Do ya figger yer heel-strap-loose crocs are fit only for scrap?

joyfulguySeptember 11, 2013

I like wearing my aged crocs in the garden and a while ago the pin that secures one end of the heel strap pulled out of the body of the shoe.

It seems that there'd been a small crack develop by the hole, so it was easy for the pin to slip out.

I have a short piece of telephone cable that contained about 3 - 4 dozen fine, insulated copper wires, in the basement.

I cut off about a foot of one of those wires, ran it around the pin that holds the heel-strap to the shoe, in the space between the heel-strap and the body of the croc, then ran it forward and through a couple of holes at the front of the instep, then twisted the wires together.

I found that it didn't hold well, so twisted the wire once around the pin, and it stayed much better.

However, as the hole in the body of the shoe got slightly bigger, the pin slipped out more frequently, and when I was pushing my way through some tall weeds while weeding, the wire got lost.

So I go another wire and wrapped it around the pin on the inside of the shoe, then up through a couple of holes in front of the instep, and it seems to hold much better.

Maybe it'll see me through the rest of the gardening season.

Should have bought a new pair of crocs last year at the end-of-season sale, looks like.

They had some on sale last month .... but they were kids sizes ...

... and I haven't achieved second childhood yet ...

... or so I claim.

ole joyfuelled

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I vote feeding the trash can!

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I agree with Glenda. This reminds me of a neighbour of mine who had duct tape patches all over his jeans. Now I admit to having some sweat and t-shirts in my closet that are over ten years old but when they get holey, out they will go despite the fact that I do like them. No one will ever accuse me of being a power dresser. I have sandals that will be going out at the end of the summer. My knock-off crocs have been on my feet for at least three years now.

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Isn't it time now for another end of season sale?

Hope you get a new pair.

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Pitch 'em.

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Throw them out. Actually, I have very high arches and the "bumps" on my Crocs wore out very quickly - and of course you can guess where mine were made - I slipped right down the stairs. My husband has flat feet and both pairs of his are still going strong - of course they were Made in Canada. On our last trip to the U.S. I bought some Skecher GoWalks - I love them and intend on buying - I hope - another pair when we go to NY next week. I wear a size 9 1/2 and with my high arch - and wanting the GoWalks with the white sole I didn't have many options last go round. You can get them at a few places in Canada - but of course size 9 1/2 are usually sold out - and they are Lime Green!

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Give up on them. I had to make myself throw away an old pair of Crocs because they were slick on the soles and I kept slipping down.

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I agree they are ready for the trash... but then, who am I to talk? I have a pair of old shoes that I just love... they are easy to slip on and they are so comfortable. And I have never seen another pair like them, so that I could replace them. At this point, both shoes have holes (bit ones, maybe an inch across) in the soles. So now, I make sure not to wear them when it's been raining,because if I do, my socks get wet and I hate that! But when it's dry, my socks just get filthy and I am willing to put up with that just so I can wear these old shows that I like so well (although not in public :-). What's a girl (or guy) to do in a case like that? We've tried taking some of my husbands old (and very expensive) work shoes in to be resoled, and have found that they just don't make most shoes in a way that resoling is possible any more. Just like everything else in our 'throw away' society!

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I have actual croc brand crocs in celery, a colour that is hard to get and my size is hard to find (I had to order it in to the store). I am holding on to these as long as I can, so I commiserate!

I had a pair where the little pin broke, and the company sent me a new set of "grommets" or whatever they are called. But once the material starts to crack, it will just keep on going.

Hope you can salvage one last season! What size do you wear?


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I hit upon a Bealls price mistake on Amazon earlier this year and bought 2 pairs of crocs for $5 each! Didn't really need more but who cares at that price!! I bought a white pair and a black pair. Last year Publix sold fake croc flip flops which were just as good as the 'real' ones. They didn't have them this year :-(

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O.J., I am JUST as frugal as you - I 'fix' things all the time - can't stand to toss something that still has use. You GO, Mister!!!!

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Hi Jellyfish 48,

Another use for duct tape, to cover those holes in the soles.

But try to wrap it all around the foot, or it'll come off really quickly. Likes to slide off over the toes, too, so run a strap back around the heel to hold the circle in place.

ole joyfuellled

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