Mamas and Grandmas...A question please!

lizSeptember 7, 2012

My little four week old grandbaby has THRUSH...the medicine my DIL is giving him is making him sooo gassy and any quick cures for relieving that gas besides milicon drops...He was in so much pain last night...nothing we've tried is helping...I'm thinking she needs to try a different formula cause obviously it has too much yeast in it...he was already colic=y...that's why she has him on a sensitive formula!!

Just looking for ideas from you fab kt women!!

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So sorry to hear that Liz. I have had no experience with thrush, but gassy babies, yes! Amber used to buy some over the counter herbal stuff for Alyssa, I don't know if it is your little Grandson's medication causing it, I would ask the doctor what to do.

Best of luck, aren't babies just the greatest!


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He may need a soy based formula? My daughter was allergic to cows milk, she projectile vomited.
There is another that my preemie nieces were on, Nutramagen not sure of the spelling there? They were beyond gassy, had reflux.
Check the hole in the nipple to make sure it isn't too large and he is swallowing lots of air.
There is something called colic cure or similiar to that? It's natural from what I am remembering?
Good luck!

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Gripe water I've heard of too. Never tried it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gassy baby

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Put him in a car seat ...hop in the car and go round and round...round and round he wakes as soon as the engine stops!! By then you may have had a few minutes of silence from those pitiful cries. We used a baby swing too, the one with the vibrator and the swing went from left to right rather than back and forth. That was only used as an extra pair of hands/arms when getting things ready for a bath or mealtime. Ten minutes or so at a time is long enough. Too many use them for all day babysitters.

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This baby is much too young to be taking OTC's - call his Pediatrician - don't give him anything not prescribed for him!

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DD had colic. We did a lot of driving around in the car and the swing was a lifesaver. The rest of the time was spent wearing her,walking her and nursing her. Her colic lasted well into her first year. Hopefully your DIL's lttle one will have standard colic that he outgrows in a couple of months or even weeks. It's no picnic.

His colic may or may not have anything to do with the thrush although the thrush is certainly adding to his discomfort.

Having been there with colic my theory is different from most. I don't believe colic is gas. I believe the gas is a result of colic. All that screaming makes the wee one swallow air and distends the tummy. My personal theory is just that some babies are hypersensitive to their environmenr. I don't think food plays a role in it unless a babe is truly allergic to something in the formula. Babies are never allergic to breast milk. Breast fed babies get colic. I won't go into the science of why what a mother eats has nothing to do with it since it's not relevant in this case.

Another possibility is he is suffering from acid reflux. Bottle babies eat much too quickly at times and take in air. If the bottle is held incorrectly they will also swallow more air.

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my daughter had thrush when she was born....the dr.
gave her GENTIAN's a liquid that
you paint their mouth with......worked.

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at 4.19 cents a gallon...these kids are not opting for the driving around...she walks him around their neighborhood in the stroller and that helps...but in the meantime her nerves are about shot...I told my son she's probably getting close to that first period after birth and her poor hormones are probably raging...

the doctor wasn't much help...she told my DIL he has to finish his medicine and to tough it out...(I told my DIL she needs to find a new pediatrician!)

they do the swing but like u said 3j's...10 minutes is about son was really gassy just like his baby is...I know exactly what their going least she has extended family and friends to help out..when my kids were little my husband and I were hundreds of miles from family and on our own...

It breaks my heart to hear this little doll baby scream...Isn't he precious? He'll be 5 weeks old Sunday so hopefully the colic will be passing soon and she's got to come up with a better formula for him!

He's a little porker...He weighed 5lb8oz at birth and he's up to 8lbs 11 oz...I call him chunky monkey!!

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He's adorable and obviously thriving. I know it doesn't help but this too shall pass. My little grandaughter is 3 months old and cutting teeth. Her way of course. One upper and one lower at the same time. LOL Last week we had a mini family reunion. Sleep for DD the night before? 2 1/2 hours from 7:30 to 10:00 am. Sleep for her DH? A quick nap after work the day before. Life goes on.

