Things are looking up

jannieSeptember 15, 2012

Just wanted my KT friends to know, your prayers have been heard and G*d is answering in His own way. Regarding my kidnapped grand-niece. Her mother fled with her from New York to Pennsylvania. They've been located but the child's mother does not want to return to New York. She seems overwhelmed by it all, she phoned her own mother and knows she won't get away with it. My sister( the child's Grandmother) says her lawyer is in talks with a family court judge. I'll let all know what happens. My daughter made up with her boyfriend and moved back in with him. She told me the whole story of their fight, apparently started because she got drunk and blacked out. She's vowed never to drink again. Good for her! I cannot handle alcohol myself, and my Mom was an alcoholic, so it seems genetic. Anyway, daughter's boyfriend is away for the next week on business, so both will have time to think over their future. And finally, I had my third arm surgery and it's healing. Went to the surgeon and he wants me to keep the pressure bandage on for at least 2 more weeks. Thank you for your prayers!

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One never knows when one may learn something new, Jannie - never realized that you had a third arm!

I hope that things turn out as well as possible with the problems that you folks are dealing with, these days.

Good wishes for the weekend and the coming week.

ole joyful

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It is always good to hear some good news. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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Nice to hear things are looking up...


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Yes it was my third arm surgery. In another post, I called it my "Army" surgery. Actually it was my fourth operation this year, the first being my kidney transplant and the next three to repair/remove/ligate the vein in my left arm where I got dialysis for four and a half years. It's bandaged now but at least I have my left hand fingers free and it's not swollen or painful, as it was the first two times. Things are looking better from here...

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I love joyfulguy's comment! Jannie, I am so glad that things are looking up for you and yours. This has been a rough year for you, but getting the kidney was such a blessing that it makes the other problems seem less severe. Take care of yourself and God bless!

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What a tremendous relief, you deserve some vacation time now.

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Today I'm having a belated 23rd birthday party for my younger daughter. Making Julia Child Coq Au Vin, mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli and cake for dessert. It will be a relaxed day.

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Dinner sounds wonderful, and it is really good news to learn that things are getting better. I always love OJ's posts!! Take care.

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