America's got talent Who won tonight??

minnie_txSeptember 18, 2013

Who won tonight??I was watchig NCIS, The Rangers baseball game and lost track Thanks in advance

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I've put a link below.
I'm happy with the winner.....not so much with
the 2-6 placements.

Here is a link that might be useful: AGT winner

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I wanted Forte, then Kenichi, then Taylor, Colin, Cami and Rose last. Can't believe he beat Forte.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I was thrillled with the winner! He's an amazing's easy to use the word 'genius ' for him.

Forte is a great trio, but somehow predictable in my opinion.

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I didn't like the winner. Forte or Taylor would have been my pick.

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I was pleased with the winner, but did not like Taylor at all. I thought Forte would be in first or second place--that was a big surprise, but I guess a lot of people do not like opera. I thought Collins was amazing; loved Jimmy Rose and Cami.

Kenichi truly deserved to win--he is a genius at what he does and totally entertaining. IMO, he has more "talent" than any of the other contestants.

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I think that I'm the only person on the planet who despises
Taylor. He gives me the creeps. His moronic facial
expressions. His nervous giggle. His lame, lame "jokes". His sophomoric flirting with Heidi. His entire persona hits me like
fingernails on a blackboard. How he came in second is beyond me.

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No, Lindakathy, you aren't the only one who doesn't care for Taylor. I feel the same as you.

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You can add DH and me to the list of people who didn't like Taylor at all. DH said that, if Taylor won, he would never watch AGT again!! He was not funny.

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I didn't think Taylor should win, but I think he's funny. But if Rose would have won, I know I would have never watched again. I never thought he should have gotten past the first show he was on. But I loved Forte from the start especially the tall guy. LOVE them and voted for them the first time in my life for any TV contest.

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We don't care for Taylor's brand of humor, either. Didn't think he was funny enough to make it to the finals. I liked Forte and was surprised to see them eliminated . Kenichi's talent was amazing and I think he deserved to win.

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Thanks all. I really only watched one or two shows. I agree about Taylor. I liked Forte also and sorry I missed il Divo last night. too much over production on that program IMHO

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Put me in the anti-Taylor group. He is too juvenile in his manner, and I expect he would have altered his material for the Vegas crowd, had he won. I was sorry, but not surprised, to see Forte lose out.

Kenichi is so different from what we see so often, and I had hoped he would win, but didn't think he would.

Glad he did.


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Can't believe all the anti-taylor sentiment. He was my favorite of all the acts, all season.

Colins key? His tricks were very, very simple--I know they came across pretty well on TV, and he is adorable. BUT I used to teach in a summer program where there was a magic class--and I saw 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders doing versions of the exact same tricks--they're easy to do, and easy to teach.

Kammi was so annoying--didn't care for the way she destroyed classic songs we all know.

The country singer was good, but not quite good enough to win,

The opera boys weren't the best I've heard, and they only got together for the competition--I'm betting they'll probably spllit up within a month of completing their AGT commitments.

Kenichi was my overall second favorite of the season (truth be told, the little ballroom dancers would have been my 3rd pick, had they made it to the finals). However, regarding Kenichi--of ALL 6 of the final acts, his is BEST suited to a Vegas contract. He could end up being one of those performers who ends up working there for years and years. Such a fantastic talent, and he stages it so very well.

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I think Taylor was kinda cute but should not have been in the top 6.

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