What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43September 29, 2012

We're watching the UGA-Tennessee game right now. UGA's ahead right now. Harry keeps flipping the channel between that and OSU-Michigan State game. Sigh! He drives me so crazy sometimes.

Tonight we're having a simple pasta tossed with olive oil/garlic and parsley with fresh Parmesan, garlic toast and a salad. FSU game starts at 6:00!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. What's for dinner at your house?

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AL's game doesn't start until 8:15 cst. Seriously doubt I'll watch it to the end. Sounds like it's gonna be an easy one for Bama.

Niki's West, down by the farmers market: smoked sausage and sauerkraut with 7 layer salad and a warm cornbread muffin

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I am too tired after working all day to want anything for my supper, so I am ready to go to bed, really, really soon.


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I thawed hamburger so I could make a sandwich with onions on it for my lunch. Decided to fry the rest of it into patties, then poured a can of cream of mushroom soup over the rest. I put that over barley for my evening meal. Also had a mixture of vegetables.


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Went to the commissary today for food to take on our trip.

Tonight Mike is going to grill steaks and I will make up some mashed potatoes and steam fresh broccoli.

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Glenda, EVERY game is an easy one for Alabama!! Seriously! Sure wish I could have some of that 7-layer salad.

Poor Sue--have you been cleaning all day? I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight.

Yum, Shirley. Especially with the barley.

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Nita, is this your trip to Texas? Sure sounds like a good time! Hope you get some pictures.

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Yes, going to Fredericksburg for a few days then head to MarilynC's neck of the woods. Going to the get together in Houston on the 13th. Then will head to Waco and meet with Jaybird who used to post here. Last stop is Tyler where a group is going to meet. We will be gone for a little over 3 weeks.

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I'm a little late, it's Sunday morning, early.
Yesterday, the steak, baked potato and salad medley... :)

The football thing forces me to do one of two things, fire up the grill for burgers/steaks etc.. or the oven for Pizza.

I'm so predictable.

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