Lucky 13

marylmiSeptember 15, 2012

On the 13th. I was in shopping at Penney's for tennis shoes. I took two pair to the counter, both on sale. She scanned the one and the sale price marked on the box came up, but when she scanned the second pair, she said 'you won't believe this', it scanned at ONE DOLLAR!!! So from orig, price of $50, then $30, then $20(which was a good price) to one dollar! Can't beat that!!! Through the yrs. the number 13 has been somewhat lucky for me and paid off this past week also!! Another pair just like them, but a different size, scanned at $12( the clerk checked just for kicks). There was only those two left on the shelf of that kind. Love bargains!!!

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Wow, that really was a great deal you got!! I love it when something like that happens, even if it's not to me.


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I had similar happen to me!

Found two linen outfits that I liked at Ross's, both the same color but with different designs.

When purchasing one scanned for $19 and the other for $1.99.

I noticed the price difference and they rescanned and the second one was still $1.99. My lucky day!

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That was a great bargain. I am happy for you!


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I was in Sears and wanted a purse that was $40 something on sale for half price, it scanned for $4.99. I went back to check others that I liked. It was a seasonal clearance.

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It sounds like you guys have had some awesome deals also! Usually I am a day late for a sale! lol!

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That is way cool! I try to buy shoes when there's a BOGO sale. Sometimes it's full price for the first pair, half for the second. I'd hate to pay $100 for one pair of shoes.

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I was at a store (that has now gone out of business) where a jacket was mismarked. When I went to buy it, the cashier said she couldn't sell it to me for that price, that it was a mistake. I told her I was sure the store had to sell the item for the price it was marked, but she wouldn't do it. I asked for the manager, and the manager also wouldn't sell it to me for the price it was marked. She said it was a mistake. Pffffft...I never shopped there again.

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