Would like information from anyone who has had Seizures

enjoyingspringSeptember 30, 2012

In the past 6 months my 29 year old daughter has had 2 seizures, one last April and this past week. The first one she was getting into her car and that was the last she remembers, when she woke up she was exhausted, had chewed her tongue, this past week she was on the sofa, woke up on the floor and again was exhausted and chewed her tongue. Both times she went to the hospital, they have now told her to tak Dilantin and anti seizure drug.

I find this so dangerous, she could be in the shower or cooking something on the stove, there just does not seem to be any warning.l

She has had all the tests and nothing unusual has showed up.l

Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences with seizures and did you ever find out what they were caused from.


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Did she go to a specialist? And what kind of tests were performed?

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Yes, she went to a neurologist and had a CT scan and MRI, also when to a heart specialist and had many tests done, all came up negative.

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You said your daughter has had 'all the tests and nothing unusual has come up.' Do you know if blood work was done as well? My 24 year old niece has had several seizures, and after ruling out Epilepsy or a brain tumor, they discovered she sometimes has extremely low blood sugar. She now eats little bits throughout the day, rather than 3 main meals and has not had a seizure in about 5 years. Hopefully they will solve your DD's episodes and I wish her well.

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