What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43September 19, 2012

It was a busy day with lots of running around in the heat, so dinner is sandwiches and chips. Off again in the morning. Harry has blood work at 9:45 and I want to go the the farmer's market and grocery shopping after. Sure was glad to get some stuff done I'd been putting off.

What are you havin for dinner tonight?

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Headed toward Irondale Cafe but missed the exit.

Ended up at Joel's which I love, and had a veggie plate: creamed corn, green bean casserole and FRESHLY cut fried okra. d-e-v-i-n-e!! Their cornbread is almost as good as Irondale Cafe. Almost!

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Shopping day with some of my girls. We shopped in Sam's Club and I enjoyed that. I have not bought anything there in years. We all had lunch at Bob Evan's. I had not eaten any breakfast so we all had breakfast there. We had coupons, buy one get one breakfast free. I had, french toast, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Water to drink. Since it was so much food, I am not having a thing for my supper. Beautiful day here today.

Sue in Central Indiana


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This should cool you off Patti. It was only a high of 15C today which is 59F. Are you shivering??

Pasta with meat sauce was on the menu tonite.

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Temp here in Ohio at 7am was 39.

I had cooked a lot of food the end of last week so had little bits of some that needed used up. Put beef and gravy over quinoa, then had a bowl of mixed vegetables.


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Just me. BLT

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I'm having a giant case of cool weather envy!! Did you all have to turn the heat on? It's only been in the high 80's here, but the humidity is just awful.

Glenda, I'd be happy I missed the exit if I was you. Sounds good, 'cept for the okra :-)

Gosh, Sue, they sure give you a lot of food at BE don't they? We have one a little south of us and the food's always been good (but I always order the same thing--pancakes, so what do I know!).

Jasdip, I'd have to pull out a sweat shirt and long jeans if it was 59! That's lower than our normal daytime winter termperatures. I've been wanting spaghetti squash with sauce, but it isn't one of Harry's favorites. I make it sometimes anyway.

Shirley, now that's cold! It isn't even Fall yet. Bet dinner warmed you up.

Pam, wish I'd thought of BLT's. Can't beat those for any meal!

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I went swimming, today, and the air temp was 57. brrr, but thankfully the water was warm.

Have you made the turnip green and cornbread casserole yet?

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Pork ribs, stove top and beans.

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It's in the high 80's here, but it's a dry heat.

I have cornish hens in the oven and will do steamed rice and have turnip cooking on the stove, which I will mash with butter, salt and pepper.

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Went to our favorite local restaurant for wedding Anniversary dinner.
Historic William Penn Inn, built on current site as a public house in 1714. The oldest inn in Pennsylvania.

I had clams casino and Maryland crab cakes with a delightful sauce. DH had huge prime rib steak with baked potatoes.
Since we are frequent diners, and it was our Anniversary - there was a vase of cut roses in a glass vase on our table, and a delicious small cake(with fresh whipped cream icing) for desert. Served on a large plate with "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate and two jumbo strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Well tomorrow it's back to normal cooking.

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Oh Monica, I am so jealous. i love the William Penn but I haven't been there in years. Do they still do the Friday seafood buffet? It was wonderful.

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Yup, the Friday buffet in the tavern is still going strong, as is the Sunday Brunch.

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