What's for dinner Monday?

patti43September 9, 2013

I'll have a protein shake. Today was weigh-in and I gained 1-1/2 lb. Yeah!! Noticed my hair is falling out at the nape of my neck in the back. Harry is on his own tonight.

What are you having for dinner?

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Yea for the weight gain!

Potluck was a huge success as well as my wild rice and sausage casserole.

You name it we had it, so much with 25 people there is no way you can taste everything.

I ate a warm piece of baked ham, my casserole, spicey baked beans, deviled egg, pineapple casserole and for dessert I had a lemon curd tart.

Here's pics: Dessert time and Tom opening his How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man birthday present. I had a miniature cream puff with lit candle and all sang happy birthday to him.

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Sorry to hear about your hair Patti but good news you have gained a little.

Supper for me is just leftover beef Manhattan minus the mashed potatoes and coleslaw. I have been gone all afternoon with Cheryl visiting with Terri. I took my embroidery along so I did get some work done that I need for a baby shower. Made a fairly large batch of pie dough before I left this morning. I plan on baking an apple pie or two, since I have over 9 bushels of apples now in my garage! They picked them yesterday at Amber and Mikes. Really nice, so will be canning pie filling, applesauce and stewed apples. I forgot also apple butter.

Sue in very hot Indiana

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Glenda, your lunch sounds great, but what happened to the chicken and dumplings? I was looking forward to that LOL!!

Sue, I remember when I used to make pie crusts six at a time and freeze them. We just don't eat that much pie any more, darn it. Hot here, too.

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lol, when gal brought her dish, I looked and it was apple dumplings :o(

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Hi Patti, congratulations on your weight gain!!!

My friend and neighbour brought over some homemade chicken soup, with lots of noodles. Man it was good. I want her to show me how she makes it. I gave her some chocolate-zucchini cake and she loves it.

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I went to a cooking demonstration at the club tonight. Our chef was demonstrating making soups. We had an assortment of hors d' oeuvres for dinner....spanakopita, sausage stuffed pastry, grilled asparagus,,,, carrots and summer squash, assorted cheeses with croustades, assorted fruits and mini quesadillas.
Everyone got a box with two soup samples to take home. The chef asks for eight volunteers to make the soups as he explains the ingredients. Everything is prepped ahead of time. The volunteers get to keep the chef hat and apron (I already have one). I was one of the judges and got a nice bottle of wine for that. All this for $15.00. It was a fun evening......and that is why I made potato salad for DH last night, so he could have a steak or hamburger tonight. Always thinking.

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Pork and Green Beans over Jasmine Rice.

I made a double batch..expecting leftovers...um...yeah..just one dish..which I told Kian he could take to work tomorrow..(I think my husband ate half the pan himself!)

So I will have to find something else...

Just took Brown Butter Blondies out of the oven....smells good in here..

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