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minnie_txSeptember 11, 2012

As a member of KT I hereby promise that if I am going to be unable to post anymore I will have someone post the KT

and let you know

Minnie in TX

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I add my promise to your's Minnie. My DD is a member, tho she posts very infrequently. She will post to let everyone know. I believe she posts as PerfectPets.


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I asked my DD to do it for me too.

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Interesting, I was thinking about this the other day. I think I should write out a list for DH, I only have kitchen forum, hot topics and this, but still, along with my board name and password.

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Good idea.....I have mentioned it to DD#5, and I think she would remember.

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I figure that Iva Mae would report for me ...

... and I for her.

The MIL of the minister at Lambeth died about 10 days ago and they were down to their home area for several days, back now.

ole joyful

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