What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43September 22, 2012

We're having baked chicken breasts, done the way Jasdip does them, the rest of the leftover roasted cheese potatoes with green onions and bacon sprinkled on top (with sour cream on the side). Apple cake with caramel frosting for dessert. Got bored with football and baked this afternoon :-)

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Well Patti that is an excellent question. I have no idea.

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Saw's,which has become so popular for their soul food and bbq, friend and I took the drive. I called first, cause it's a little hole in the wall, with only 5 small tables inside, and 3 outside, and gal said they are standing AT the door, but not outside yet. We got there and they were lined up outside.

I had their homemade boudin plate, with vinegar cole slaw, and onion rings. Friend had shrimp sandwich.

I really wanted their oyster sandwich, they were soldout.

Friend shared her buttermilk pie with me!

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Do they have sweet potato pie? That is my fav.

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I have a pot of vegetable barley soup simmering on the stove. I bought some specialty bread to eat with it.

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I cooked several items today. For my evening meal, I had unstuffed cabbage and a slice of homemade bread. The bread turned out almost as good as at the Amish house I go to for meals.


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Here's link to food photos!

My son, amongst others, loves their grits, greens, and pork, topped with onion rings. He says is you eat that for lunch, you wanna sleep the rest of afternoon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Saw's food photos

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Had company for lunch--DD came down and one of her friends who lives in the area came over. We had Cheddar chowder (ham, potato and cheddar soup), cornbread, homemade applesauce, and homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

Dinner--Dh finished up the tortellini and chicken he was working on last night, I made ham salad with some of the ham leftover from the soup.

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I made a HUGE pot of beef stroganoff. :0) Then we'll have some fresh rye rolls right out of the oven I made earlier, reheated with butter on them.

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I had a late lunch today, vegetable beef soup, ham sandwich and a piece of the caramel banana cake I baked. I also had vegetable soup for breakfast! I am not having supper this evening.


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I bought some lean hamburger earlier this week for $1.89 lb which is a fantastic price. Ever since Cynic spoke about having taco omelette, that's been on my mind. When I opened the frig, I saw some romaine that had to be used up, so I ended up by making taco salad. I'll try and have the rest of the beef in an omelette tomorrow. It sounds so good.

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Satine--?? Whatcha' been up to?

Glenda, love the menu and love that little restaurant! I would order the fish sandwich and cheese grits. Sorry about the oysters. Harry would've been disappointed (had we been there, I mean).

Linda, I always forget to put barley in my soup. Harry likes it a lot and I have it--just don't have much of a mind left :0

Shirley, you've been busy in the kithen again. I should do like you and cook one day for several meals. It seems to work really well for you and you get all the mess over with at one time. Tell us what/how when you have time.

Azzalea, what a wonderful lunch. I would be happy with just the homemade applesauce and pie. Isn't it more fun to cook for more than two people?

Gosh, Nicole. You're a tough act to follow. I haven't made beef stroganoff for so long I've forgotten how. And homemade rolls, too! With butter melting on them. OMG--what could be better than homemade bread. Unless it's a homemade bread and bacon sandwich with mayo :-)

Sue, you aren't even tempted to have a piece of that caramel banana cake? If not, you have a tremendous amount of will power!

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Went to see Jesus Christ Super Star with six other lady friends....we went out to dinner after. I had the Thai lettuce wraps....very good.

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Patti: Today's cooking was the horrible vegetable soup, the delicious bread, unstuffed cabbage, pork gravy (instead of sausage gravy...my 'butcher' grinds up lean pork for me), and I made chicken/boiled egg spread.....I grind it all up fine before adding mayo/mustard in smaller amounts than chicken salad. I love it on crackers, or make a sandwich from it.

Now if I just had some of Sue's cake, I'd have it made.

As for the how, sometimes I just cook when the mood hits me. But I keep a running list of things I want to cook. I knew on Thursday that I wanted to cook today. I got the meats fresh yesterday. Sometimes I get sidetracked and don't get anything done, but since I live alone, I'm the only one affected. That's when I often pull out frozen entrees instead.

When I worked, I usually cooked a lot on Saturdays. I got a lot of ideas on the garden webs Once a Week Cooking forum.


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Baked tilapia, broccolini and salad. Oh, yes, and a glass of Pinot Grigio..

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Jasdip, I have to tell you a funny. Harry had asked me earlier what we were having for dinner and I told him chicken. Guess he forgot, because he asked me later and I said, "Jasdip's breasts". Oops! You should have seen the look on his face :-) Hope you get your omelet tomorrow. Wish I could find ground meat for that price. I did get boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound last week though.

Georgysmom, we saw that on stage when we lived in Gainesville. Ted Neeley played Jesus, just as he had in the movie. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Noticed Ted's losing his hair on the top, though.

Shirley, I keep a list like you do, and also a grocery list for whatever I may need to make it. You'd think I was organized, but why do I find things like dried apricots in my pantry?? LOL! I'll share my apple cake with you. I made two and gave one to my sweet neighbors, but we still have almost a whole 9" cake left.

Hounds, I think we're having tilapia tomorrow night with who-knows-what. Pass the Pinot Grigio please!

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