Quiche for me! And your dinner plans? Fri, Sept 20!

glenda_alSeptember 20, 2013
Dearest friend and I met at Bella's. Planned on our usual, their yummiest spinach salad, BUT they had new crab additions, today.

So I chose crab quiche with a garden salad that had green peas, chopped carrots, and tomato wedges. Mine looked just like the picture.

Viv had the usual spinach salad and gourmet crackers.

Both were delightful!

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I had a really good time with my 3 daughters and little Granddaughter today, as our neighbor town had town wide rummages along with the Heritage days. We spent most of our time driving around and going to rummage sales. I really did not buy much, the girls picked out some fabric for me and I bought some and they also picked up some canning jars I needed or will need. They all got things they can use. We had a rather late lunch or it seemed so but probably because we got out early. Ate at Richard's and we gals had the Favorite burger and the salad bar. Alyssa ordered grilled cheese and fries! After I got home the second time, for supper, I had beef sausage sandwich and apple sauce and chocolate milk. Got to keep up my energy, going out again tomorrow with Cheryl.

Sue in Central Indiana where it looks like rain

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Scottish Mystery-commonly known as goulash in some parts-My Mom always called it SM
Pasta,tomatoes,hamburg-mixed up,etc.

Glenda,your dinner sounded really good! Nice that you had Viv to dine with

Sue-gotta love your time with your "girls"....nice :)

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Chicken dumplings and lima beans! Can't wait!

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Marilyn Sue, I enjoy reading your daily ventures! Fun, fun, fun! I'd like your beef sausage sandwich!

Rhonda, your SM sounds like real comfort food.

sweet betsy, do you roll your dumplings or use a biscuit batter? Dinner sound good to me!

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My that quiche looks delish! Iplayed golf today. Played really well. It's always more fun when you're having a good day. Visited afterwards for a little while and then came straight home and reheated the sweet potato fries from yesterday's lunch and finished up the other half of my turkey and watercress sandwich. I've been taking it easy, playing on the computer and catching up on sone recorded programs.

Tonight for dinner I will probably eat the other half of my sweet potato and finish the crab stuffed shrimp from dinner on Wednesday night. I have some pretty good left overs hanging out in that fridge of mine!

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That quiche really looks good. I had reuben mini-meatloaves w/mushrooms, sweet potato, green beans.


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Quiche was as good as it looks!

georgysmom, I'd love to raid your refrigerator :o)

wow, gadgets, reuben mini-meatloaves! and the rest sounds delicious as well.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Hubby wanted chili hot dogs so that was easy enough.

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raven, I love a good ole chili dog! We have a place called Tony's hog dogs, and they have the best.

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YEA for Yogalady~~~~our kitchen is all torn up, no cook top or sink til tomorrow~~so DH brought home Chinese take out on his way home from the gym;)

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Homemade pepperoni pizza
Leftover penne baked with marinara and cheese...
And for hubby...pan fried hot links.

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Yea for you YogaLady! Bet it was good!

terri, we go way back! So glad you are sharing your wonderful eats :o)

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Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and tons of gravy. I've been promising it all week, and just got around to it. Hubby is one happy, and full, camper. Don't know how one man can put away that much food!

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