Pic of Mia taken Aug. 31st 2 days after she turned 3 months old.

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Here's a short video on a gas-relieving way to hold a baby. I used this hold a lot with my babies, even if they didn't have gas.

The Football Hold for Babies

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Didn't know it was called the football hold but we did that with all our kids...people looked at us like we had two heads and were abusing the little guys. I did it most of the time while sitting down and holding them over my legs like that. It gave us both a much needed rest. It is different for sure but it worked and the burps didn't have to come up they came out the child was level. I think putting babies on their backs causes a lot of that gas as they cannot move around as much as they could on their tummies...pushing up with their knees and it seems natural. I know I would NOT want to be on my back with gas pain or acid reflux. Oh I forgot the baby in the clothesbasket on a folded blanket on top of the dryer when it was running. I stood there beside them but the motion seemed to quiet them too.

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Two of my kiddos had lactose intolerance that kicked in at 2 weeks, making them miserable. It took another week until a kindly nurse told me what the problem could be and she was so right. I could not have even the TINIEST bit of dairy or baby would react. A bad tummy shouldn't have anything to do with thrush. Good luck--it's so hard to see them in distress, isn't it??

Wildchild--darling grandbaby! I hear you on the next to no sleep. I'll never forget those lonnnnggggg nights and desperation for sleep. :)

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Alisande!! That's what I was looking for!! Thank you sooo much!!

darling grandbaby Wildchild!!

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When my DD had colic.....way back in 1966, the doc was no help but his "nurse", an older woman told me to buy some oil of peppermint.
She told me to add five drops to 4-6 ounces with warm water and a tsp. of sugar. It worked but I would not recommend it because of the possible toxic effects of the oil of peppermint.
I was young and foolish not to mention being at my wits end.

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Glad I could help, Liz!

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Carol...I wouldn't try it...but I bet in 1966 and ready to pull your hair'd do anything!!!...My hubster just saw the inside of his mouth tonight and now he's online trying to figure the whole thing out...LOL...

We probably all did some things with our youngins that I wouldn't dare do with my grandbaby...

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Since they aren't going to drive around, I had friends that
took that baby chair he's in, and place it on top of the
clothes dryer and turned it on! they took a chair in and sat next to the dryer and made sure the baby and chair didn't vibrate off! lol . If I remember correctly, it worked well!

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From day one my son would scream for what seemed like hours after I fed him (formula). It turns out he was lactose intolerant. As soon as we switched formula all was well. He is 27 years old now and still has to be very careful with dairy. Lactaid has been a lifesaver for him.

I hope your grandbaby feels better quickly. What a handsome little guy he is!

wildchild your granddaughter is beautiful! Her little buddy sure keeps a good eye on her!

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liz need to put him on the dryer...the bassinet vibrates...the swing vibrates...his jumpy chair vibrates...they've come a long way in the 20 years since my kids were babies...

Matti...I think I have her convinced to get some soy formula...she's so young and is afraid to do anything without her doctor suggesting it...sometimes Grandma ain't all that dumb ya know!!

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according to my wife, she's an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant):

The best milk is mother's milk. It will adjust itself to baby's needs. Colic problems are rare with breast milk.

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My vote would go against the soy formula. He's only five weeks old. All this switching around what you feed is not giving him a chance to adjust to the formula. There is also new controversy about using soy products for infants unless it is absolutely necessary. That would be babies who have a true milk allergy or are truly diagnosed with lactose intolerance.

Colic just is. It is not diet related and there are many breast fed babies who go through it also. I know several and in fact because of the poor advice often given breast feeding mother's many panic and take them off the breast and put them on formula when they become colicky. So it most likely isn't the formula. it's probably an immature digestive system or an immature nervous system or perhaps a bit of both.

Your DDIL needs to listen to her pediatrician or get a new one. He may just seem brusque about the colic because he hears it every day. If his manner isn't compatible with your DIL's wishes/needs then she should definitely seek out a pedi she is more comfortable with.

