Does anyone read USA Today?

terilynOctober 10, 2012

I have subscribed since the beginning, they just changed their layout. I can't read the small print. I sent them an email, newspapers are meeting their demise. Why would you make it more difficult to read? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Only in hotels that deliver under my door. - for free.

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.........same as monica - freebies slipped under the door to my room.

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I don't buy it either.

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Definitely contact them. Newspaper editors are trying their best to hang on. Unfortunately (and I work for the Gannett chain) Gannett is doing what they can to cut costs, so they can hang on. We see it at our paper--a lot of consolidation--work that used to be done in house is now being done elsewhere, so that one location can service several different newspapers.

Newspaper editors, from my experience are extremely approachable--do contact the paper and let them know what the problem is and that it may cause you to stop reading. It makes no sense to me, to make the print that small--even if it does save paper--because more often than not, newspaper readers are older rather than younger readers. Let's not make it easier for anyone to give up reading the paper!!!

Let us know if you get an answer from the paper. Good luck. And now that you mention the paper, I've been buzzing around working all morning, and forgot to read 'my' paper. Think I'll do that now.

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we used to but havn't for ages...did buy one the other day and boy had it changed...the color format was gone, and it was pretty slim, too...

the 2 detroit papers are only sold in places no more delivery...they combine for the sunday edition...

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Azzalea , I did contact them and brought up all the points you mentioned. Told them if things didn't change I would be forced to cancel. Got a generic response. Plan on trying again, going up the food chain.

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SIL buys it, and I hate the new format period especially the smaller font. Why fix it if it aint broken?

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When our kids were in elementary school, DH would buy it if one of them needed to make a current events report. USA Today is written so simply that our 3rd and 4th graders could understand a good half of the article without any help from us. It made homework easier for all of us rather than using the paper we subscribed to daily.

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