Happy Anniversary M*A*S*H!

CynicSeptember 17, 2012

40 years ago this classic show debuted. Hardly seems that it could be that long ago.

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Wow -- I was just watching some episodes last night. It doesn't seem dated at all.

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One of the channel, I think Me-TV is supposed to do a tribute today. It will show the first 2 episodes of MASH. This is one show that I can watch over and over again.

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I've always enjoyed M*A*S*H. When it went into syndication one of the stations picked it up and ran it every weekday night at 10:30pm for years. Ran them over and over and I was able to watch it over and over. Haven't seen it much lately so I enjoy watching it again. The actor changes worked well which is rather unusual. Never watched the spinoffs though.

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I loved that show and still do. And the theme song is the best, IMHO.

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Best show ever! :-)

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Wow...hard to believe it has been that long!! Always loved the show, still watch re-runs of it!

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The cast members were on a talk show within the last week or so, and described how much they loved working together and how the last episode they filmed was so hard for everyone, knowing it would be their last time together - I even got teary-eyed!

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Wow - it was a big part of my childhood!

I remember laughing so hard when the latrine blew up and Henry Blake was left sitting on the crapper.

And how sad it was when they announced his plane crashing when he was headed home.

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Sally Brownlee

one of my favorite episodes was when they put charcoal ash on Col Potter's binoculars and it left him with racoon eyes! Radar laughed so hard it looked genuinely funny.

The last episode I cried like a baby when BJ left a goodbye note in stones for Hawkeye to see when he took off....
The casting for the series was superb.

I named my dogs Hawkeye and BJ....

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MASH was my Mom's favourite show. When I moved out west to Calgary in 1981 I remember phoning my Mom and telling her MASH was on tv a few times a day. We had cable that had channels from Seattle. When I moved back home I got her cable. Even when she had Alzheimer's she knew who all the characters were and still watched the show.

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A number of shows had casts that just melded well. Mary Tyler Moore, WKRP in Cincinnati, M*A*S*H, to name a few.

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