Honey Boo Boo

glenda_alSeptember 20, 2012

You watch?

What do you think?

I haven't watched, maybe I should, eh?

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Totally Disgusting ,and that's putting it mildly.Of course that is JMO

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All I could stand was not more than 2 minutes.
People need role models to look up to.....(sorry I ended the sentence in a proposition.)
Isn't the mother the one on Cooper Anderson's show who admitted giving Honey Boo Boo a can of Red Bull with added sugar before going on stage?

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I watched out of curiosity, was speechless the entire 30 minutes and vowed never to watch again....but did! What is wrong with me LOL

Just read that June is asking for more money for Season 2.

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I've never seen anything other than the ads for the show.
I won't watch. Not that one, or the other shows... those dance shows, the beauty pageant shows.... Ones that perverts
are probably loving to watch in their cells or homes.

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I watched it a couple times. At first I thought - Train Wreck!

But then I noticed that everyone is pretty happy. The little girl is really nice to every one. Their house is clean. They show the outside of it and it's neat as a pin too. Mom kinda tells it like it is and loves her kids. She doesn't make excuses and seems to be a down to earth person.

I have seen a whole lot worse - and I know they make things out differently than they really are by "creatively editing" scenes.

The subtitles totally crack me up. I guess that is for us Yankees! LOL

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I was prepared to hate it, but I agree with iowagirl. Alana's family needs some work, but overall, Alana is a happy child. She isn't as spoiled as some kids. This show has allowed her to do some thing she wouldn't have before so that is to her benefit.

The editors do edit the how to make the family appear even more crass than they are. Not sure what is up with Mama's constant passing of gas, but she can't help with the sneezing. Poor Alana was humiliated by them the other night when she should have been given a kleenix.

Mama is uneducated, but has some street smarts. If this show helps the girls in the family have better positions in life and learn to eat better, then it will be worth it for them.

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I watched once. She's cute but her parents are annoying. No more Honey Boo boo for me!

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I didn't even know who she was until I asked my sister yesterday! LOL Still don't know what channel it's on or the name of the show. I just kept hearing references to "Honey Boo Boo", so I asked.

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I agree with some of the other posters. At first, I thought it was awful but then I realized they are just a normal family. Sure, they don't have the best manners but there's a lot of love in that house. I like that Alana participates and enjoys pageants but the message she's getting is that it's okay not to win as long as you try and have fun.

I'm sure it's heavily edited and that the family is prompted to exaggerate certain things for the shock value.

I enjoy the show because I like glimpsing into the lives of other people, and that includes different backgrounds and circumstances and all the unique traits that go with it.

I hope they get more money. I read they are making $4,000 per member per episode and now they want $10,000. I think they should be getting a lot more considering how many viewers they have (over 3 million each week). I think the mom seems smart enough with money that they would handle it wisely.

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I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. Alana is a sweetheart. The parents are a little rough around the edges but are good people at least they seem to be. House is clean, they seem clean. I don't think I would have bought any lemondade from their stand though. If any of you saw that you know what I mean LOL. I like it and will keep watching. Heck I know people like this. Love the sub-titles. I understand everything they say, but hey, I'm from Kentucky. Loving family, I love how they all have nick names. My family is kinda like that with the nick names.

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A few things I've noticed when watching the show.

You don't see the teen girls or any other family member attached to a cell phone, TV or computer.
There is a lot of family time.
They respect their parents, each other and those around them

A pleasant change from every other reality show on TV :)

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Well, see! There I go writing it off from a complete
first impression on the ad, not actually watching a show.
Sounds like my impression is wrong. I still won't be
watching though, I don't like watching this kind of show.
Too much drama in MY life! lol

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I've only heard people mention it; wouldn't consider watching it or most of the other stuff on tv. What I want to know is this: Where do they find these people? Do these back woods (I THINK that's the premise of Honey Boo Boo?) people just suddenly pop up & get a tv show?? I don't know how real these reality shows really are....???...

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I too would like to know where they find these people. People will do anything for money I guess.

Who dreams up these reality shows.

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I dunno, if I could make enough money to never have to worry again in exchange for being filmed for a year or two, I would do it! Alas, I don't think anyone is particularly interested in watching my nightly activities of cross stitching and watching old tv series on Netflix, lol.

I don't blame anyone for taking that opportunity, at least normal people. There are some who make a career out of reality tv that I don't particularly agree with but in the case of Honey Boo Boo, I say good for them.

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I say good for them too, but what I want to know is do producers or whoever, just go crawling around the hills and backwoods to find people? Just seems a bit coincidental to me. In other words, are they for real?

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They found Honey Boo Boo on Toddler and Tierras. She was a contestant in one of the pageants and the next thing you know they have their own show. Probably because viewers let the people running that part of the word (like producers and what not) know that they were interested in getting to know these people better.

I'm just going to confess right here and now that I am a reality TV junky. It is because I am curious about other people, what they do, what they think, how they live. Chi83, I promise if you get your own show, I will tune in to watch you cross stitch and watch old TV series on Netflix. LOL I can't help myself. I just want to know what makes everybody tick.

