid work just sucks, especially when I feel like I do all the time.

Any help would be appreciated!

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If you are on the thyroid meds and you still feel bad I would wonder if the cause is something else. If you don't like your doctor find another one for a second opinion!

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Mine is low also. However, I don't feel that bad. I've only had it raised twice in 26 years and then it has been a real struggle to persuade them to do it. I have done a lot of research and finally convinced my cardiologist that I should have my iodine checked. He was very interested and wasn't aware that there was a test. He inquired and found there was and arranged for me to do it last thursday. It is done through urine collection. I don't have the results yet but hope they show that I am low in that area. Time will tell. I get so exhausted and have passed out once and almost two other times recently, plus numb hands, etc. etc. All the best
Keep us posted, please

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I've had thyroid problems but I had hyper instead of hypo.

I was extremely tired too.

I took one pill a day for one year. That was over 30 years ago..and no trouble since.

I hope your doctor finds the right solution for you.


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I've been dealing with hypothyroid (hashimotos disease,for 42 years.At first they treated it with synthroid,and had to recheck it every 3 months.Then it got to where the pill wasn't working anymore and the nodules,(goiter) were growing,so they opted to operate.They took out all the right side,scraped the isthmus,and took out a 3rd ofthe left.

Time marched on,and then i started having the same symptoms as before they removed the first part.Had it checked and the rest of the left was growing again,and when the meds didn't work anymore,they went back in and removed the rest.Almost 20 years between surgeries to the day!!

Things got better again,but they still have to keep a check on it.In fact in may when i went for my physical they found it was too high,and a few days before that i had just gotten a 90 day refill,and then the dr had to lower it.I didn't think the insurance would pay for it again,but they did.

Good luck,to those going thru it,it can be a long battle,that's never really ends for all,BUT it can be controlled.

I have no thyroid at all now,just a little pill every day and now i'm back to check ups every 3 months or so again.

You're weight can be the cause of the fluctations as well.You lose a few pounds,gain a few it upsets the apple cart,so to speak.

Wishing you well in your journey,and remember everyone of us is different,so what works for some,does not work for others.

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I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroidism) and I am also on Synthroid. You have done the right thing going to an endocrinologist. You did not say how far out of range you are. You will feel better once you are in the normal range. It is important to take the medication at the same time each day and you should not eat or drink anything an hour before or after taking the medication. Do not take any vitamins four hours before or after taking the medication. Keep in touch with your endocrinologist and keep him/her posted on all of your symptoms. Your endocrinologist will do frequent blood tests until you are stabilized. Keep the faith - you will feel better.

As a side note - my hairdresser can always tell when I am out of range. She told me three years before I was diagnosed that I should have my thyroid checked (I thought she wanted to sell me hair products - we laugh about it now).

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renee fl. I have been on synthroid for 26 years. I was never told to take it one hour before eating and there fore never did. Recently I heard someone talking and saying that they had forgot to take their tablet so couldn't have the snack they were just offered. I asked the Dr. and she agreed it should be taken 1 hour before eating anything with a full glass of water. No one has ever told me not to take vitamins for 4 hours after. I have been taking quite a few vitamins with my breakfast, which is one hour after. Also taking heart medication and cholesterol lowering meds and prednisone at breakfast as well. Is that why, even though I am in the correct range - but much lower than at one time, that I am still feeling all the symptoms of iodine deficiency?
I'm glad to see this posting and the replies. It may benefit several of us.

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My daughter had her thyroid removed in 1996 and was put on synthroid. She was testing in the normal range but was still feeling tired, gaining weight and depressed. The doctor added cytomel to her synthroid and she is doing much better.
Thyroid disease can be very complicated to treat. I would recommend finding an Endo that specialised in thyroid disease.

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I was going to suggest asking your Dr about adding Cytomel, too. My endocrinologist is terrific. He doesn't just go by the "numbers" realizing that despite being within the range, some people feel better closer to one end of the range or the other. Although the Synthroid helped, I didn't feel 100% at the levels it achieved. Adding just a "drop" of Cytomel definitely helped.

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I take my levothroxine pill every morning for my hypothyroid. It took about a year of adjustments to find the right dose.

Others are correct that it should be taken after a fast ( first thing in the morning. With a glass of water only. You should not eat or drink anything (including tea or coffee for an hour. Do not take other meds for at least an hour either unless the doctor oks it.

One thing not mentioned is calcium. Calcium blocks the body's ability to absorb it properly so eating calcium rich foods is best done later in the day. (I miss my cottage cheese at breakfast *sigh*).

Another thing to avoid is soy. Non-fermented soy like soymilk, tofu, soy nuts and edamame are not your friend if you are hypothyroid.

Taking the medication properly and on schedule really makes a difference.

I wasn't even aware I was hypothyroid. Ithought being tired was me just getting older. LOL My doctor discovered it during a battery of tests done during my my first bout of sudden hearing loss.

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I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 8 years ago. I have been on Armour, Synthroid, Cytomel alone and various combinations of all the above. I felt okay on 100% Cytomel for a while (up to 150 mcg per day), but that didn't last more than about a year. I am now on a low dose of Thyrolar (my old doctor retired and I have a new endo) and feeling like cr*p!! Some people do fine on the standard Synthroid, but unfortunately a lot of people do not. :(

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Someone (not my endo and not a doctor) told me that I should also not eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables and soy. I had not heard about limiting calcium (other than pill form) in the morning.

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I have hypothyroidism and hashimoto's as well. I also have nodules on my thyroid. I was taking Synthroid ( actual non generic Synthroid because Levothyroxine gave me migraines) and Cytomel at the same time. It seemed to help, but not much. We moved last year and I've been procrastinating about seeing a new Endochrinologist but this thread just reminded me. LOL. I did notice that it took about a month or 2 to start feeling any better.

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I too have had thyroid disease for years, the best source of gaining knowledge is the Mary Shoman site on thyroid. One of the problems is that the values on the test results have now been set at one to three but many many drs. are still going by the old values which which were higher so many people are not on the right dose. Check out the site and educate yourself. Yes to no food before or after taking the pill. I was told one hour. No soy products.

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I was glad to see this thread. I have hypothyroidism and have been on levothroid for over 20 years. I recently read something interesting that said that since hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disorder, anyone who had that diagnosis should not be eating gluten. Anyone else hear that too?

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