What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43September 20, 2012

Another day of running errands. We both have been craving fish sandwiches so we're off to Mickey D's for those and fries--and an iced coffee for Harry. Have to stop by the grocery first because the peaches I bought failed to come home with me. I called and they had put them back on the shelf, but at least they recognize I "lost" them.

What are you having for dinner?

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I love McDonald's fish sandwiches.

I had meatloaf, a potato, and steamed california blend vegetables. I won't be buying the cheap brand of those anymore. Yuk. I'll use them in an upcoming soup.


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I don't know yet, but we're going out to celebrate my birthday! We don't eat out very often, so this will be a treat.

pattie43, don't you hate when that happens at the store?

gadgets, meatloaf always sounds good to me!

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Fish sandwiches and meatloaf - mmmmmmmm. I had leftover stir fry. :(

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We took today for our 'day out'. Tried a new restaurant for lunch--very nice, sort of like a diner, but very Italian in decoration and menu. DH had linguini with meatballs, I had cheese Tortellini with peas and Prosciutto in Alfredo sauce.

Dinner? We just ate some leftover Pizza Hut Supreme pizza. Lunch was 'the' meal today!

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Happy Birthday, Houstonmom! I like McDonald's fish sandwich Patti, I had one last week. I don't think our McDonald's sells iced coffee. I don't like coffee so I am not certain. I was going to have my homemade vegetable soup, but, plans changed. Cheryl made us both appointments at the chiropractor's and after we got out of there it was too late for that, so I had a Rally burger, fries and iced tea. We did some shopping in Big Lots and the Dollar Tree. I am now ready for bed and will probably head there soon.


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I am making salmon patties and will serve it with steamed rice, salad and turnip.

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Happy Birthday, Houstonmom! I have to turn this computer off since we're having a big ole' thunderstorm right now. Everyone's dinner sounds good to me. Loved the fish sandwich, BTW.

See 'ya tomorrow!

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