What's for dinner Friday?

patti43September 14, 2012

Tonight we're having chili and Glenda's Irondale cornbread. I bake the cornbread in a large iron skillet that was my grandmothers. It's seasoned very well :-) Harry seems better--he's sure looking forward to that cornbread!

What are you having for dinner?

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That's the bestest cornbread :o)

Just posted the turnip green and cornbread casserole, so go look.

Got squished today, so I was in a hurry and went to Jason's Deli for a single serving of tuna salad with wheat crackers and some nuts.

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I had fried potatoes and onions, with fried green tomatoes on the side. Now, I wonder why when I put on my new jeans I have such a "muffin top"? Can't figure it out. :)

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Looked forward all day to my leftovers from last night.

Had my teriyaki beef, peppers onions and pineapple over rice. DH finished up his crab-stuffed flounder in cream sauce over rice with his marinated mushrooms. Just as delicious the second time around!

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Well ladies, I ate chips and dip! Glad Harry has perked up.

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Thanks for the recipe, Glenda. Hope your test results come back good.

Now I "need" fried potatoes and onions. Maybe tomorrow night. LOL--I know why my jeans don't fit. I have until next July to lose 20 pounds. (Family reunion then.)

Pam, all we had last night was fried egg sandwiches. Thanks, Harry seems better today. We'll see at dinner time.

Azzalea, now that dinner wasn't so costly after all--you got 4 meals out of it! And no cooking two nights. Can't beat that!

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Oh Azzalea, your dinners sound so good, both last nite and tonite!

I just had poached eggs on toast with tea.

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I had quinoa with peppers and onions in it. And a reuben meatloaf. First quinoa I'd had for a while and I really enjoyed it. I cooked a double batch to freeze some plain for the future.

(Now I want a poached egg on toast)


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Now that Bobby no longer lives at home what I fix usually feeds us two nights. So tonight we are having leftover shepherd's pie, salad and applesauce.

I talked to Bobby's girlfriend this afternoon and he is working 6:30 to 4 five days a week. Bet he is really beat when he gets home. Anyway I invited them for dinner on Sunday. We haven't seen them in almost two weeks. I try to be good and not bother them, it is part of them standing on their own feet.

Glad to hear that Harry is interested in eating tonight. I hope when dinner arrived he was still hungry. Love Harry, he is such a sweetie and you can tell him I said so.

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I am glad to hear Harry is doing better Patti. It has been a long day. We gals headed out to the rummages in a near by town, about 3 or so miles away. It was raining, so Alyssa and I stayed in the truck. The girls stopped at several places that had their sales inside. They got a couple boxes of free toys. Around noon we stopped by Amber's and unloaded and then went to McDonald's and picked up lunch, then back we went again. I got out at only two rummages. Later when we came back to Amber's, I stayed to help watch Alyssa so Amber could get some things done. We ordered pizza from Papa John's plus some chicken wings. They had their business men's special for half price again. When we came out to go home, there were 5 hot air ballons drifting our way from the Heritage Days Festival. We gals plan to run around again tomorrow.


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Sushi from Kroger...gotten on my way home from work. Hard as a rock avacado in some of them. arghhh...

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LOL Shirley.

Patti, I'm glad that Harry is feeling better, too. I forgot to mention that in my previous post.

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