I feel like I'm stuck in a bout of fight-or-flight mode.

alisandeSeptember 6, 2012

I posted not too long ago about my overactive autonomic nervous system, which gives me an unpleasant physical reaction to scary movies, etc. Well, last weekend the palpitations and irregular heartbeat kicked in big time--and I wasn't reacting to anything.

I experienced something similar 25 years ago, and at the time I went through cardiac testing and the Holter monitor, etc. I discovered I was reacting to sugar, dairy products, and various other foods. I gave up the foods, and the problem went away--as long as I stayed away from suspenseful entertainment, even including timed games.

And then it started up over the weekend. At first I thought I'd eaten something I shouldn't. But it kept coming no matter what I ate, or didn't. Seemed to be better at night, but started again in the morning. I called my doctor a couple of days ago. Told him what was going on, and reminded him of the weird arm weakness. Asked for a referral to a cardiologist, which he gave me.

But then yesterday I read that this symptom is prominent in some tick infections. I know I've been carrying one (or more?) of those since the spring; I've just been putting off dealing with it, because there's really no clear way to do that. So I called my doctor again and made an appointment to see him next week. He had talked about referring me to an infectious disease specialist, so I'm guessing that's what he'll do.

I just wish I knew if the palpitations are really part of the tick-related issue, or if my nervous system has gone completely out of whack on its own. Although either way, this is not pleasant. I feel weak, lightheaded, brain-fogged, and it's hard to catch my breath. I remember stage fright from many years ago, and this is what it felt like.

All of this probably makes me sound like a nervous wreck, but the truth is I have a calm demeanor. Just ask Maire_Cate! :-)

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Sending you warm, healing thoughts because that's all I can do. I wish I could do more.

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Sounds scary! Look into adrenal gland problems too.. all of your symptoms could be from a issue with those. Let us know what you find out.

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Thanks, Fun2BHere. That's probably what I need most.

Lydia, I've wondered if licorice tea could have something to do with this. I've had it before with no problem, but I originally bought it because it's supposed to be good for the adrenals. I haven't had it in awhile, but recently picked up a couple of boxes. The onset of my palpitations coincided with resuming drinking the licorice tea.

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If I were you...I'd take myself to the nearest hospital for a heart attack evaluation. You, as I, have a tendency to play our own doctor/diagnostician and, as I've discovered on occasion, it's really not a very healthy thing to do. In most cases, I've been happily relieved at the professional opinion but on one such occasion, I discovered that I'd had two TIAs. Fortunately, they did no permanent damage but they led to the further discovery that I'd been a diabetic for some time. Today, several years later...I'm a non-medicating, controlled diabetic and much healthier. Plus, I learned a very valuable lesson about my own self-diagnosis habits.

I hope you'll consider my recommendation, Susan.


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I second the idea of stopping the tea for a bit to see if this makes a difference. After drinking lemonade most days for well over a year, I finally connected my stomach issues and feelings of intense worry over nothing, to that tart drink and those feelings went away. Guess I was a little slow off the mark! That's a crummy way to feel, Susan, and I hope it disappears soon.

By the way, I have your blog bookmarked so I can read it occasionally because I just love the way you write and I wish there were more of it to read! I also very much enjoy the old pictures you post. I hope that doesn't sound too stalker-ish, as you referred us to your blog some time ago. :)

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I tried licorice before and it made me feel wired and sick to my stomach. I am overly sensitive to certain drugs and herbs however.

I did find this: Licorice with glycyrrhizin may cause serious side effects. Too much glycyrrhizin causes a condition called pseudoaldosteronism, which can cause a person to become overly sensitive to a hormone in the adrenal cortex. This condition can lead to headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. It may also cause water retention, which can lead to leg swelling and other problems.

Although the most dangerous effects mostly happen with high doses of licorice or glycyrrhizin, smaller amounts of licorice may cause side effects. Some people have muscle pain or numbness in the arms and legs. To be safe, ask your health care provider to monitor your use of licorice.

Read more: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/licorice-000262.htm#ixzz25i3Zskt3

You might want to stop drinking the tea for awhile to see if your symptoms improve?

