What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43September 15, 2012

I had another "adventure" with Harry last night. He fell out of bed--again. He did it first several months ago. It was a little after 2 a.m. and I was yelling his name on my way around the bed. No answer. I shook him a few times before he answered me. He was bleeding on his forehead and across the bridge of his nose. After I got him cleaned up, the forehead looks like carpet burn and the nose was from his C-PAP. Being on Coumadin, it looked worse than it was. Put neosporin and bandaids on him and he went right back to sleep. I sure was scared!

It's leftover chili and cornbread at our house. Makes me happy!!

What are you having tonight?

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Oh, patti, that would be scary. Especially in the middle of the night.

I made chicken patties, a potato and some peas, but the best part was a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin. They turned out just right.


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Patti43, so sorry to hear about your husband's fall. That must have been so scary for both of you. Im glad that he didn't suffer any serious injuries. Im wondering if you have any family near by incase you should need some help in a situation like that. Hope he is feeling well today. Satine
ps dinner?? No idea.

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I made a big batch of my tried and true Pumpkin Pear Harvest soup. OMGosh! It is so good! Served it with chibatta bread, sour cream and a small dollop of home made pesto.

I'll post the recipe tomorrow on the Sharing recipes thread.

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On my Patti, that is scary. Hope Harry is okay and won't have it happen again. Does he sleep too close to the edge? So scary at his age, he could really get hurt.

Dinner tonight is hotdogs in buns a salad and baked beans.

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Patti, you must have darned near had a heart attack!!!
Poor Harry, he's having a terrible time lately.

Luckgardnr, is that the soup we had when I visited you?? It was to die for!

I just had hamburgers with leftover potatoes that I fried up. I just came in from raking leaves. With the apartment on a corner lot, in a mature neighbourhood, there is no shortage of leaf-raking!

The neighbours are barbecuing something and the smell is making me hungry all over again.

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Yikes, that must have been scary, Patti. We are having Bbq chicken, fried eggplant and potatoes for me, rice for Tom. Played nerf gn war with my grandsons and now I'm pooped.

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Thanks guys, he's fine today. Just looks like he's been in a fight with the bandaids :-) He does sleep too close to the edge, Nita. Before he got back in bed last night I moved his pillows over toward the middle more and said, "Come over here, big boy." He chuckled at that. We don't have family close enough to be of help, Satine, but there's always 9-1-1. We live in a retirement community so the neighbors wouldn't be much help since they're either as old as he is or widows.

Shirley, your muffins sound yummy. So does the chicken patty.

Satine, want some chili? Corn bread?

Luckygardnr, the combination of pumpkin and pear sounds so good. Can't wait to try it.

Nita--hope you are okay. Haven't had a good hot dog for ages. Last one I had was at Sam's while we were waiting for the rain to stop so we could get to the car and it wasn't all that great.

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Sorry about your scare with Harry!

Just turned off the tv, Al vs Arkansas! 4th quarter and no way can Arkansas win!

Lloyd's for fried catfish fingers, saltines and butter.

Snacked on sweet potato chips from Dollar Tree while watching the game.

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I had fish, rosemary red potatoes, and herbed green beans - all from the grocery store deli. Spent all day at a dog rescue event and didn't get back within site of home until near 5pm. I was so hungry, so when I stopped for bread and eggs I got something for supper too. After supper I was dying for a cup of coffee since I hadn't had any since 8:30a. 6pm. is a little late for me to be drinking coffee but I just had to, plus it went well with the pumpkin muffin I also bought.

The Pumpkin Pear Soup sounds so interesting! I'll be watching for the recipe post.

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Just me for supper so I had some vegetable soup and crackers. So sorry Patti about Harry's fall, hope that does not happen again.


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Jasdip, the leaves on our oaks fall in the spring. We're on an end, corner lot, too, so I'm sure glad the yard work is part of our HOA fees.

Glenda, there's something about football that makes a person have to snack. FSU beat Wake Forest 52-0, now we're watching UF/Tennessee. That's always a good game and tonight is no different.

Schoolhouse, your grocery deli sure has better stuff than ours. Hope the coffee doesn't keep you awake tonight.

Sue, did you go to the city-wide garage sale? Always like to hear what goodies you found.

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Patti yes, I did go to the town wide nearby. I stayed in the truck with the baby and did not get out at any sales, but the girls did buy me several nice cookbooks that I really am enjoying reading and they were only ten cents each. They are nice and mostly church ones. One is a big thick Amish one. Alyssa got more great deals on toys! She needs a toy room now, ha, ha. Sweet dreams all, I am off to bed soon.


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