What causes feelings of being bitten?

moonie_57September 22, 2011

All day at work I kept feeling like I was being bitten by biting flies all over my body. And since I've gotten home, taken my shower, the feeling persists. Is this a nerve thing? And what are the reasons why this happens?

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Well, this is embarrassing but a couple of times quite a few years ago I felt like I was being bitten in the rear. I'm guessing it was a nerve thing as I have back problems. Nerves can send out strange signals!

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I've had the sensation of something crawling up my ankle.

Look down and nothing.

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Glenda_al, I have that happened to me a few times. Normally, it happens below the knees.

Moonie_57, I googled and found out that it could be symptoms of fibromyalgia. You should have a doctor check it out. More info at the link below or just do the 'google'.

Here is a link that might be useful: fibromyalgia

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On your rear... now that would be embarrassing if you had to scratch! And glenda, I've had sensations like that from time to time but never all day like this is going on now.

ntt_hou - my mother has fibromyalgia. I'm going to check your link. Thanks.

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Mine has happened only a few times and never close together.

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Well, if not fibromyalgia, it could be that I'm using hallucinatory or amphetamine based drugs, or that I'm schizephrenic or could just be a case of scabies (a mite under the skin). I just hope it stops by tomorrow.

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I clicked on the Wikipedia article link and read something I've never seen in all the years I've been researching fibromyalgia:

Some research suggests that alterations in the central nervous system might be the result of childhood stress, or prolonged or severe stress.

I've blamed a lot of things on the radiation I had as a six-year-old (to remove my adenoids)--based only on my suspicion--but maybe my mother's sudden death was a large contributing factor, too.

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alisande - Radiation with adenoids... that's something I didn't know. I do remember reading that your mother died when you were very young. Eight, was it? Very stressful no matter the age. Do you have fibromyalgia?

I have many of the symptoms but they can go with any number of diseases or syndromes. One of the things that bothers me most is brain fog. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the beginning stages of dementia. A lot of my symptoms I know that both my doctors have kinda shrugged it off as menopausal symptoms. And maybe it is. 6 years and I'm still suffering with hot flashes.

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Well I have fibromyalgia and lupus and I have it a lot it is a nerve thing and it stinks .It keeps me up at night .It comes and goes .

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Five years of unbearable, denied stress finally culminated [with me] in a horrible physically forced attack of psoriasis that was so chronic that I barely had a spot on my body that wasn't inflamed, hived and unbelievably itchy. It started by a feeling that I was being bitten...tiny, nippy little bites...at every site that the attack appeared and persisted for weeks until I finally found some relief with the daily use of Benadryl. It took months, in my case, but it's finally under control and at the first sign of a return...the Benadryl comes out. I was, also, given a steroidal cream to use but find I can't tolerate it. So...it's the Benadryl or nothing at all. Plus...meditating has helped to reduce the stress...which in turn relieves the psoriasis.

One of the contributing factors to the length of my problem was that my doctor's PA decided that I looked like a candidate for mites because I'm white haired and getting long in the tooth. Of course...she was wrong...but by that time, the damage had been done. If you get that diagnosis from a medico, be sure to request that they take a scraping and have it analyzed. That is the only way to validate a mite diagnosis. Of course, my offending PA never thought of doing that and it took my own investigation to discover that should have been her first move.

Just my contribution as a possibility. HTH


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Just wanted to add to the stress/disease thoughts. A google search for childhood stress and autoimmune disease will bring up a lot of hits including medical studies.

Stress has a huge effect on health.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just one study

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I had a Dr. tell me it may be caused by magnisum deficiency. He suggested Rolaids, or Potato skins (cooked), or a vitamin supplement. It certainly seems to have stopped mine. l.marie

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Moonie, I was nine when my mother died. I've had fibromyalgia since the 80s. In that time I've had wonderful remissions and wicked flares. More flares as I've gotten older, and I haven't had a remission in ages. They really don't know what fibromyalgia is. We could be reacting to something environmental, plus I believe there's a huge emotional component in fibromyalgia, lupus, and similar conditions.

In one of his books, Dr. Bernie Siegel talks about two lupus patients who were in the hospital, so seriously ill that they were close to dying. Both recovered and became symptom free.......one after getting religion, and the other after falling in love.

Sorry if I'm hijacking this thread.....oh, wait--it's your thread, Moonie. LOL

A couple of things that have helped me with brain fog: Resveratrol and lecithin granules. Lecithin capsules don't have the same effect, but the granules improve neurotransmitter connections. I take 1 or 2 tbsp. every day. I take resveratrol less regularly. Of course, some days are foggy anyway.

