Life with a dog wearing a 'cone'

chisueOctober 12, 2012

This is a weird new adventure. Eliot had a fatty growth removed from his hind leg yesterday and has to wear a cone over his head to prevent him from ripping out stitches. He's bewildered by this thing. He gets hung up going through doors or out of doors. He can't eat with it on. He can't scratch his chin on this slick plastic. He can't fit in his dog bed. When he shakes, the plastic rattles and scares him. He has to wear this for two weeks until the stitches come out.

I hope we can all adjust better than we have so far. It's why I'm online at 3 a.m.!

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We had a dog that had to wear one. At first she'd run into things and her expression was like "oops, sorry", after a couple of days she was more like "oops"...then it was..oh heck with it, I'm going to run into things, just get over it. We did have to remove it to clean it a couple of times, she'd still lick herself, even if it was through the plastic.

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Poor Eliot. I hope he heals soon. We have had dogs that have had to wear the "cone". This morning soon, Cheryl and I are taking one of Amber's dogs, Angel to the vet for surgery. She will have her other eye removed. No cone needed for that surgery.


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Often people/vets use sleeves of sweaters to put on the pets. This protects the stitches yet they can function normally.

Is their something similar that will fit over his body?

I remember when I got Roxie fixed and declawed as a kitten. I didn't want her to wear the cone. She pulled out some staples overnite, so I took her back and they re-stapled her. A couple days later she pulled a few out again.

Fiesty little bugger.

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I went back to bed at 3:30, took off Eliot's cone and put him on top of the comforter beside me, wrapped in a towel. He settled right down with his nose in my elbow and we ALL slept until 7:10. Then DH had to hustle to get our garbage and recycling out before the trucks came. We left the cone off until Eliot ate and was walked. Now he's disgusted all over again because he has to wear it! It'll be a long two weeks.

Jasdip -- El would rip right through a sweater over his wound, but thanks for the idea. I do think there should be a better solution than this wide, clumsy cone -- maybe it's a size too large. Eliot is a 16 lb. Westie.

Marilyn Sue -- Aw, poor Angel. Glaucoma? Won't she paw at the socket? Our last Westie, Pip, was blind and deaf the last year or two before we had to put him down at almost 17.

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Chisue, my DIL always took the cone off when her dogs ate, sounds like you found a way to make your doggie a bit more
comfy~~~at least you all got a good nights sleep;)

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Some people are able to use the product I've linked below instead of the cone. The actual site is one I found on a search and have no experience with. I just wanted to show you a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alternative to cone

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There are also newer e-cones that are fabric (but cotton, not rigid enough for my taste) and ones that are a fabric type but sturdier than cotton. I used the "Comfy Cone" for my cairn terrier after she was spayed because the opaque plastic one I had for my first dog just freaked that one out. (I think that for this last go-round, I switched back and forth from plastic during the day and the more flexible one at night). I found the Comfy Cone at a little pet toy and treat shop near me.

There's also a cone that looks like what people use for neck care -- the "Bite Not" dog collar.

Maybe a store near you has these, or the Drs. Foster & Smith website -- might make the situation a little easier over the next 2 weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: comfy cone

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I went to the pet shop and bought a clear plastic one for our lab after her spay. She still hated it, but at least she could see to the sides.

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It could be worse....

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

there is an inflatable one that looks like a small intertube it is so so much better than the hard plastic ones I would definitely look into getting one of those. You may check with the vet and see if maybe they have one.

The big plastic ones will wreck havoc on the walls and furniture too.
ProCollar Protective Collar
there is what I am talking about.

believe me when you have a Great Dane with one of those things on you quickly learn of alternatives!!

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Chisue - The problem with eating is when the front of the cone hits the floor and the dog can't reach into the dish. If you put the dog's dish on a small stool so that it is raised up off of the floor a little, it will be much easier for him to eat, as long as the opening of the cone can go down over the dish and a little over the stool so his mouth can reach into the dish.

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I think I'll look at Petsmart for one of these nice alternatives y'all have posted about. Thanks!

We're OK with the eating. I can just pull the collar and cone over Eliot's head while he eats and is walked. It slips right back over again when he's done. (I couldn't find anything narrow enough that was also stable enough to put under his dinner dish anyway.

Actually, he seems to be adjusting much better today. We'll see about sleeping!

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Jasdip that picture is priceless. My DB's dog was riding in the tractor with him when he was cutting hay with a sicle mower. It has a moving sickle that comes out the side about 6 to 8 feet long. MY DB had to stop for some reason and the dog jumped out right into the sickle. It cut one of his feet almost all of the way off and badly cut another one. MY DB had to drive 45 miles to take her to the vet. I can't remember how long the surgery took but the vet fixed it. She had to wear one of the cones too. They called it the lampshade. No Sadie didn't like it but what she really didn't like was that she had to stay in the house while the other dogs got to go out. This happened about 6 years ago and it still bothers her when it gets really cold. She is the best cattle dog. My brother said it was worth the money. Now he won't take the dogs in the tractor with him when he is cutting hay.

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We have an inflatable "cone" made by Kong, it works fairly well---sort of depends on ur dogs face and what area your trying to protect!!

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Angel made it through the surgery fine and is back home. She goes back in two weeks to have the stitches removed. This is her second eye she had to have removed this year because of glaucoma. No cone. I hope she does as well with this eye. She should feel better because even before the surgery she could not see.


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You don't mean she had her eyes removed, do you Sue?
She must have had cataract surgery or something?

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Last night was as bad as the first night. Up, down, up, down. This is as tiring as a new baby! After midnight I gave Eliot 25 mg of Tramadol. He slept until three, woke up fighting the plastic collar, and only settled down after being put back in his bed and covered up three times. (Little lump with a lampshade sticking out.)

This morning I called the vet. She was unenthusiastic about an inflatable collar, fearing El could get around it. DH and I took him to Petco -- where the joint was jumping with people and pets -- and realized she was right. So...we bought a canvas 'cone' with a Velcro closure. So far El has stopped being frantic. Another night looms. (sigh)

In the midst of all this I realized that our west furnace wasn't heating. Fortunately the HVAC guy could come right away. He replaced the ignition gizmo -- and said his mom's lab has just had an eye removed due to glaucoma. I'd never heard of this before Marilyn Sue posted about Angel.

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Yes, Sherry she has had both eyes removed this year, but she gets around pretty well, I guess she sort of sniffs her way around. The only choice besides surgery was to put her down. She was sleeping when I saw her today. No pain medication, just the injection she got before she came home.


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