Saying Good-Bye to.....

kfca37September 18, 2013

Summer Fruit is hard for me. I really don't care for fall/winter fruit, apples, pears, pumpkin (is that really fruit?), persimmons. I've been baking & eating out of hand peaches & nectarines, had some great raspberries at a good price and a wonderful watermelon a couple days ago. Will probably be ending my trips to local farmers' markets soon til next spring.

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I'm in the same funk.
My breakfast is always a bowl of fresh cut grapes, bananas and cantelope in the spring....and bananas, cantelope and watermelon during the summer. Winters are whatever i can get, but it must be fresh...not canned or frozen.

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or pay the price for imported fruits...

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I agree. I don't like summer ,but I DO love the fruit and veggies. 80% of my diet is fruit or veggies, and the prices are already going up. I buy fresh, so now I'll be getting stuff from Brazil. Washington cherries ended a few weeks ago. I love them. Apples are one of my least favorite fruits. I love all berries and will have to pay the price I guess. $2 a pint of blueberries will soon go up to $4 a 1/2 pint.

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Sigh! Back to tasteless tomatoes.

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I agree heather! It's so nice going outside my door and picking fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers! Basil too! YUM.....back to cardboard tasting stuff. :(

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that is the beauty of living in FL! it may suck from June thru Aug (thou this yr was quite nice running normal temps + lots of rain) and few veggies or fruit will grow (usually too high night time temps prevent fruit formation) but we are putting in our fall-winter tomatoes & garden now. I ALWAYS love to tell the "keep it local" crowd to enjoy their garden in Dec & Jan LOL ;-)) We have truely become a very spoiled nation when we can access fresh fruits & veggies from around the world, out of season in this country.

If you can find Tastee tomatoes they are a newer FL mass production variety that has a better shelf taste. FYI you might be interested & quite shocked by the tomato industry in FL down in Naples...a good book on modern day tomato industry is out too. ~ liz

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I always miss the summer vegetables and fruits too, even though I love all the fall veggies a LOT and enjoy the apple and pumpkin deserts too! I do eat raw apples year around, and like them, but they're not even in the same category as melon, berries, etc... And tomatoes.... I miss summer tomatoes so much!!

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I think my local groceries import fruit from Mexico and South America because I see fruit all year round. But the local stuff is winding down. I'm seeing less and less of everything at my nearby Farmers Market. I'm in Long Island NY.

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I have been gorging on tomatoes from our garden of 15 plants. They're quite plentiful, but when they're gone I will never eat another till next summer.

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