Prices for a bake sale

marie_ndcalSeptember 29, 2012

We just had our fall festival and our church does the bake sale part. I know we are under many in our prices but maybe for next year could I have some suggestions??

Cupcakes, cookies--how many in a package? pies and would you price them different like pecan or apple? banana breads, regular breads, donets (cake)



PS We made about 200.00 and not much of a crowd. Too many other things going on. Other vendors.

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I couldn't venture a guess for today's pricing but a suggestion would be to check local bakeries and store bakeries and get an idea on pricing.

Selling whole pies is great but a half or quarter pie could be a good idea too for people who just want a taste. The new grocery store "dozen" seems to often be ten. But a dozen and 1/2 dozen option could be good. A lot of people claim to be on diets while they stop at the drive through for a latte on the way to the health club to use a treadmill.

The breads could be a loaf, 1/2 loaf or a few slices. The other advantage is people might opt to get a few slices of sweet bread, a piece of pie and a couple brownies, oh WTH, give me a couple bars too... Impulse sales y'know.

Good luck!

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I had no idea of what things sell for at a bake sale, so I Googled it. Cynic's idea is a good one. Look around a bakery and your local grocery bakery department. I do think pies should be charged by ingredients. A pecan pie costs a lot more to make than an apple or whatever berry is in season. And remember the money's going for a worthy cause so you can charge a bit more. One hint I learned was to charge things by dollar instead of .50 cents, instance. Makes money changing so much easier.

So if you have time, Google "bake sale prices". It's interesting reading.

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Just one hint- sell single-servings like cupcakes, cup up brownies, wrapped slices of cake. Some people might like just a taste, not want to buy a whole pie or cake or loaf. Of course the single servings should be low-priced, like a dollar.

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You may have under charged this year but over charging would be worse.

You should not be using bakeries as guidelines for pricing. All your goods are donated so it is pure profit already.

Packaging is important. You cannot sell a standard nothing really special whole cake for 12 dollars but you could cut a 10" round into twelve nice slices and get a dollar per slice.

Cookies sell well as one large(6") cookie for a dollar to 1.25 or three smaller ones for the same price.

Packaging is important. Stack cookies in stacks of 3 and wrap tightly in saran wrap and tie with a bit of ribbon. Cupcakes could be sold individually or by fours. Remember people are more like to purchase more items if the items are not huge. If I buy a whole cake I am not likely to buy a pie. But I might buy a mini pie or a half pie and a half dozen cookies. I might even add a few cupcakes to my order.

If you know someone who does something special, like cake decorating. and they would donate a cake to your group then don't try to sell it. Auction it off. Sell tickets for a dollar each to win the cake. You could make a lot on a single cake doing that. We did that in scouts.

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Another possibility is to do a 'donation only' bake sale. While some might underpay, I think most people give a little more that way. I know I always do.

Prices vary a lot, otherwise, but I did give $1 for a baggy containing 3 small to med size cookies yesterday at a bake sale. Large cookies might go for a dollar each.

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