The weekend is here again- any plans?

satine_gwSeptember 14, 2012

Anyone have any plans for the weekend? Marilyn Sue I wonder if there are rummage sales on the weekends and wish I could find some here to go to. I don't have much planned other than some cleaning and if it is cool I may do a little outside work. TGIF everyone. Satine

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Yes - plans to work in the yard - the weather is amazing right now. Rain is due in NW Florida on Sunday and Monday, so will work hard Saturday.

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Enjoying the weather is certainly on our list as well. DD is coming down to visit tomorrow. I promised her crepes for breakfast (one of her favs). Then we're probably going to the Hanover outlet (great buys on canned goods, frozen veg and bags of snacks. The Amish Market--I've got some good buy something and get something else free coupons for this week. And a lovely little bakery owned by one of my neighbors--DD wants to get a treat for a friend who had surgery this week, and I always share some of my grape jelly with the gals who work there. We may hit some of the farm markets as well.

Sunday? No specific plans, but we continue to work on getting the new place just the way we want it. DH sealed the deck this week, so I'd like to get the furniture back and nicely arranged.

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We are traveling for about 5 days so will see you all when we get back

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A friend of mine is giving a party tomorrow night with Irish musicians. We'll be reading a little poetry in the middle of it all too. Should be fun!

On Sunday I'm going to attempt to repair the leaks in my kitchen faucet. I'm not expecting that to be fun.

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Yes, I'm going to "Fla across Florida" tomorrow. It's a 3 day thing from one end of Fl to the west side. It's about 270 miles long. I won't be going very far though.

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We are taking our 'Blu Dandy" (motor-home) to a rally in the northern part of Oregon. It hasn't been anywhere this year, so we are really looking forward to seeing all our travel companions and catching up.

BTW I canned Anne's Salsa from the Cooking is heavenly. Only did half a batch so will do more when we come home. (I don't eat salsa much, so will watch my tummy tonight~

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Son called and invited me to join his family at church services on Sunday and lunch afterwards.

I could not be more pleased!

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I do have plans to go back to the town wide rummages today with Amber, Alyssa, and Cheryl, Satine. We had so much fun yesterday even though the day started out rainy. Hopefully on Sunday I can go to church and then just do whatever after I come back home. You all sound like you will be kept busy over the weekend. I am glad your son invited you to church Glenda. Have a safe trip too Marie and Joann. Nannie I too have been canning salsa and hope to do more. I use my niece's recipe. I have seen Annie's recipe though. Alisande good luck with the repairs to your faucet. Azzalea your plans sound nice also, enjoy your time with your DD. Kay don't over do out in the yard, I need to try and get a little of that work done too!


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All city garage sale in nearby town, so DD and I are going to that. I have plants that I want to get into the ground...mostly hostas that have to moved as I made a new bed for the ones being crowded out.

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I have a one years old's birthday BBQ to attend on Sunday. I'm supplying the cake for around 60 guests. So that's why it's 5:30 AM and the 22" by 14" (almost a full sheet) cake is in the oven. Just like a real bakery I bake in the wee hours of the morning. No AC here.

Tonight I'll build the thing. The 3-D Puppy part was baked last night and is in freezer.

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Nothing new planned here. Started my laundry already and having my morning coffee drink while I sit here and wake up. I got a phone call at 4 AM from my son and I was sleeping so well. My coffee drink is something from the dairy dept called Delight Mocha. Don't try it girls, it is addictive. I love it over ice, better than Starbucks. Its' wonderfully cool here for the last 3 days with rain. Such a nice change from the heat. Have a nice day everyone.

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Getting ready to leave for my niece's baby shower. JUST managed to finish her gift this morning. I crocheted her a 12-point star babyghan and sewed two receiving blankets (one side is brown - I know, strange choice, but it works with the colors, and the other side is little animals in wild colors on a blue background), 2 baprons and a bib. Michael's room theme is turtles, which are on the print flannel I used.

I'm taking DH's BEST potato salad and one of the games, too.

Other than the shower, nothing else planned.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Beginning preparations for our RV trip next weekend to Oklahoma for my Mother in laws 90th birthday party and mini family reunion. Loading up everything we can now while we have the time and not rush.

Do some shopping!
It is a beautiful day here today also, we have had a few days of needed rain and now the birds are all happy and chirping up a storm LOL

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Sounds like some good times out thee. I have been sooo lazy today and have accomplished nothing. I did strip my bed and wash the linens, cleaned the kitchen and took a nap. Tried to reach my daughters but I guess they are out and about so it has been very quiet at my house. After I remake the bed maybe I'll start a new book. Take care everyone. Satine

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Nothing much going on here today. Tomorrow Bobby and his girlfriend will come for dinner.

Now that I have moved our trip to Texas to the beginning of October I need to start planning my food to make ahead. I have already roughed out our route and dates. Who do husbands have appointments in the middle of when I want to be gone? Thank goodness we are retired and can be flexible.

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