What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43September 13, 2012

We're having the end of the pork roast tonight with the Thai broccoli salad I posted this morning on the "Recipe" thread. Harry seems to have lost his appetite, which worries me. So we'll keep it light for a few days.

What are you having for dinner?

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Loui's for his famous Greek baked snapper and cucumber salad with feta!

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I made chicken and noodles today. Had a side dish of peas to go with it for my meal.

I hope Harry is okay.


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Was feeling the need for comfort food. Mashed potatoes and gravy with meatballs. It hit the spot

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I got hit by some dreadful stomach bug last night so I don't know what I want to try. I might make some soup I have several packages of the Bear Creek soups . It is raining and gloomy here today.

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It has been a very nice day here. We gals went to the barn sale this morning and only bought a few toys, then I had a doctor's appointment and that took a long time. After that we went to some more rummages and we had a good time doing that. I have been gone from home all day, so it is a good thing I had the roast pork and veggies in the fridge. That was supper. Tomorrow is a big day, nearby town wide rummages.

Sue in Central Indiana

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GS#1 requested my Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken and I could not refuse him, but I can't make it because I'm working (as usual). So, I gave DH the instructions and he'll be making it tonight, along with a fruit salad and noodles (5 year-old grandson thinks noodles are a food group all on their own and must accompany any decent meal).

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I think I will just pick tonight. Hubby is with his golf buddies, and I had lunch out. Hope Harry is ok. I always get worried if Tom doesn't feel well. Is it Harry who is on coumadin? My sister's INR went up to 8 this week, after 2 days of no coumadin it is down to 4, but I am still not to give her any for 2 more days.

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I hope Harry will be alright Patti. It's not like him to be off his feed or miss a meal. LOL

Tonight I am making a shepherd pie. I make mine with ground beef fried with onions. Then I put cream corn and top with mashed potatoes. That is the way my mother always made it. I know some people put green beans in it but that doesn't sound good to me. I will also serve applesauce like my mother did and I am going to make us each a side salad.

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Glenda, I think we'll have fish tomorrow night. I have tilapia and wild salmon in the freezer.

Yum, Shirley. When we were kids, we got to choose the meal on our birthday. My choice was always chicken and noodles. I learned to make noodles by watching mother. I knew I had to learn how if I wanted them when I grew up. :-) Thanks for the concern for Harry. He's been this way for a few days and if it keeps up I'm calling his doctor. It just isn't like him.

Jeaninwa, that surely is comfort food. I love porcupines on mashed potatoes. Nothing like a lot of carbs in one meal--rice and potatoes :-( Sure is good, though.

Raven, I hope you feel better. I hate when those bugs happen in the night--which they always seem to do around here.

Sue, you had another fun day. Wish I could go to the city garage sale!

Donna_loomis, LOL at your 5 year old grandson. He has a good point! At any rate, you're going to have a wonderful dinner--made better with grandsons for company!

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Nita: Is that all that goes into your shepherd's pie? I think I could manage that. Do you mind telling me what size pan, temp/time for baking? I'm looking for some new and easy meal recipes.


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I love shepherd's pie, Nita! I make mine with sauteed carrots, onions and celery. Beef broth, some wine, tomato paste, and topped with mashed potatoes.

Patti, I hope Harry gets feeling better real quick!

Fried sausages, fried onions, boiled potatoes and carrots was dinner tonite.

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Pam, yes he is on coumadin. He hasn't shown any outward signs of bleeding and I do watch his leafy greens but, maybe I should call his coumadin pharmacist tomorrow. She could order a blood test here at the Ocala VA. His INR is usually spot on. Has his blood checked about every 3 weeks. If it gets a little whacky, they check it more often.

You've got that right, Nita. I noticed him a few nights ago eyeing his plate like a 7-year old with a plateful of liver :-) I asked him if he felt okay and he said "yes" but he just wasn't hungry. Noticed the same thing last night. Tonight I asked him if he'd rather have an egg sandwich than what I'd planned and he said he would. He ate it all and two oatmeal cookies.

I sure do like shepherd's pie. I usually put peas and/or carrots in mine, but cream corn sounds better and would add a little "gravy" to the beef.

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I ate lunch out today at a very nice little Inn so didn't have much for dinner which was also out. Twice in one day!

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I had a large can of Campbells chunky Beef with Barley. The beef was too hard to chew but I loved the rest. I din't even add water It reminded me of the old Scotch Broth they used to sell.And some sour cream and onion potato chips.

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Oh, missed this last night, but I have to post!

While doing some cleaning, a bit ago, found an old GC to a very nice restaurant. Was sure it was expired, but called, just to be sure. It wasn't!

So last night, we headed to the Franklinville Inn. Had never been there before. It's just lovely. Housed in an old colonial building, the interior nicely, comfortably decorated. Pretty pricey for being out in the middle of nowhere (and very busy, as well)--we ended up spending $30 on top of the $50 gc we had.

So dinner was: me--lettuce wedge with blue cheese crumbles, marinated tomatoes, bacon and chives (it was more like a half head, really), beef teriyaki tips with onions, peppers and grilled pineapple; and rustic potatoes. DH had: cream of mushroom soup with pesto, flounder stuffed with crab in a white wine sauce, and marinated mushrooms. Every bite was delicious and we'll be eating leftovers all day today!

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Satine--twice in one day--you're my hero!

Minnie, I have barley from last winter. Do you suppose it's still good?

Your dinner sounds wonderful, Azzalea. A little pricey without the gift card though. Bet you're glad you found it! Nice treat.

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It was the kind of place that was worth it, but that we probably wouldn't go to if we had to pay the whole bill! Nice evening though. We really enjoyed the treat!

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