What's the largest amount of money you ever found...

softball_80September 20, 2012

...did it have ID, and if so did you try to return it?

I asked this question in 2009 and got a lot of interesting replies. If you already responded and care to do so again, please do by all means. I'm really hoping for some new answers, though. For me: $65 on the men's room floor of Jack's Place in Avalon NJ 1980-ish. $30 in the parking lot of Sears, Neshaminy Mall just north of Philadelphia in the 90s. No ID either time :) Any time I've found anything, cash or not, (like a pasport one time) that had ID I always made an effort to return it / them.


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I found $10 in the parking lot of the maintence complex when I was stationed at Dover AFB, DE...about 1989.

Hundreds of people in and out all day long. It was blown under my car. I kept it.

I also found a .22 carat diamond earring in 1977-ish. It wasn't perfect, but it was very sparkly. I went through all the legal channels to report it. Finally gave it to my brother. He had it set in a little promise ring for his girlfriend.

They broke up; she kept the ring.

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The most I have ever found was $10. It was at the edge of the road when was walking.

During presidential elections a few years back, I took my mom and kids to see the then president at one of the rallies. We went through security where you had to empty everything out and get scanned. My kids went through first and then me. Apparently someone had a pocket full of quarters they had spilled and didn't pick up. My oldest ds was 4 years old at the time. He gathered money while I was getting scanned. He found like $3 worth and thought he was rich. The SS guys let him keep it so I didn't bother to make him leave it there.

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In one shot? probably $10. No Id, so impossible to return. After the wicked storm that went through here a few months back, I found a wet, bedraggled $5 in the Wawa parking lot--no telling how far that bill had travelled with the 100 mile/hour winds we experienced!

But I've found upwards of $1000--a penny, nickel, dime or quarter at a time with my metal detector. Wouldn't know the amount, except that every dec. I take the change I unearth to the bank, and send the amount to some children's charity--they're the most likely to lose money.

When I was a kid, my father was digging on a job (concrete contractor) and in the dirt pile, I found an old ring that looked like a piece of costume jewelry--stone was really dull, very scratched and sort of off-color--looked like a piece of glass. Setting looked like cheap imitation silver. It had to have been buried probably for decades. When I was older, I took a good look--then took it to my jeweler. The setting is an antique 18K white gold, the stone was a 5 carat aquamarine. I had it recut and polished and it was beautiful! Had that set in a yellow gold pendant to show off the color better, and a garnet put into the ring. Still have both of them, and treasure them. I do hope whoever lost them is glad they have a good home where they're cherished. considering they were by the side of the road, I'm guessing at some point, some poor couple had a fight and one of them tossed the ring out the car window.

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I found about $60 crumpled and blowing around my car in the parking lot. As I pulled out, I found another $20 bill under the car. My kids came home from college/work for a visit that weekend, and I gave it to them to have a sushi dinner out.

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I found $20 once and $5 another time. They were just bills blowing around and there was no way to find the "owner", so I got to keep them.

A couple weeks ago I found an ATM card on a sidewalk. I called the bank and they said to just cut it up and toss it. I also found a Bloomingdale's card in a Macy's dressing room. Again, Bloomie's said to cut it up and toss it.

I could never live with myself if I stole something using someone's credit card.

Just the other day I found $300 in a little basket in my kitchen cupboard. It was mine to start with, but it still felt like a windfall!

Oh another time, an elderly man left a bunch of cash in one of those plastic tubes at the drive-thru bank, in front of me. It would have been easy to keep it, but I told the teller and sent it back to her. She said she knew who it belonged to. I hope he got it back.

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$20 floating in a mud puddle in a restaurant parking lot, last summer.

Dh & I found a wallet with ID. It had $23 cash in it. We took it to the nearest police station, where we were questioned and treated like criminals. We were out jogging and they wanted to see our ID, which we didn't have. They acted like they might lock us up until someone could vouch for us....

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20.00 once in college. I felt bad for the person who lost it, because it was a lot of money back then. But it was on the sidewalk with no one around, and no one looking, so I kept it.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I find money all the time when I walk my dogs. I have two jars filled with the coins and dollars alike. The most I found in one place doing that was $40. Two $20 bills on a Sunday morning. No IDs on any of that money.

But, just a couple of nights ago, I found a wallet in a Ruby Tuesday parking lot. Since it had the guy's license in it and I had my GPS, I went to his house and returned it to him. I don't know how much money was in it, but he took out $40 as a reward and made me take it. He was very grateful. Just returning it to him made me happy.

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FlamingO in AR

$932.00. It was in an envelope on the reception desk (vet's office) where I worked, left there by a customer about 30 minutes earlier. The writing on the envelope (which she had written the total on) matched the handwriting on a check in my drawer. Before I could call her, she called in a flat-out panic and I reassured her that I had found her money and it was safe. I told my boss and he told me to send her back to him when she got there and to give him the money. All of which I did. She came, went back, came out a couple minutes later and blew right past me like I didn't exist. She never said thank you, not then, and not the next 10 times she came in with her dog, either.