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The show is okay if you like watching a 32 year old obese woman at over 300 pounds , who is a grandmother already , had four daughters each from a different father ( one girl's father is unknown) . all the fathers have criminal records, June, the mother has one, one of the fathers is a registered sex offender, the 16 year old who made June a G-Ma at 32 doesn't have a father for her baby, June feeds her kid Mountain dew spiked with Red Bull and junk food all day, their gourmet dinner was June boiling spaghetti(they call it sketti, can't pronounce the real word) and making the sauce with a tub of butter and ketchup microwaved,and even though they received gov't assistance they spend thousands on glittery gowns for kiddie beauty pageants...and the reasons there are subtitles, they can all barely speak English.I see the three teenagers not maybe being on cell phones but pregnant at 16, sitting around and getting as fat as their mother some day. The dumbing down of America. The show is so popular because people are watching in disgust.

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i caught the episode where she has to give up the pet pig. I had seen an entertainment headline about it and when i was scrolling thru channels one nite i saw it was that episode LOL I could not resist seeing a bratty kid get her pet pig taken away LOL! I watched it, it now serves as good motivation to go workout and eat right LOL. infact my DH came home while i had it on and was going to eat some junk and skip our usual workout, well he skipped on the junk and went to workout LOL! personally I find their behavior gross and a few of the words they use causes me to believe they are racist. besides the fact that every single one of them is obese and stupid...some of the things they say and believe blow my mind! ~ liz

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I agree with everything lily said. I watched 5 minutes or less. Never again. Let's just promote promiscuity, bad eating habits, illiteracy, no work ethic, live off the government.....

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but that's how offensive I find this show. But that's only my opinion, which is only valuable to me I know. And I can and will change the channel.

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I have never watched it, the commercials disgust me.

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Okay--what the heck's the name of the show and channel? I guess I need to watch it at least once!

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I think it's funny that people who haven't watched more than a few minutes of the show are being so judgmental. Promoting promiscuity? There isn't anything remotely sexual in this show. What are they going to do, hide the pregnant girl? Plenty of teens get pregnant from every sort of socioeconomic situation and family background.

The dad works 7 days a week. I have never seen any reference to government assistance. They could be, I don't know and it's not my business. The mom talks about budgeting all the time and about how they have to be careful with their money to afford the luxuries like pageants. How is that different than most American families?

No they aren't perfect but I think it's ridiculous to keep shaming people about their weight or what they eat or for mistakes they made as teenagers, or for their lack of education or opportunities. Maybe June didn't get to finish her education or she hooked up with the wrong type of guy when she was 18 but she dealt with it and now she has 4 kids, she provides for them, she loves them, her "husband" obviously loves her and he works hard to provide for them. The kids are all nice, unspoiled, and yes they could have better manners but they are happy. I'd rather see that than a "perfect" family who never speaks to each other any day.

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Uh, June isn't married and never has been. ALL her girl's fathers have criminal records, one is a sexual predator. She had her first kid was she was 13!!!June also has a criminal record. Yes, the perfect American family who can barely speak English. We have come long way from Father Knows Best. .

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Good for you, chi83.

Look - all of these so-called "reality" shows are made to SELL. They're going to script it or edit it to be what they, the producers, want.

Honey boo-boo got started on Toddlers and Tiaras, as has been said in this thread. Take it or leave it - - - it is a "reality" show, and is made to be what sells.

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I didn't say she's married. That is why I used quotations around "husband" because they have been together for 8 years and he has stated multiple times that he considers ALL of her daughters as his own. I consider that far more than a boyfriend or baby daddy.

I also never said they were perfect. They aren't. Neither is my family.

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And why do they call them "Reality shows"?? It's not real if you have a hundred or so people following you around with cameras,documenting everything you do,including your farts.Sorry but to me that is not real life,the way they portray it.

The only so called reality show i watch is Survivor,and i know that is not all real either.

To me a lot of these so called reality shows are, is the dumbing down of America.JMO

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I suppose that to Southerners, I'd be considered a fancy Northerner. That said, I think they are a good family. Alana is surrounded by love. Their manners may not be white-glove perfect and their eating habits need work; but all-in-all I don't see a problem.

June is a product of her education, or lack thereof, and her environment. They certainly could use the help of a nutritionist. That would go far in helping with the weight issues.

Only a child as secure as those girls are, knowing they are loved and supported, could be as open and outspoken as they are. I do think the editing leaves something to be desired. June had her oldest when she was 15. Her home is clean. The grandmother's home is clean. She understands how difficult it is to be a teen mom. She also understands that education is important. If money were her sole motivation, she would have accepted the offer from Entertainment Tonight to fly to CA and have Alana interviewed. She said school came first and she refused.

I think it's a good insight into how people rise above their environments and do the best they can within their limitations. They've got Alana believing she can be Miss America one day and they're willing to go along with it as far as Alana wants and they are all willing to put the work in to give her the opportunity.

There were plenty of kids that my two went to school with that I wouldn't allow them to play with or bring home with them. None of June's girls would be on that list.

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Kathi - couldn't agree more. It concerns me that people consider this crap entertainment. "reality"? Hardly.

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I watched the show a couple of times and have to agree with some who have come away with the impression there is a lot of love in that family.
That was what I came away with as well. They have fun, they love each other and respect each other .
No drugs, guns, and vile language.

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Going with Lily and Kathi on this one. Don't have cable, but wouldn't watch the show if I did. I've seen enough of these people on TV to just feel disgusted.

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I think the first time I saw them they were on the Extreme Coupon show. They tried to clean out as many shelves as possible in the grocery store. Think that was the first time I heard Alana say "A dolla makes me holla".

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And Yes. I do watch them.

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I'd never heard of this show. I had to google it.

Your more "with it" than I am Glenda! :0)

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I haven't watched it, and don't think I will. Not something that would interest me.

I DO watch Wildman :o) on Animal Planet. He's a hoot!

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