I just got the most fascinating book

lazypupOctober 13, 2012

The book is called "Dr.Bader" Pest Cures - Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You" by Dr. Myles H. Bader

About two or three weeks ago I was sitting here at the computer about 3 or 4 in the morning and Jan had fallen asleep with the TV on. Normally when an informercial comes on I quickly change channels but in this case it was in the other room and I sort of tuned it out, or so I thought, but as I haphazardly listened to it in the background it began to sound interesting.

It is a 400 page book that lists every insect, spider or other critter that frequents our homes, lawns & gardens and it not only explains the critter, it gives simple home remedy solutions to repel or kill the interlopers. And so far all the formulas are made from simple products that you already have in the home.

For the lawn & garden it also lists what insects are natural predators of the offensive insects and it lists sources where you can buy the predators to put in your garden for a natural deterent.

In my opinion this book would be especially interesting to those of you who are organic gardening because it lists every vegitable, fruit or shrub that you might have in your garden and the specific insects that harm those plants, and it gives information on natural repellants, benneficial insect predators and natural insecticides.

By example, there is a white fly that when in the larval stage they live underground and eat your carrots. The book says to simply mix dried coffee grounds with your carrot seed and it will repel them.

The book was $10.99 ($17.99 with S&H)

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Thanks, Pup! That sounds like a handy book to have. I just checked Amazon, and they have it in the Kindle edition for $10 (and no delivery fee!) Prime Members can "borrow" the book for free for 30 days. This is some of what is written about Dr. Bader in the intro to the book:

Dr. Bader received his Professional Medical Degree from Loma Linda University and is board certified as a Preventive Care Practitioner. He is experienced in weight control, exercise physiology, stress management, early detection of heart disease, has counseled in all areas of nutrition and has lectured extensively on supplementation and anti-aging for 30 years. He has also established multi-phasic screening prevention programs for numerous safety departments, city governments and executive health programs for over 40 major corporations.

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Does it happen to say how to get rid of the d@mn stink bugs?

Lindsay, can you give any details about a prime membership with amazon? Cost, benefits....

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That sounds really interesting. We grow our fruit and veggies organically and, so far, have had few problems. Mainly damage to peaches from birds, but we don't mind sharing with them. :o)

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I have seen that infomercial before too.


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I had a friend tell me about that~~I forgot all about it til you mentioned it I am going to see if she bought it?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've seen the infomercial....and though I have not seen a copy of the whole book so can't speak to that, I was pretty shocked at the lack of good sense. Some, even many home remedies, have great value.....some of the things I saw on that commercial were pure malarkey. Home remedies, the ones that actually work, are based on real science.

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I don't know about the book but I can personally attest to the benefits of using used coffee grounds in the garden both for pest control and as a root stimulant. This past growing season I finally rid my plants of snails/slugs attacks by surrounding them with coffee grounds. Those varmint won't [or can't] travel over the grounds. My Hostra were overjoyed and beautiful throughout the entire season.

I, also, had no mosquitoes hovering around my plantings or on my deck this year. And, I've used it mixed with water to stimulant root growth of "slipped" plants. It works like a charm.

It's a natural odor suppressant. I always put some in the bottom of a newly lined refuse container and find no odor after days of use.

I'm sure I'll find more ways to use them which tickles me pink considering I'm a big coffee drinker. At the price of coffee, I feel better thinking I'm getting a healthy return on my initial investment. ;-)


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Katlen, the Amazon Prime membership is $79 per year. You get free 2-day shipping on any item that has "Prime" near the price on the description page. Prime members also can borrow Kindle books (only one at a time) for an unlimited period of time. There are also a whole heck of a lot of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free (we watch them on our Kindle Fires).

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Thanks Lindsay, I'll check it out.

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I just saw the infomercial. I wouldn't spend money on the book. I try to avoid those "As Seen on TV" items. Maybe if my library gets that book in, I'll inquire the next time I'm there.

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Amazon offered a Mastercard awhile back, I got it. It gave a $50 discount on your Amazon purchase and may have included the Amazon prime membership? I got the expedited 2 day shipping with the card free...can't remember if it's the whole enchilada or not....?

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