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Oh, no, Sjerin--please "stalk" away! I'm happy that my blog gets read, and I love that others are seeing and enjoying my dad's pictures. Do you see them on Facebook, or are you referring to the ones I post here? I've posted one a day on FB for well over a year. Now I'm planning to start a blog for his pictures. I might try promoting it for a wider audience, something I've never done with my present blog. I'll announce it when it's up. I'll try to write more in my current blog!

Anne, I would consider going to the ER if I had even a little more confidence in our local medical system. It really sucks! The last time I went to the ER was when I had shingles. I didn't know I had shingles, and neither did two ER physicians. They persuaded me to have a CT scan, a very big deal for me because I was over-x-rayed in childhood and scrupulously avoided x-ray exposure whenever possible my whole adult life. One of the doctors told me that having my adenoids removed by radiation at age 6 was "nothing." I was in the ER from 3:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., in a lot of pain, and left without a diagnosis. The next day I went to my regular doctor, who figured out just from talking to me that I had shingles.

I had a nuclear stress test in July, which was normal. That's good, anyway.

I've definitely stopped the tea. My blood sugar feels very low. I wish I could test it. That could cause what I'm feeling.

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I hear you, Susan...and...I'm in your camp. I have an extremely low trust factor when it comes to medicos and have a few hair raising tales I could share with you...the results of which I still carry around to this day...including a similar shingles experience. But, that being said, I sure wish you had some trusted place that you could go to get checked out today. Perhaps your own personal physician?


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Anne, he's very good about seeing patients immediately if necessary, and I probably would have asked if this feeling weren't so familiar. I've had it before so many times--just not lasting this long. But since tomorrow is Friday, if I don't want to wait over the weekend I might give him a call.

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Have you had your thyroid tested? I have similar symptoms at times (fluttery heartbeat, shortness of breath, jittery, talking fast, unable to concentrate) but when I lay off the sugar, relax, and sleep more than a few hours, they go away. My Endochrinologist said mine were thyroid related. If your tick test\ heart test results turn out fine, you may want to have it checked just in case. I'm assuming you're not diabetic, you don't have anxiety and have been checked for those as well?

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I hope you get to the bottom of this and feel better soon. I've been diagnosed with benign PVC's and PAC's which they were able to see right on the EKG when I went in complaining of palps. So it might be worth it for you to go in and have an EKG done. Our family doc does EKG's right in his office and if yours does, you might not even have to go to the ER or wait for the cardiologist appointment.

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Have you had your thyroid tested? I have similar symptoms at times (fluttery heartbeat, shortness of breath, jittery, talking fast, unable to concentrate) but when I lay off the sugar, relax, and sleep more than a few hours, they go away. My Endochrinologist said mine were thyroid related. If your tick test\ heart test results turn out fine, you may want to have it checked just in case. I'm assuming you're not diabetic, you don't have anxiety and have been checked for those as well?

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Susan, Please call your doctor tomorrow. Don't suffer through the weekend, worrying.

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Wishing you the very best.


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Not only are the symptoms unpleasant, but not knowing what is causing them must be adding to your stress/distress. Originally I thought that your arm weakness might be a pinched nerve in your neck. From my own experience I know that can cause a wide range of physical symptoms. What I thought was carpal tunnel turned out to be merely a pinched nerve and a shot of cortisone eased it for years.

But this stage fright sensation is odd. When did you have your last blood study done? I wonder if your blood chemistry is askew - but that's something the cardiologist would certainly check. I wonder if the symptoms could be related?

I think it's helpful that you have a keen sense of your symptoms and hopefully it will assist the doctor in his diagnosis. As for your demeanor - I can certainly vouch that you're calm and composed. Even when we met for lunch and you discovered a rather unpleasant, inedible piece of chewy, rubbery chicken skin lurking in your meal you remained unruffled.

As for shingles - here's a little explanation that might explain why a physician might not recognize Shingles immediately. Now that kids get vaccinations for chicken pox many physicians have never seen the typical lesion, especially in the early stages of development. Even though Shingles has an additional component - the itching, pain and rash are usually one sided or follow a nerve path - it still takes a while to development.

