You can keep your non agitator H.E. Washers...

lizSeptember 26, 2012

I returned mine this afternoon and got an old fashioned agitator kind...the kind that will CLEAN my I did a small load...(this was a top of the line Samsung)...some of the clothes came out dry...the water never even touched them...they blankets sheets towels stunk...I ran the water bill up an extra 7.00 this month (when your bill is only 20.00...that is a bunch) washing clothes twice...YES I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS...YES I WAS USING HE SOAP...this one was a piece of junk and I'm thankful HH Gregg let me exchange it after 42 days!!

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Don't know a lot about Samsung machines. There's lots of possibilities for it but it's moot now since you got it exchanged. Sometimes it's best to stay with something more familiar. There is a learning curve with the different technology. My sister has a Cabrio and couldn't be happier.

Glad you have a machine you like. And yes, $7 on a $27 bill is significant. Is that for a month? 2 months? 3? (Just curious)

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I'm guessing that was a front-load? I have one in our rental and when DD's washer died, she did the baby's diapers in our fancy-dancy electronic bells and whistles water saving front load and the diapers didn't get cleaned like in her old-fashioned, water "wasting" agitating top load.

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That's too bad but if it doesn't work, get rid of it.

I have a high efficiency top loader and I love it. I think mine is a Maytag Bravo or something like that. Sounds like a jet taking off LOL


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DD has replaced her old set that came with her house with an LG front loader, and it is not as good as she hoped it would be. It takes twice as long to do a load of washing as the top loader, and you can't soak anything in it prior to washing it.

I will stick with a top loader for us.

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I am sorry your H.E. washing machine wasn't all you expected. You certainly should not expect what you got. I have a top loading H.E. Maytag and I could not be happier with it. I will have had it a year this coming Christmas time along with the matching dryer. I ordered it after the Thanksgiving sale and it was at a very good price for both of them. I am glad they did exchange it for you and that you are happy with what you have. I use my homemade liquid detergent in it and after emptying the washer I always leave the lid open. This is something I have done for years since my first automatic washer. That is something we were told to do. Mine does have a cycle to run it through with bleach for cleaning it, but I have only used it one time before I used it as it said to do.


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I'd take my front loading LG back if I could. So it might save a little water; it takes FOREVER to run a regular load. Live and learn. :(

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Ditto, Marylyn.
We bought a top loading Maytag HE washer about 4 years ago. Also use only liquid detergent and fabric softener.
Works great, not a single problem.

PS. - I also leave the lid up until the moisture dries naturally.

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I've heard so many complaints about this type of washer. I liked the idea of less water, but I've heard quite a few people complain about the length of time it takes to wash, and that the clothes are not clean.

Wonder why they aren't cleaning as well, hmmmmm? Seems like they would since everything is tumbling the whole time.

I'm glad they let you return them. I think that was really good considering you had them 42 days.

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When I used to have to go to the laundry to do clothes, before we bought our house, I hated those front loading machines and did not feel my clothes were getting clean! I would never own a front loader! Just give me my old fashioned top loader, as long as I can select the size wash I am fine!

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I'm with the top loading crowd. I really think the front loaders are a fad that will go away after a while. My "old fashioned" Maytag W/D set is till going strong after 16 years and thousands of loads. I like the water saving idea though, and thought I would buy that when this set wears out, but I've changed my mind. My daughter and several friends have them, and are not happy with them. All of them say they will replace them with top loaders when the time comes. It makes sense to me that such a small amount of water would take less dirt out of the clothes. I'm all about being green, but I want my whites white and my brights bright, and all of it fresh smelling.


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It's the front loading washers that are the old type.
I remember the front loading washer in my parent's house back in the early 50's They replaced the wringer ones with tubs. Mid 50's - the automatic top loaders came on the market. Mainly, I think because they eliminated the bending and could hold more clothes.

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Does anyone remember the front loading washer dryer combinations? My sister in law had one and it was always not working. This was around 1957 or so.


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Marilyn, I do remember this combination. My mother had one in the late 50's and it lasted till the mid 70's. She got it at Sears and always used the Sears powder detegent. She said it was the best washer/dryer she had ever owned and she did laundry every day with 4 kids. I don't know if they make them anymore.

I have a Frigidaire HE front loader I bought brand new 4 years ago and I LOVE this machine. It cleans perfectly! I wash our sneakers alot and it does a wonderful job, unlike a top loader where they just sit on top of the load.

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I have a 'top of the line' Miele front loading HE washer and and a Miele HE dryer. The washer works fine, but certainly not any better than my old Maytag washer. It bragged that knitted type fabrics would have less pilling. Balderdash. There is no less pilling than in my old washer. But at least the HE Miele washer doesn't perform WORSE.

My dryer however, has me wanting to pull my hair out. It NEVER dries clothes fully in a regular dry cycle and you always have to push the 'extra 20 minutes' cycle, sometimes more than once to get clothes that are completely dried. Both the washer and dryer are smaller on the inside than my old Maytags and I usually have about a half load of extra dirty clothing that would definitely have fit in my Magtags. DH thought he was going high tech by getting us these very popular European machines, (which he refuses to acknowledge don't perform as well) but I'm at least one Canadian who thinks American laundry machines are just as good or better than the luxury models produced overseas!

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Wow, I have heard very little good about those machines. My ancient Hotpoint has got to die one of these days, and I will replace it with a standard top loader.

It's so much easier to look into the top loader. No light (which eventually burns out) to replace. No bending over to get the clothes out. Not so high that you can't fold clothes on top of it.

