what is this animal

ivamaeSeptember 14, 2012

I posted a little while ago but it must be put on space.

Our neighbour caught this animal in a cage out in his back yard. None of us know what it is, but wonder if it is a possum. It is about the size of a cat and is black with coarse hair. It has a white ring around at least part of its neck. Its face was black also. It appeared to be quite quiet. It is not a skunk. I tried to take pics but they are not very clear. I'll try to include the best one.

I haven't used photo bucket for ages so don't know what will happen.

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Pretty hard to tell from that photo, but it could be an opossum.

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When I clicked on your photo, it enlarged a little more. Looks like a skunk, but if you or your neighbor got that close to lift the cage into a vehicle you'd smell something pretty bad by now. Do you have badgers where you live? Perhaps a young one. Doesn't look like a possum.

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I was thinking a Badger also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Badger

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I was also thinking badger - and they are mean! I have seen one bend open a live trap and escape - I would not mess with it.

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Definitely not a possum.

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