Man at the gas station

JeanInWaSeptember 30, 2012

We have self serve gas stations here. Today, as I pulled up, I had to wait while a man was TRYING to use his cards to get gas. There is one spot where you scan your store card to get the discount, and a slot where you put your debit/credit card. This man kept trying to scan his payment card where it reads the store card. OVER and OVER. He even patted it, trying to get it to work. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he could have been from out of state, borrowing someone else's truck, but geeeez. He was getting more and more frustrated, almost to the point where I wanted to get out of my car and SHOW him how to do it. Glad I didn't, because, just then, he opened the passanger door, yelled and yelled at his wife, then stomped off to the cashier booth. I thought to pay there. Nope. He comes back and tries again, this time putting his payment card in the right spot, but something else wasn't working right for him. As I was backing up to go to a different pump, the cashier came out to help him.

I felt bad for the wife....I can just imagine the rantings she had to listen to after they left.

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Poor woman! She probably deals with that type of behavior all the time.

But, I understand the frustration all too much! The first time I used a food rewards card at the gas station it took me forever to figure it out. So I went inside to ask the cashier. Did she come out to help me? No. She gave me instructions inside the store and I headed back out to try it again.

I finally figured it out, but ... I don't care who was waiting, I wanted my 42 cents a gallon savings! :)

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