I found a wallet in the road a few years ago, had over $100 in it. Called the guy, he picked it up at a local store and thanked me all over the place. Then he looked at me funny and said "you don't want a tip, do you?" Geez. I've got to stop finding stuff, it's depressing!

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When I was ten (1954), I was going to 4-H camp that summer. I happened to be downtown in one of the ladies' stores in my small town, when I looked down and there was a wad of money held together with a paper clip. I took it to the cashier and she told me if nobody claimed it in 4 days, it would be mine. There was $4, which was a heck of a lot of money to a kid back them. I didn't even mention it to my mother when I got home because turning it in was what was expected back then. After 4 days, the store called and praised my mother for having such an honest child and no one had missed the money so it was mine. I think it just about paid my way to camp.

I wasn't so sweet and honest, though. I prayed nobody would claim that money :-(

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Last fall I found a $1400.00 check on a cart at the store. I turned it in. And many many years ago I found a can with about $1500.00 in cash and probably the same in checks. It was the receipts for the summer school program. I turned that back in. I got a rather snippy "thank you" for that. LOL

Otherwise, I found a $20 bill and a $10 bill blowing around a parking lot, which I did keep. I didn't see anyone around to whom it could belong.

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I found a $20 bill blowing through a parking lot too! HA!

I found a tennis bracelet on the ground on a camping trip. No one ever reported missing one, it was probably a few thousand $$$ when new but it's not worth much of anything to sell to a jeweler.

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I *found* $1,208.00 in a penny slot machine yesterday Biggest win I ever had. And no I didn't *give* it back.

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Let me make it clear that those were MY winnings on the slot machine...not something left behind.
I have never found any money other than small change...pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters.

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About 20 years ago I found $100.00 bill on the floor of a store. I turned it in, because it was a lot of money and I could just see kids going hungry. Nobody claimed it so I got it back.

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I have never found much, maybe a few coins here and there in our driveway, or in my washing machine.


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I have found "things", but I'm not a money finder. Like Kaycee and Marilyn Sue, pretty much just a few coins here or there. Heck, I get excited when I find a penny - "See a penny, pick it up. All the day you'll have good luck".

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Found $10 as walking out of restaurant in the French Quarters in New Orleans.

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One time when K-Mart was still here in town DGS and i stopped there to get something.As i pulled out of my parking spot i saw something laying on the ground that looked like a baggie of change.So i circled around and came back to it and sure enough it was a zip loc bag full of quarters.

There is also a laundromat at that center so someone probably going there dropped it,but i wondered why they didn't hear it drop.

Another time i was in walmart checking out and i saw a bill laying out in the middle of the aisle,so i just stepped out,picked it up and stuck it in my pocket.At first i was going to give it to the cashier,then i thought she'd probably pocket it,so i saved her the trouble and i pocketed it.

Also found a 5.00 bill in cvs one time.
Found money is good.

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I need to find a sack full of $100 bills! HA!

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I've had some weird things happen with money. Once DD found a scratched up Sears GC in a field. She called the 800# and the balance was $100. We scroured the lost & found in the paper and craigslist even though it looked like it had been outside for quite some time-no ad looking for it.

I found $14 blowing in the wind one dark,cold, wondy night while walking the dog.

This one is really odd-I was having a yard sale last year. A slight breeze kicked up and DD(15) said 'what is that?' I looked up a a bill was hovering in the air. It stayed aloft getting higher and higher then landed on the roof of out 2 story house! My other DD's BF climbed up and retrieved it-it was $20!! We marveled over that and then went back to what we had been doing. All of the sudden I thought-I should look for more LOL. Lo and behold, I found a wad of bills and coupons near the mailbox. 3 more $20's. No way could this money have come from our cash box-there were coupons with it. Later on, Renee's BF moved his truck that had been in front of our house and he found another $20. SOmeone had lost a total of $100!! As exciting as it was to find it, we hoped someone would come back looking for it. We had hours left to go on the sale. No one did.

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I've never found much in the way of money, just an occasional coin. I have found "stuff" laying on the road or road side. On two difffernt occasaions, I have found a screw driver. Both were perfectly serviceable and I still have those. One is a very good heavy duty article. Apparently, these were at a place where someone had a vehicle problem, worked on the vehicle, and left behind a dropped tool.

My last find was a number of years ago. It was a cloth bundle laying near and intersection. When I unrolled it, it contained a set of butchering knives. The blades were of quality steel. The knives were dirty having been recntly used. I then began to wonder what I had found. Were there knives that had fallen from a caterer's truck, a person coming from a picnic, or had these been involved in foul play and tossed? I was careful not to handle the knives (just in case) and turned these over to the police. I placed a claim on those and was told that if no one called for those, I could have them. They would call back in about 2 weeks. I never heard anything more.

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DH threw his old wallet away after he bought a new one and had changed everything over. I saw it in the trash, took it out and jokingly said that I was going to be sure there wasn't a $100 bill stuck in there, Ha Ha. Well, there was!!! He had missed it!!! Male myopia...............

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Remember when we used to check the coin return on the pay phones? My kids would race to every one we passed to check it. Now it's hard to even find a pay phone.

