Lillie1441October 31, 2013

Hello everyone! I have been away for a long time and thought I'd check in and see if anyone remembered me.I'm happy to see some familiar "faces".Hope to be able to participate again.Probably won't be as much as I would like but will check in now and then.Do people still get sent to the teacups when they are naughty?

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I'm sorry I don't remember you, but Welcome back!

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Welcome back Lillie to the KT.

Sue in Central Indiana

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If you were sent to the teacups, you were well before my time, but welcome back.

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Yes, Welcome back. Not sure I remember you, but I've been around a long time. No more tea cups, but those were funny/fun times.... we must have been teeney-boppers then and now days we have become an 'information highway'...... a good thing, I guess. Keep checking up on us!

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Welcome back Lillie(love the name) I just came back from several years of riding the teacups....not really I feel like I just came back home....

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Hi, Lillie and welcome back. It's beginning to look like old home week around here :-)

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No more teacups :o)


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Well,I'm happy to see some of you remember me.Glenda,patti43.I think georgysmom was here when I left but I think you were pretty new.I wasn't riding the teacups,just out of pocket for a while.My youngest son and DIL had twins 5 years ago and we went to Albuquerque,NM to help them with the babies.Then he had cancer and had 2 surgeries,3 rounds of chemo,blood clots.We were up there 4 years.Finally he is well and cancer free and the babies don't need us as much.We have been back home in TX almost 2 years now.I still don't have internet access except when our oldest son is home and I get it on his phone so I'm not on much.It's good to see all of you and catch up on the "latest"!

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Welcome back!

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Your story refreshed my memory and I do remember you...glad every thing turned out so well for you...and welcome back..

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I remember you, Lillie! I wondered where you went!
Welcome back.

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Lillie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about you the other day! I was looking at your gourd and thought, wonder if she is still painting! I have missed you!

So glad your son is better and I bet the babies.... who aren't babies anymore, are so cute! How have you been? You will have to find a way to get access so you can come around more often! Take care and hope to catch you soon!

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