Jan found the bargain of the day

lazypupSeptember 15, 2012

I have a whole pile of small kitchenwares, knic knacs and jewelry items that I need to photograph so they can be sold on Ebay. Rather than set up my large diffused lightbox on the kitchen table I decided its time to build a smaller light box about 18" wide, 18" high and 20" long. I made the frame out of PVC pipe and covered it with white cloth from an old bedsheet but I now needed some colored felt to make the backdrop cloths.

This morning Jan told me she had to go to JoAnn Fabrics to get some stuff for a project she is working on so I asked her to pick me up three pieces of felt 18" wide and about 3" long.

She just came home and told me she got all three pieces, Black, white & green 18" wide x 6' long for a total of $4.50.

She said the bolts of felt are 6' wide so they just cut 1/2 yd of each and when she went to pay for it they told her all the felt was 40% off today.

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Feels good to get a bargain doesn't it? Good luck on your Ebay sales.

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I am not selling on Ebay,,,,I go to our local senior center once a month and I setup and photograph things for the patrons of the senior center. I have them bring their items and a thumb drive or memory card. I shoot the photos, edit them right there with any text and such that they want, then load the photos on their memory card so they can take it home and do what they want.

A lot of ppl also have me take photos of jewelry or family heirlooms for their insurance records.

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What a nice thing to do, Lazypup!

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That is very nice to do. I'm sure it helps out a lot!

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