What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43September 6, 2012

We are home after a wonderful 2 days out of the kitchen :-) We had a great time with the grandkids and they had a great time, too. It was so pretty in Homasassa I hated to leave, but the kids have another grandmother to visit before the go home to California.

We ate at the Freezer last night so I have a lot of leftover shrimp. I sure would love to have their recipe for the spices they cook it in. I know there's red pepper and Old Bay. Just delicious. So we're having leftover shrimp with some deli bought baked potato salad and cole slaw.

Had to have a nap when we got home and got unpacked. Those kids have a LOT of energy!!

I've read what you've been eating and everything sounded so good! What are you having tonight?

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Glad you had a good visit! Tonight is lazy night for me. I have to save my energy to curse out those I don't care for on Project Runway. Just kidding. Tonight will be Philly cheesesteaks and garlic rosemary olive oil baked fries.

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I am glad you had such a good time with grandkids. As always, I am envious of your fresh shrimp. Tonight I am going out to eat at Mom's School House Diner, but don'[t know yet what I will order. It is indeed an old school house several miles outside of town. Has a 1950's decor and the waitress (one!) wears a poodle skirt, ankle socks and I think a neck scarf. The owner/cook wears a name tag identifying herself as Mom and she chats with everyone. All homecooked food. Fun.

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Hi, ShedTheChryalis (I love that name). Those rosemary OO fries sound yummy!

Thanks, Pam. It was a great time. IMHO, you have to eat in dives to get good seafood in Florida :-) Funny thing about your restaurant--there was a restaurant someplace around Palm Harbor in Pinellas Co. called the School House. The menu was on a chalk board and it really was a tiny little school house. Their food was the same--all homemade stuff like meatloaf and mac and cheese. Enjoy!!

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So good you got to be with your grandchildren. I went shopping today with two of my daughters and little granddaughter, Alyssa. We had fun shopping in Joann Fabrics. While they shopped in Kohl's I read a book. Then to Fazoli's for lunch specials. Really good lasagne and fettuccine Alfredo, all the bread sticks and beverages you want too. So nothing for me this evening. Had a fun day.


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Sue, glad you are out of the kitchen today--and had fun with the kids. You're so lucky to have them close!

Glenda, where are you? I thank you for starting the post while I was gone, but I miss reading about your lunch today.

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Patti, glad you had a wonderful time with your GD and her DH, bet you hated to see them leave.

Tonight we are having oyster stew and it sure smells good.

Pam, I wish we had someplace fun with good home cooking near where we live. Mom's looks like a real neat place to eat out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mom's Schoolhouse Diner

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

So glad your visit was enjoyable.

Today my Garden club took a bus trip up to the lake in Conroe and had a lovely lunch aboard a great big river boat paddle wheel. We cruised around the lake while having lunch. It was a beautiful day although quite hot out doors.
That really wore me out so I had to nap.
I have a big deli pizza for dinner tonight.

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