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Moonie, how smart of you to ask KT. Great posts for you. My doc would dismiss it. These answere are terrific and I would very much like to see you get an answer. It sounds like your problem is relateable to many.
I have learned something for myself as I get huge hives everywhere for no apparent reason and that send me into antiphalactic shock and a trip to the ER. Kept diaries of what I ate and soaps etc. Thought about the stress and autoimmune aspects. This has been going on for 13 years. My doc never followed thru.
I wish you the best. I know it is driving you crazy. let's get to it.

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Those who have symptoms that were never diagnosed, or other medical mysteries, might be interested in a book I recently ordered, On Hope and Healing: For Those Who Have Fallen Through the Medical Cracks. I haven't gotten into it yet, but it has excellent reviews on Amazon. I know the author addresses all sorts of issues.

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Electromagnetic fields or static electricity can feel like bug bites. Also, somebody I know thought they had bed bugs because of the biting feeling and itching, turned out they had too many red blood cells (I can't remember what that is called). It causes little marks on the skin and intense itching, much like bug bites.

Dry skin, would be another possibility.


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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1992 and have bouts of it and then remission. Lately I have had what you're describing, moonie, only I feel like some small bug is crawling up my leg. When I look, nothing is there. It's a weird syndrome and some doctors believe it's all in the patient's mind. My doctors never had that thought and know it's very real. I noticed a certain type gets FM. My husband is who very laid back would never, I'd bet, get it. It's people who are more intense , get stressed easily who seem to follow the pattern. I know Raynauds syndrome which I also have is associated with the FM.

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Thank you Alisande for the referral. I just ordered it.
I am sure this is going to be revealing to me. So sorry to know about your fibromyalgia, I have friends sho have it and every day is uncertain. However, I remember when doctors told women (poor women, we are dismissed medically so often) it was in their head. Just awful.

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Well, I guess the bite feelings have gone away. Yesterday I did experience it a little bit. I should have clarified that it was more of a sting rather than an itchy feel.

I am going to research the resveratrol and lecithin granules that Alisande mentioned. Life is hard enough without dealing with the brain fog. It would be nice to take care of some problems without a RX since, as some of us has mentioned, Dr.'s sometimes just shrug off anything that can't be diagnosed with a blood test or xray.

Now that I think about it, stress could be a huge factor in some things that are going on with me. Although I've gone most of my life with a fairly "easy-going" personality, I now find myself tense, even holding my body in stiff, awkward positions. Some of these stress factors I've been wanting to post about but they are so involved I haven't taken the time. Might do that this weekend.

lily - I need to google Raynauds. Alisande has it too, I believe.

lmarie - magnesium deficiency is something else I should research. Thanks

anne ct - My MIL suffered terribly with psoriasis. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that and am hoping it wasn't as severe as MIL's. :(

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It's also a commonly noted symptom during menopause.

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Thanks, Moonie. I have periods of remission but it appears that I'm stuck with this annoyance for the rest of my years. Currently, I can control the severity with Benadryl...which makes it livable...but I have a strong history of meds intolerance and I fear the day may come when Benadryl will no longer be an option. Thus, I'm devoting a lot of my waking hours these days to trying to mentally erase the stress factors in my life and as my late mother would have said..."Exercise a little Christian Science."...which to her meant "Mind over matter."


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Yes, I have Raynaud's big time. I'm dreading the winter, as last year was my most painful one yet.

Lily, I hate to blow a (small) hole in your theory, but I am not someone who gets stressed easily. Fibromyalgia has done some nasty things to my autonomic nervous system (do not take me to see a scary movie!), but that's just physical. A for the rest of it, I'm known for resilience, not excitability. ;-)

I like your mother's saying, Anne.

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Me, too, Susan. ;-) It's stood me in good stead for most of my adult life...although she usually flung it my way when she was stressed beyond her tolerance of young children. Little did she know what a gift she gave me.

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Yes, I like that, too... "Exercise a little Christian Science." And according to my Vet, benadryl is one of the most tolerable and harmless drugs on the market.

wildchild - very true. As mentioned, I still have hot flashes. Ugh

alisande - I do hope you don't have a hard winter.

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Even though I really like winter, I dread the Raynaud thing acting up. The few , very few, cool days last week resulted in my toes turning completely white. Susan..I was just thinking of people I know with Fibromyalgia. They all seem to be type A people. I made a big generalization from just that. .

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I have extremely mild Reynaud's so I really feel for those of you that have have it in it's more extreme forms.

People who don't have what I call "thermostat issues" with their bodies just don't understand. Put on a sweater or an extra blanket they say. That insulation can only work if you have the ability to generate some heat to hold in the first place. I am very careful not to get cold in winter and I live in a mild climate. But I'm wearing coats,gloves and boots while others are in sweaters and lightweight shoes. I dress like I live in Chicago instead of California. LOL

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