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sleeperbluesSeptember 9, 2013

What do you use as a topcoat? I get regular pedicures especially in the summer and the polish lasts forever. I usually have to get a new pedicure because my nails have grown as opposed to the polish chipping. I don't have the same luck with my fingernails, which I do at home. I usually use OPI as my color but wondering if anyone knows of a great topcoat that will not chip a day after I paint.

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I would watch what the tech that does your pedicure uses. i'll ask mine next week when i'm there.

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I think fingers just get a whole lot more use than toes, that's why a manicure chips. If I get a mani/pedi, the pedi lasts for weeks, as you said, until it grows out, and I am lucky to get five unchipped days out of a mani. The polish and top coat are the same for both. I use a Sally Hansen topcoat on the rare times I do my nails at home. I absolutely cannot put on colored nail polish, only clear.

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I always use Essie No Chips Ahead! Got the new Essie For The Twill of It this weekend, LUV it, it's dark green in one light and dk purple in another! Today I got 2 from Zoya Louise (a medium creme brown) trying to get new neutrals and away from my massive nude & greys collection and I got Carter PixieDust (a rich magenta purple sand & sparkle texture), will be awesome for fall pedicures and Halloween nails w stickers! ~ liz

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I get my nails done every 2 weeks - not because of nails just grow fast,

I get color on my toes and a French manicure on my fingers.

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My daughter told me last year about Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish so I gave it a try. I have not bought another brand since.

I don't polish my fingernails with anything other than clear but I always have my toes painted to hide all the damage my hiking does to them. I've lost every toe nail but one in the last six years. When they grow back they're a little wonky looking without a polish to pretty them up.

Insta-Dri goes on in one coat, dries quickly and I've never had to use a top coat. I do however use a base coat. The polish stays fresh for weeks even through all my hikes. They don't wear or chip. The only reason I redo them is because my nails have grown out.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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My DD#1 using these press on polish thingies, she used to get mani/peds~now that she is a running crazy girl it seems to mess her toes up. So she started using this press on things and they last for 2-3 weeks on her hands and feet~they come in some really crazy colors.

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I like the Insta Dry colors too...but use lots of other brands/types as well..
I use Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top bottle.. It's a high gloss finish. doesn't last but a few days on my fingers..lasts weeks and weeks on toes.

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I've tried all of those. Toes-fine, fingers no go. Except for the press ons-maybe I'll give those a go. Thanks!

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I, too, have had great luck with Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat, even on my fingernails.

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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails strengthener with nylon. Wears. like. iron.

If my hands aren't on the keyboard all day at work, they are in dishwasher or cleaning. I can't imagine using anything else for a top coat on polish. This stuff just doesn't chip or flake off. Period.

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Pedicures always last longer than manicures.

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I have been using OPI topcoat and like it very much.

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As momrox said, OPI makes the longest lasting base coat, polish and top coat I've ever used - it's fabulous! It is expensive, but well worth it, imho.

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I agree - OPI base coat and polish are the best.

But Advanced Hard As Nails beats their top coat!

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Here is what my manicurist advised me to do, and it does work. (I don't do my nails any more since I got allergic to the polish!) Buy a topcoat you like. I like the fast dry ones like Out the Door. Every day after getting your nails done, using a fairly dry top coat brush, brush lightly over the tips of your nails and be sure to include the edge. Every day. It does protect the color from wearing off.

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I use Sally Hanson diamond shine base and topcoat. It comes in a shiny silver container and you only need the one bottle. It really gives a nice shine and lasts me for two weeks.

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Seche Vite. About $6 in our area. Only available at beauty supply stores. It is absolutely worth the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seche Vite

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