Drew Peterson found GUILTY!

kayjonesSeptember 6, 2012
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Hallelujah! That's the first thing that popped into my mind, too, KayJones. It's about time.

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Yes, I heard earlier and was delighted that the jury got this one right. Actually, there was one anxious moment, when I saw that the jury had asked for a definition of the word "unanimous"--that sounded as if it might bode ill for a conviction, but apparently they worked it out in the end.

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I'll join in the Hallelujah Chorus as well. Finally a jury gets it right. Justice for Kathleen Savio, and in a way for his 4th wife (Stacey) as well. If it wasn't for her he would still be getting away with murder. For her family's sake I hope they find her, but I wouldn't count on Drew telling anyone what he did with her.


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Doing a happy dance here. I used to live in joliet where the trial took place.

I'm sure both Kathleen and Stacey are both smiling as well.

glad they convicted him...he was so smarmy

your resident DJ

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

My sister was an administrator in the school his children attended. She said that he was a real jerk, always hitting on the pretty young teachers. Heaven forbid one of his kids would be disciplined for some infraction. In he'd stroll, blaming everyone but HIS child. She said he gave her the creeps.

An old friend is a member of the prosecution team. I'm very proud of his work. He's confident that the appeal is going nowhere.

DD2 is a legal assistant, and is in and out of the Will County Courthouse most days. She's happy he was found guilty, but is more happy it's over!

Let's not forget about Christopher Vaughn, who is being tried in the courtroom next door for the murder of his wife and 3 beautiful children. The guy is a whack job!

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Oh, it's over? So SOON? (Five years...)

NONE of the parties to this case appear to possess Outstanding Character. I won't miss seeing the gaggle of slack-jawed gawkers in and out of the courtroom, or the mafia-styin' defense team -- nice look, you clowns! I got worried when it was reported that the JURY starting wearing coordinated clothing. (WTH?) I haven't been in Will County in ages. Coverage of this trial would keep anyone away -- in case the Old Boy police force wasn't enough deterent.

Drew cheated on Kathleen with the then-17-year-old Stacy. He was 43 at the time. Drew and Stacy had a 3-month-old when they wed. Do I recall that Kathleen was 'the other woman' while he was married to Wife #2? Wasn't there some dopey girl-child whose father had to step in and rescue her from Drew right before he was arrested?

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chisue, I agree that many, if not most of the players in this drama leaves a little bit to be desired character-wise. But then again, how many of us could come away sparkly clean through that kind of scrutiny? Anyway, the common tread through all of them was Drew, and the world is just a little safer with him locked up. Now lets hope they do the same with that fellow Vaughn, who is being tried in the next room. That is every bit as horrible, if not even more so.


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I thought it would turn out like OJ yesterday when I heard the jury question. What a cocky slimeball he is. What would any woman see in him, I wonder?

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This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Drew always acts so cocky thinking he can keep getting away with murder.

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Ah, yes, Lily, I think that is the vital question. No WOMAN would see anything in Drew. He was successful with GIRLS.

I wonder where he got the $230K he gave his son before he was arrested? (Covering that up got the son fired from the B'brook police force.)

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A far as the money he gave his son, I'm sure someone who thought he could get away with murder(s), didn't think twice about accepting a few bribes in the line of duty.... It being tax free and all, that could add up.


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I know very little about this case, but it looks like the jury did it right! Congratulations, the system works!

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"The system" almost failed to work at all due to the True Blue police department in that town. Heads should roll, even now, over the police questioning Stacy *about a suspect (Drew)* WITH DREW PRESENT.

If Peterson could serve (himself) for 30 years, I'd like to see that PD shaken up by an outside agency.

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