I just don't understand the appeal of those machines.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a pair of Samsung front loaders with steam I absolutely LOVE them, had Speed Queen old style top loaders before which had been very good products also.

I have not had any problem with my clothes not being clean even when I put in a large load. It does on some cycles take longer but that is expected the way it works. It spins the water out so well they are nearly dry when they come out of the washer. My dryer works flawlessly also. I did read all the instructions and read on a lot of forums including the laundry forum here prior to buying mine so I knew a few tips and tricks plus I like to watch youtube videos which are very helpful.
I have never had a problem with any smells but I never ever use any type of liquid products in them only HE powder and thus far only the Sears powder which is an awesome product.
I do, and have for a long time, put in every load the shout color catchers in case of color fade, another awesome product.
I do leave the door ajar with a towel laid over it to keep the air circulating till it is dry and I wipe out the door and seal with a clorox wet wipe, and leave the detergent drawer cracked to allow moisture evaporation.
I have been extremely happy with my Samsungs, I hate you have not had a good experience.

For me in my chair the front opening is a great benefit and makes access so much easier.

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I absolutely love my Frigidaire front loader set I bought 7 years ago when I bought my house. Flawless performance and clean clothes.

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I rarely find the new and improved....and especially energy-saving...things work as well as what they replaced. That includes lightbulbs and dishwashers. How are appliances more efficient when they take longer to do a job??? Sorry for going off-topic.....

Kudos to H.H. Gregg!

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We have a set of new he Whirlpool Cabrios. The washer is a topload, the dryer is front load. We had to buy something when we bought our house and I couldn't find 1 "regular" washer. I'd have to say that overall, they're ok. The washer does get everything wet and everything comes out clean. It's a tad noisy but the drum is so big I can wash comforters and multiple blankets and that I love. The dryer is quick and gets most of the lint off. I did hear that the he washers use less water because they somehow recycle the old water. I can't find any information on this so if somebody knows for sure, that would be interesting. I still can't commit 100% to saying the washer is better than one with an agitator but it works for now.

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sorry just getting back to this...worked the last couple of nights...

The Samsung was a top loader...the guys who took it out yesterday and delivered the old fashioned agitator kind said they've had several returns on this machine...they said something about the water never completely draining...hence the smell...I left the lid up all the time when it wasn't in use...the washer itself never smelled but my clothes sure did!!

Gonna catch a quick nap since i've been going since 4 yesterday afternoon then I'm gonna try out the new one...It's a GE...with a spin cycle that I was missing and the ability to set the water level which really flipped me out on the Samsung...I really think I might have gotten a lemon but I'm pretty anal about my laundry so I'm sure the old fashioned kind will do me just fine!

Cynic our water bill is about 22 monthly...we have a septic tank so no sewer bill!!

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My sister has the same washer and she HATES it. They had a laundry room added to their home and was soo thrilled until she ran the washer. She said there are times she goes down in the cellar to the old washer and runs it to get the stains out. She's warned us all via email never to buy one.

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Raven, these washers sound just perfect for you and I'm happy they are helpful to you. I never thought about access for those in chairs. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Our washer and dryer is only 4 yrs old and they are all but done. The washer is a GE hydra wash or hydra wave. Something like that anyway. The washer and dryer was sold as a set. We need to replace them both. It's just the hubby and me too.

The washer has an agitator,but it mostly swishes and tumbles the clothes, like a front load washer might. Not the same as the older ones. I was told they were all made like this now. :( I'm going to really have to do my homework before we buy another set.

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I have problems bending over and crouching down so front load anything is troublesome for me. Top loaders work better for my situation. But the problem is there's only about one top load dryer anymore. People never quite understood the benefit of it until it was too late and the only one I know of (Fisher & Paykal) is too small a capacity and way overpriced for my needs and wants. I bought one 25% larger for 1/3 the price, then put down some concrete blocks and built a pallet on top of it and plopped the dryer onto it. Now I can stand straight up and reach into it and get the clothes out. The hamper door works as a folding table too. Makes laundry day much easier. Many handicapped people have raised appliances, like dishwashers, dryers, and front load washers. It all depends on your circumstances to what benefits you.

The combo washer/dryer units are still made but they're very expensive. I like the idea of putting in a load and walking away to only come back to take out dry clothes, *but*, there's a shortcoming to them too. You really can only wash a half a load with them. The general guideline for a dryer is to double the capacity of your washer, so if you have a 3 cf washer, you should have a 6 cf dryer. Since it's one unit, you have only a few options: Wash half a load, come back and remove half the load and dry it half at a time or come back and keep turning it on to dry more since it won't dry in that time.

There's also a misconception about HE top loaders. The myth that they don't have an agitator isn't really true. It doesn't have the *conventional* agitator. It's smaller and works differently. Instead of turning one way and turning back the other way as the traditional one does, it additionally moves up and down. By not having the center post in there, you can get more laundry in it. These units look gigantic for capacity but you cannot fill it to the top either.

If and when I have to replace my thirtysomething year old top loader, I'm going to look seriously at the Bravos with the heater in it if they don't change it too much. I think the heater could be advantageous in my climate.

Oh and for those who are apprehensive about HE units taking longer, yes, front loaders especially take longer to wash, however there are usually shorter cycles available and it can take much longer if you use a lower powered heater on it, since it takes time to heat the water. But much of this time factor is regained in drying time since the HE washers usually spin faster and extract more water so there's less drying time so the time for a load, wash and dried, doesn't have to be much longer.

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