Brookfield, WI Shooting

jemdandyOctober 22, 2012

The latest shooting was too close for comfort. A disgruntled estranged husband strode into a Spa where she worked and he began shooting. At latest count, 3 are dead and 4 wounded. An improvised bomb was found and for the next few hours, little information leaked out. The FBI and local bomb squad cleared the building. During this process, the shooter's dead body was found thus ending a manhunt for him.

We live a few miles from this location and on occasion shop at Brookfield Square.

I wanted to do leaf raking this afternoon, but my wife discouraged it. For most of the afternoon, the public did not know where the shooter was. His car had been found outside the city of Brookfield. We sat inside the house with the doors locked, watched the Packer football game and kept tabs on the outside world via computer and internet.

By the time the shooter was found, it was getting too dark to do much. I got a little outside exercise and I needed more. Arrgh.

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How terrible. You never now when you are going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Best to be alert at what's going on around you at all times. So scary!!

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Our son lives very near Children's Hospital and he, too, had his doors locked during this horrifying episode! His wife and daughter were running errands (tho not near Brookfield Square)and I felt a lot better once they were all back together - locked in. The good news is that the Packers WON! We are 'down south' and I was tuned-in via live streaming of Channels 4 & 12 during the entire afternoon. Such a sad state of affairs to have something like this happen. Prayers for all those families affected by this.

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DD lives right down North ST from the mall. She's in Wauwatosa.
Really scared me when I heard about this yesterday.

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I just don't understand why anyone had to do something like this when a marriage or a relationship breaks up> Why punish other families? Just work it out.

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