I've definitely found coins in vending machines. I've probably lost few, too.

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A couple of years ago, I was walking in my neighborhood. Glanced down at a pile of leaves, saw what looked like paper money. Reached down, it was a folded up twenty dollar bill!

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I found a wallet containing a large amount of money and signed checks for over $500 .Also the persons ID.No address or phone number.I called the bank listed on the checks and the bank called the person.The woman showed up within the hr. to claim it.I gave her a lesson not to sign checks be for she is ready to cash them and she left with a smile.

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I found $20 in the parking lot of the grocery store where I take my mom from time to time to do her grocery shopping. I turned it in to the cashier and she told me if no one claimed it she would give it back to me. That was 2 months ago, just this past Saturday that is where I took my mom shopping but the cashier said nothing. I'm sure she didn't remember me or the $20. I hope she donated to a charity or something good like that.

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curlysue - I'm sure she donated it... to her pocketbook. There are a lot of untrustworthy people around, I'm afraid. You are an obvious exception. In my pizza delivering days I made a deivery to a florist. Right inside the door was a lady in her 70s manning the cash register. I passed her on the way in and got the money for the food at the main counter. Uncharacteristically I put the money in my jacket pocket instead of my wallet. I passed her again on my way out and maybe 10 steps out the door I reached into that pocket and felt nothing. I stopped, turned around, and spotted my $10 on the ground halfway back. Reaching for it at that instant was that lady!!! Her eyes met mine. I said, "I guess I dropped that." She said, "I guess so." and retreated. Let me tell you, there was no guessing involved on her part! She saw me drop it and was intent on grabbing it for herself!

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AHH!!! Come on Softball, let me live in my dream world, where everybody always does the right thing. LOL

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Someone turned in a $10. bill the other day at the hosp. to the front info desk where I work. At the end of the day, no one had asked about it, so we gave it to one of the parking attendants who had told us that people will try to get their cars out and have no money, so he'll pay their fee, so we insisted he take it.

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I found $40 in the pocket of a pair of second hand shorts. I was doing laundry for my friend who had a house fire and found $60 in the washing machine but gave it back to her, since I am sure it came out of her husband's jean's pocket.

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I found a $100 bill in the pocket of a blazer I hadn't worn since the fall/winter before. I knew it was mine, din't know why it was in the pocket, but didn't have a problem spending it. Nothing else noteworthy turns up in my memory of found treasures, money or otherwise.

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I found a $10 bill on the sink in the ladies room at WalMart in El Paso. I waited for 15 minutes thinking that someone would realize she'd left it there and return; no one showed up so it went into my pocket. Girl Scouts were out front selling cookies, so I gave it to them as a donation.

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We saved one of the giant sized $20's we found tucked into the furnace in our old house when we were replacing the blower. We knew the original owner was mentally ill and believed there were 'listening devices' in the walls. Guess she was planning her 'escape'.

Last year DH found someone's Blackberry in the men's room at the Honolulu airport. It was sitting atop the toilet paper dispenser in a stall. He turned it in to the AA desk.

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I found a $5 bill a couple of years ago when I was cleaning out my window wells (along with a piece of unopened mail for my neighbour). One day at the supermarket I found a "park card". It's like a credit card but for city meters so you don't have to carry change all the time. No way to ID that so I kept it for myself. There was about $20 on it.

The most interesting thing I found was a journal with photos in a phone booth a couple of years ago. I was walking downtown with my niece taking photos and she was going to "pose" in the phone booth, pretending to talk on the phone. The journal was right there on the ledge. We took it home and read through it trying to find out who it belonged to. It turned out it belonged to a couple of young people who bicycled across the country from Vancouver, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland. I googled their names and found their website. From that I got their email and emailed them telling them I found their journal and asked for their mailing address. I mailed it back to them but never heard a thing from them, I suppose they got it. Would have been nice for them to say thanks, after all I did spend about $10 to mail it to them.

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You want to know what makes me mad is when you find money and make an effort to get it back to the person, and they aren't grateful. The most I ever found was five dollars laying on a street. Once I found a string of quarters in the gutter. I can't remember where it was but it was like dreams I used to have of money laying in the street..always coins.

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Have only found a few coins here and there dropped by someone.
Have a DGD that finds money often according to her mother. A dollar here or there. Her biggest find was $20 when they were at a theme park. I always tease her that because she's closer to the ground she finds all this. At that time she was about 10 and is now 13, haven't heard if she is still finding anything.

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Today I was out for a walk and found a dollar on the ground! The first thing I thought of was this thread. Too funny.

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found half a $100 bill in my mother's apt parking lot in vegas...it's still in my wallet, and has been for 40 years!

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Back in 1987 DH & I were pulling out of our apartment parking lot. As we got onto the side street I told him to stop becuase I saw what I thought was a wallet in the street. It wasn't a wallet but a wad of cash folded over with a rubberband around it. It totaled $480. No identification with it so I kept it and used half of it towards our rent. BUT...if there were an ID I would have returned it.

your resident DJ

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