bengardeningSeptember 16, 2012

Since you are from Germany I would like to ask you something. My mother used to say Frais always finds Frais. I don't know how to spell it though. You roll the r and it is a long a. Translation would be people will always find someone like them. Such as low lifes or nobodys. Can you help me?

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I don't know how to spell it either, and remember my mom saying something similar.

Funny about mothers.


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My bug-expert friend taught me the word "frass," which means insect droppings. I thought it fit the context of the word in question.

I looked it up just now and it's German, so see if you think this could be the same word:

frass (frs)
Debris or excrement produced by insects.
[German, feed, result of eating, insect damage, from Middle High German vrâz, from Old High German frz, from frezzan, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]

The American Heritageî Dictionary of the English Language

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You know I think that is exactly what it means and thats what my mother meant it to be. Lowlifes find alike lowlifes

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