Colic just is. Children survive it and grow into perfectly healthy people. My DD screamed for several hours a day for almost 6 months. Then she tapered but was still "colicky" for another 3 months. She was exclusively breast fed for 5 months when I was guilt tripped into starting cereal being a first time mother.

It's heart-breaking to hear them scream and such a feeling of helplessness but he will survive. There has been excellent advice given on soothing him. As your DDIL gains confidence she will discover what works for him. My DD like to be held hanging face down over my arm while I swung from side to side. (a relaxed football hold) I learned to do everything with her like that.

Thanks for the compliments on Mia. The dog with her is one of 3. I call them "the crows" since they perch and stare.
They are siblings, one male and two females. The dog in the pic is one of the girls. She has appointed herself head nursemaid since the day she met Mia. The others are always nearby and are very protective of the babe.

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I wouldn't switch to soy formula either unless there is an allergy to the regular formula is linked to thyroid disease.

He's adorable Liz!! Growing fast.

Mia sure looks like she has quite the personality Wildchild! What a cutie.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soy formula and the thyroid

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Liz.Travis had this and the dr put him on antibodics.He got that he puts his foot in his mouth.also ashley loves on greg's dogs and Ashley has 3 dogs.Travis is 7-months old now.Your grand baby is so so cute,Travis is trying to walk now.Greg buys milk for gassy stomach and that helps alot.They grow up fast.Greg said he could not wait till Travis can follow greg around Greg fed him some cream potatoes.He loved that.The one thing was try to keep every cleaned.The one thing we are going thur with Travis is he is cutting teeth and they cry alot and it breaks our heart,He was 2 teeths and I will be glad when they all come thur.I hope some what I posted helps alot.Hugs from Judy in alabama

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I wouldn't give my baby anything OTC unless a pediatrician told me to.

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AFAIK 'thrush' is an overgrowth of yeast. I have had that -- and gas -- develop while on an antibiotic. (The antibiotic kills *everything*, including the beneficial stuff.) Taking a probiotic (Acidophilus) has solved the problem for me. There must be something in a strength appropriate for a baby.

In my experience MD's don't think about natural reactions to antibiotics, but are fine with probiotics if you bring it up. (Same with being put on a steroid that 'wires' you. They are fine with prescribing a sleep aid, but YOU have to bring it up! Duh.)

Holding the baby with 'tail raised' will help him pass the gas: "Poot!"

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I found this at

[YEA] 11/12/2007: Shannon from Titusville, FL: "Thrush in newborns: Take a q-tip or cotton swab dip it in Milk of Magnesia and rub it around the babies mouth twice a day sure enough it will cure it just as fast as it came on. I have a one month old who got thrush and sure enough instantly it started working. Helped ease the discomfort and cleared it up with not problems!!!" Several people said this worked.. there are other remedies listed, but this one seems the best choice for an infant.

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I don't know what kind of bottle she uses but Dr Brown's bottles are wonderful for babies with colic or reflux! It was amazing how much difference they made with my preemie twins. They do cost more and there are more parts to clean but it has been well worth it for me.

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liz many responses!! Thank y'all so much...she's sticking with the formula...cause it's for sensitive tummies...i got to see that thrush first hand last night while waiting to feed him...that mouth was wide open and blood curdling screams were emitting from that little doesn't bother me near as much as it bothers them...LOL... sister told me about the milk of magnesia...something she used on her daughter back in 1968 when she was a baby...isn't that wild...I doubt that she'll try it...sooo many issues with giving a baby OTC...I gave him an extra oz of water in his formula two weeks ago and they both jumped on me I kinda learned my place...

JEMDANDY..that would be wonderful if she woulda breastfed..but all the cajoling and begging would not change her mind...

CHISUE...I had major problems with yeast the last two years and it started with a spider bite...had two shots and two different antibods for ten took me two years and lots of probiotics to get right...those are a wonder pill...i doubt that the health food store has anything close...i do have aloe vera juice in the frig and it says babies up to one year can have a teaspoon a day...but DIL will only try it if the doc says ok...and I'm perfectly ok with that!!

Thanks for all your responses ladies and gents!! I wish I had more time to play but I've got to run!

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