How Many of You Have......?

marilyn_sueSeptember 6, 2012

I am just wondering how many of you have a room just for sewing or for crafting? I have a fairly large one, that needs straightening up. Will get to that after I am through picking and canning. Or do you just have a corner of a room. Early on, I just had a closet with my sewing machine in it.


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We converted a spare bedroom to the "sewing room" many years ago. Lots more crafts happen in there, not just sewing, but that's still what we call it. Got some great storage shelves in there stacked with bins of crochet thread, yarn, material, beads, etc.

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Only when I don't have company! :)

Cause it doubles as a guest room.


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FlamingO in AR

I do. The upstairs of our house is a balcony, craft/sewing room, hall, bathroom and guest room. Since we rarely have guests, I pretty much have the whole top floor of the house. :) I love it, I have everything I need up there, no matter what I'm doing, and the dogs aren't allowed up there, I only have to dodge cats.

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2 of us in a 3 (4 if you count the basement BR) bedroom house--absolutely!

It's so nice to have a room where I have a work table, tall hutch for my fabrics, an entire closet for my bins of craft supplies and several bookshelves to hold my books/patterns/etc. Even nicer is that it's got corner windows, I have a nice view of the oak tree in the yard, and the breeze that wafts through makes my Stannard Chimes accompany me as I work.

Oh, I've decorated the room appropriately--it's a restful pale blue, with a border of quilts hanging on lines strung on tree branches, and the curtains are a matching blue with birdhouses on them. Oddly, it's the ONE room in the house where I DIDN't make the curtains--LOL--but they were just too cute when I saw them, and matched the blue of the room perfectly.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes I have all of my various sewing and serger machines set up in there, I also do all my jewelry making in there. I wish I had all the totem making stuff in there too but unfortunately it is all in my office.

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I have my craft room in my Son's computer room and my sewing machine/supplies in my Grandson's room - works for us.

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I have a large basement that has not been used in the 7 years I have owned the house. Everything I enjoy, Pc, books, movies, back yard birding and music is upstairs, so no need to go down there. Someday I will go down, get rid of the cobwebs and vacuum....someday.

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I've never been a crafter as such, but used to sew a lot. I don't sew any more, but my spare time is spent here on the PC. I turned my second BR into my "whatever" room. My computer is on a hutch type computer desk. I have the TV, a twin size sleeper sofa bed, a recliner, a bookcase, a couple small tables, and 2 chairs in there. The window looks out on a grassy yard , where I watch the birds and have a great view of the sky, and a glimpse of the mountain.

I call this room Sue's Den of Organized Chaos.


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My last just left the nest (got married) so his room is now my "Diva Sanctuary". Never been a diva, but I like the sound of it lol. I painted it a a soft sage green and added my sewing and crafting table. The closet holds all of my supplies. My son was rather surprised when he saw it, I guess he thought I would keep it as he left it, sort of shrine to him.

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I have no plans for a sewing/craft room at this stage in my life. But the 4th bedroom (off the great room) is going to be the playroom for the young grandkids in the house we're closing on 9/27. The bottom three feet on the long wall is going to be painted in chalkboard paint. I'm also thinking of putting magnetic paint on another wall section. I am happy.

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We still live in the 4 bedroom house that our kids grew up in. We noved to this larger house when our brood grew to 3 and crowed us our of our starter house. When our kids were here and personal computers were new (Think Comodore 64), my computer space was a corner in the family room. Time passed and all the kids are out of the house. I now usw one bedroom for my computer room and technical library, and my wife uses another bedroon for her computer roon and professional and organiztion library. The 3rd bedroom is the spare room. There is no sewing room. We have a sewing machine set up in the basement. When we first married, my wife did several sewing projects. She made me a shirt and sports jacket. She also made new upholstry covers for a corner couch and I did the manual labor of fitting/reupholstering the corner couch and two matching wing couches. She no longer sews, I do my own clothes repair, therefore the two bedrooms are used for our computers and other interests.

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We have a finished lower level that has become my sewing/embroidery paradise. DH has trouble with stairs now, so he seldom gets down to the gym. What was a family room has become a sewing room, where my three sewing machines (and their cabinets), my ironing board, computer desk and TV live (with the sofa, love seat and tables). One end of the gym contains my drafting/cutting table and design wall. The kitchen table (second kitchen) is home to the embroidery machine, and the countertops and some drawers and cabinets are part of the embroidery/sewing scenario. I also have a bathroom, laundry room, and storage down there, so I can disappear for hours on end. My own little retreat!

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