anybody here buy one of the new Kindle Fire HDs?

pammyfayOctober 10, 2012

How are you liking it?

In reviews on the web, I'm seeing a surprising amount of unhappiness, ranging from the fact that you can't access the battery to change it yourself, to it lacking and SD card slot, to apps that people bought for their previous Kindle not working on this version.


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I will be interested to hear the responses here. I have a Kindle Fire, but was contemplating buying the new HD. Maybe not. Really, I am so happy with my Fire I guess I don't need a new one.

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I was going to order Mark a Kindle Fire HD for his birthday. He has a Touch and had been talking about getting the Fire HD. After reading many reviews he decided that he does not want the Fire HD and wants the Kindle Paperwhite instead. The Paperwhite is not in stores yet. We decided to hold off on ordering until he can look at it. I too will be interested in hearing the responses to this thread.

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I also will be interested to hear your responses. I was planning to buy one for myself and give the Kindle Fire to my husband. We both like to read.

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Nope. Not interested in watching movies. My original Kindle was bought to access books.
For internet, e-mail, I use my smart phone.

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I have the kindle fire now, but am somewhat unhappy with it because it is hard to read in bright light because of the glare. Does anyone know of a Kindle that doesn't have this problem? Was considering getting the HD version because supposedly it fixed the glare issue, but now am having second thoughts. Thanks!


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I love my current Fire (1st gen) and really don't need the features of the new one. So at this point I'm sticking with what I've got.

I think that some of the reviews I've read from disappointed people are kind of misplaced; they're complaining about things the Fire was never intended to do. Why would you need an SD slot in the Fire? That's not what it's for! Buy another product if that's what you want.

Why would one want to change the battery themselves? It's completely rechargeable and none of the Kindles have a customer-accessible battery. Does the Nook?

Regarding reading in bright light (sunlight), that's because of the type of screen. Just like if you took your laptop computer outside - you would have a very difficult time reading the screen. It was never intended to be used in bright sun; I read up on that before I bought my Fire and decided it was ok with me. Yes, the other Kindles are fine for reading in the sun. Just not the Fire.

Heck, I have no problem with people complaining about the Fire or any other product. But I have a problem with them not doing research ahead of the purchase and then complaining about things they should've known.

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Abby, if you can find one - the original Kindle reader has a non-glare screen, and a keyboard!
I sat by the pool this summer in bright sunlight, and had no trouble reading it.

Another reason why I won't buy an upgrade.

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I just looked on Amazon - you can get the orginal Kindle for 49.95.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

any tablet with the lcd type screen like a pc will have difficulty in bright light it is the nature of the screen, the original kindles were made to allow reading in bright outdoor light but then required a light to be attached to read in the dark because the epaper screen had no backlight as an lcd does. So you have to decide what fits your needs best.

I have several tablets not a one of them has the ability to change the battery. So I don't know why that would even be brought up as a negative.

As to SD card slots most tablets do have them, the original kindle also had one, some manufacturers add them some don't. It was one of the stated negatives for the new Google Nexus that it did not have an SD card slot.
All of mine have them and I personally would not want a tablet with out one but that is totally personal preference. Why have one? because you can store a ton of stuff on them to access from the tablet, books, music, pictures, video, you name it if the tablet is able to utilize the file type you can store it on an SD card and increase the storage of the tablet by 32GB which is the limit on most all tablets.
If I am traveling and have no internet access but would like to watch a movie say, I just put in my SD card that I have the movie stored on and watch it same with music etc.
The storage capacity of some tablets is limited so having the means to increase that storage space easily by SD is a plus.

I store all of my books on SD card then I just move the SD card from tablet to tablet or from tablet to pc or netbook etc. Makes it very easy.

The Fire HD will have an IPS screen that is a much better screen than previous version. It has some glare reducing characteristics and better color rendering.
It is reported it has an improved battery with an 8 hr charge life.
one nice thing is a micro USB port and a micro HDMI slot, so that you can view your movies on your large screen HD TV from it.

It has a volume button on the side which is always a nice feature to have on the device.
It has 2 speakers of much better quality than the original Fire which will make watching movies or music more enjoyable.
As to the storage size there are 2 versions a 16GB and a 32GB version.

The fact that some apps may not work on it is not unusual, different versions of android often will have apps that work on one but not another. Then the app creators step up and update their apps for the newer devices and OS.

I don't own any kindles several members of my family do and I have helped them with theirs. Research is essential to find out what is what with any new device and technology, don't just believe random comments do your own research and check out some of the many articles about the new kindle fire HD. My personal fave is to go to sites that offer actual user reviews and read what the people who own it have to say.

Asking here or on the computer help forum is also a good method to find out info on tech toys! I am always happy to try to find out the info if I don't know it.

Here is a link to a decent Cnet review with comparisons to other tablets.
Amazon Kindle Fire HD review

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hmm, I replied before but it didn't show up. Now it will show up twice, lol. I am going to have to take a look at the basic kindle again, as most of my reading is either outdoors (at lacrosse games) or in other bright light. All of the info has been very helpful!


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