phoggieSeptember 8, 2013

I heard about this on Dr. Oz, but always take some of his stuff with a grain of salt, but he said everyone should have this on their iPad or computer, so I thought I would check out epocrate.com....and I was amazed on what I found.

After going there, you are to enter all of the drugs you are taking to see if there is an interaction between them....so I entered the ones I was taking and lo and behold, 7 "flags" came up showing the ones that should not be taken together.

Now I am wondering if the mixing of these drugs could be the reason I am not feeling well....as well as low sodium. Just FYI.

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My pharmacist has all my drugs and will know if there
is a possible interaction problem.

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My pharmacist does likewise. I once called in for a refill, he filled it but the capsules looked different from the original. He told me not to worry, it was the same stuff. He will also "advance" me a few days pills if I run out and don't have a new prescription.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have been using an online medication interactions and reactions analysis site for years, there's a lot of good ones available.
My pharmacy also tracks all my meds too but I am very pro active in my health care and feel I should be checking those things too. I know they are busy and well it is just something I can do to make myself feel safe. I have found some that came up flagged that I was never warned about and I specifically had to ask about. Another thing I do is make sure each of my doctors have my fully updated medication list, so each one knows what the other is giving me and they are hopefully checking before suggesting something new.

I didn't see much on that website that isn't on several others. And good grief one of their mobile apps cost $159.00 per year!

There's a lot of really good medical based apps available for free or a few dollars.

They have more apple based apps on that particular site.

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i'll check the site..do they give foods that can change your scrips?

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Many primary care physicians don't follow drug interactions for drugs they don't prescribe. IE, they may not know if what you've gotten from a specialist has an interaction with something they provide. That's a common issue with aging patients,

But your pharmacist knows, that knowledge is part of their education and most love the chance to share their knowledge instead of counting pills. If your pharmacist doesn't enthusiastically provide consultations to you concerning drug and food interactions, it should be easy to find one who will.

Edit - PS

In my state, a pharmacist's consultation is mandatory for every prescription that's filled. If you don't want a consultation, you need to sign a waiver that you declined the offer. More paperwork or data, but it enforces the law.

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My pharmacist does check interactions, but when I threw in Tylenol PM, that made a huge difference with the prescriptions that I was taking. But all of my doctors had a list of meds, along with the Tylenol PM...and no one ever said not to take it with the others. I have been trying not to take it, but I am having a really hard time sleeping with out it~~

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I believe straight Benedryl or a generic equivalent has the same active ingredient that makes you sleepy but without the Tylenol. It might work better and would be cheaper than Tylenol PM. Do check with your pharmacist beforehand.

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It was not the part of Tylenol for the pain but the part to help me sleep that was not mixing. Benedryl makes me react like drinking a pot of coffee instead of making me sleepy :-(

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