Trying to find a rescue/group home for German Shepherds

caroline94535September 13, 2012

An elderly friend has had to go into a nursing home/rehab facility. She is older and in poor health, both mentally and physically.

I'm trying to find a rescue group to take her two German Shepherds. Both are beautiful, pure German Shepherds, neither is very well socialized. She lived alone and they listen to her perfectly. They are protective and not too interested in other people.

For the time being her son has arranged for them to be fed by a neighbor. They have food, water, shelter, and are checked on daily, but that's no life for them.

I'm trying desperately to help to find a home for these two dogs. A male, Thunder Drummer, and a female, Raven Dawn. They have potential; they are smart and alert. They need human socialization.

Can you point me in a direction to find a rescue organization for them? I've contacted several groups on the 'net, but no answers so far.

Her son lives in Mississippi. Any home/shelter in the south would probably be accessible to us.

The son's wife is recovering from lymphoma; they already have three dogs. We have Harry and Sam. There is simply no way we can take on German Shepherds with the issues these dogs have - but we can't just have them put down, either. It would break all our hearts.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.

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I do not know of any, but I do know there are rescue organizations out there for every breed. Try Googling German Shepard rescue for your state or neighboring states.

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Ditto EmmaR. There may be more rescue groups for GSDs than most other breeds because so many people buy them without knowing much about the breed other than they're smart and beautiful.

Try contacting these people:

German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions

If they can't get directly involved, they may be able to refer you to an organization that can.

Also, your local animal shelter probably keeps a list of rescue groups.

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This is an organization in California, but if you are really desparate they might be able to advise you on a similar organization in your geographic area. Best wishes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Dawgs Rescue

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Here is one in Tulsa that might know someone. I know someone who got a beautiful full blood Shepherd from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oklahoma GSD rescue

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This a a virtual rescue in North Dakota. They don't house dogs but they will list them to match with new owners or foster care.

Here is a link that might be useful: ND GS Rescue

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Have you tried 4 Luv of Dog in Fargo or Prairie Paws in Jamestown Carol? They aren't breed specific, but are both good rescues

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A rescue would be ideal, but I have had good luck finding homes for a couple of dogs by posting a pic and info on Facebook. Also some vet's offices have bulletin boards in their waiting rooms for this sort of thing. Good luck in finding good homes for the dogs!

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I would be very cautious about posting a public ad. Facebook is good if only your friends see it, or trusted friends of friends. But too many people are trolling "free to good home" ads, looking for dogs to train for dog fights, or cats/kittens/puppies to use as bait. Disgusting, but true. Dog fighting is big business in PA, where I live, and other places as well.

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Thanks for all the good info. It will help.

The dogs, and the owner, are in Arkansas; her son is in Mississippi, and I am in North Dakota, trying to "help."

He is busy between taking care of his wife's medical (lymphoma) needs, his mother's medical (many issues and some dementia) needs, and his jobs. I wanted to help by finding info about placements for the dogs. He will be the one working with his mother to allow them to be placed once I find good places.

EmmaR and Alisande - that link is one of the groups I've sent a letter to. They were helpful and sent me links to two GS rescue groups near my friend's son.

Woodie2 - I noticed all the groups in California. It's so sad that people get "a cute puppy" having no clue what dog ownership means and the differences in all the breeds.

Hi KimOkla - I will contact that group, too.

WildChild and NoDakGal - Thanks for the info; I'm putting it in my address book for future reference. Since the dogs are in Arkansas I'm trying to find something closer to the son.

Vicki7 and Alisande - Thanks for posting. I'm not on Facebook, and never, ever will be, but I do appreciate your caring enough to help, too.

I did ask my vet, but the desk staff didn't have any info. Since Harry and Sam have financed at least two of their kids' college educations, LOL, he should have offered to adopt them himself. (In my not-so-humble opinion! LOL)

We will work this problem until we have safe, caring homes for these two dogs. It will be the type of home where I, the son, or my brothers can check on them whenever we feel the need. I also expect to help cover at least some of the dogs' expenses.

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It's so kind of you to offer help. You can find all kinds of rescue orgs through yahoo groups. Go to yahoo groups. Just type in "animal rescue Arkansas" for a list. Same can be done for Mississippi, where the son is and North Dakota, where you are. You do need to join a group but members are very friendly and helpful and they have email lists that link them to all sorts of other types of rescue help. For instance, transport. There are groups who volunteer to get dogs from point A to point B...there are even pilots who offer help. Doesn't matter how far the distance between A and B.

I hope you are able to find a home for them and one where they can both go to. It will be traumatic enough for them to lose their owner. I'd hate to see them separated. Poor babies.

Good luck and, again, thank you, so very much for caring!


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