Repairing a hole in car seat???

sheilajoyce_gwOctober 18, 2013

My son was offered a nice deal in buying his aunt's used car. The only problem is that there is a hole in the driver's seat about 1 1/2 inches square.

Has anyone had any luck repairing a large hole like this in a vinyl car seat?

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They make duct/duck? tape in many colors now, should stick to vinyl. Or he could install seat covers.

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if it runs, is cheap, and in good running condition, get seat covers!

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Try a "vinyl repair" search. I saw a youtube video of vinyl repair, and kits are available too. Maybe check at an auto supply store for a kit. Or stop an auto upholstery place and ask for suggestions. Maybe they could replace a section for not too much $.

I'm not a fan of duct tape as it doesn't hold well. There is a much better tape: Scotch plastic tape. It comes in colors and clear, different widths and sticks really well. Sometimes hard to find. I once used to fix an underwater aquarium part, and the tape held in the water!

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The upolstery shop, mended a hole in the truck seat, where, hubby had torn it with a screwdriver, he forgot was in his back pocket. Couldnt even tell where it was.

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A good auto upholstery shop should be able to fix the hole and make it nearly disappear.

One way to find one is by asking a services rep at a large car dealership for a referral. Most dealerships send out their used cars for such problems, see who they use.

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Do not use duct tape on vinyl. The adhesive will soften and make a mess of the vinyl. Use a repair patch made for vinyl or install seat covers.

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