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Here is some info which may be helpful.....hope you see a doc soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Licorice info

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I hope you are feeling better.

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I am keeping you in my prayers. If you want ot check your sugar, go to Walmart and buy thier inexpensive Re-li-on (sp?) brand of glucometer. If I remember right, it's about $10, it should include about 10 test strips and lancets. It is reliable and inexpensive. It is the one I use daily. As far as I have found, it's the most inexpensive. I could get my supplies free thru my insurance, but it would cost them more. As our insurance is trust fund funded, I want to keep as much money in the trust fund as possible! I feel that I can spend, at least at this time, the small amt it will cost me to buy my own. Today, I bought a 100ct box of test strips for that meter for $39 and change.

Feel better soon!

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I was thinking it could be thyroid related because I had other symptoms of low thyroid: hair loss and a serious energy drain. I know palps can result from low or high thyroid.

I decided to go out with some friends tonight just to get out of my head, thinking I'd be distracted from the physical. It worked, and I enjoyed myself. But before I left I called my doctor and asked if I could come in tomorrow. He called me back, and I have an appointment at 8:30 a.m.

No, I'm not diabetic, but I have a long history of low blood sugar issues. My last blood work was just a few months ago.

Many thanks to all of you for expressing concern, sending good wishes, and sharing possible causes. I'll let you know how my appointment goes.

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I hope you can find out what is causing your problems.

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I do hope you see your doctor today. One of the major side effects of the tea or root seems to be low potassium levels. Along with the drop in potassium, sodium levels elevate. This may account for the muscle weakness in your arms. Also could be the cause of heart arrhythmia.

There was one UK report that concluded that as little as anything more than a half cup of licorice tea daily could cause dangerous side effects in some people.

Here is a link that might be useful: Licorice Dangers

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You can test your blood sugar (glucose), and you do not need a prescription to do it. The main use for a prescription is get insurnace payment for the test meter and supplies. For self financed tests, I recommend the "Relion" meter from Walmart. The test strips are low cost compared to other brands and the accuracy was very good as tested by Consumer's Reports.

Meter test kit (meter, lancer, and small soft zippered case).

Batteries if not included with the meter.

Spot sized bandaids to cover the puncture site after testing.

Alcohol wipes (for cleaning the puncture site before lancing)

Kleenex/tissue wipes (ones with no lotion. Contamination at the puncture site can ruin a reading.)

Procedure: Prepare to lance the side of a finger tip. (The sides of the finger tip has fewer nerves and the skin is not as tough.) Clean the site with an alcohol wipe. Next, roll a tissue back and forth over the site - do not slide it around. It is desired to pick up excess alcohol without dragging in dirt from around the site. The tissue wipe is optional, but it speeds up the process. Without the tissue, you should wait for all the alcohol to evaporate. A smidgeon of alcohol in the blood droplet will register as positive and elevate the reading.

Make a puncture and form s drop of blood. This meter requires only a tiny amount of blood to fill the test strip and the wound is very small. For a first time, use one of the first 2 fingers to lessen discomfort from the lancette prick. The sides of the two smaller fingers are more sensitive to pain.

Measurmemnts after eating will be elevated above the baselne. Its best to measure before eating to find your baseline. A normal reading is about 90 to 110. Reading below this level may be noticed as becoming jittery and handwriting may be affected. A reading of 80 is low and 60 is approaching the danger zone. Blood glucose can be quickly increased by consuming a teaspoon of sugar. Five sandard sized "life saver" candies, either hard or gummy, is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar (provided these are standard sugared candies and not diet type.)

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Wildchild, check out your link. Thanks for trying, anyway. ;-)

I Googled licorice dangers and got the info.

As usual, my heartbeat feels normal this morning. This will change after I eat. Weird.

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FlamingO in AR

Good luck, Susan, and keep us posted. This is all very interesting to us, but I'm sure it's freaky to deal with.

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I don't know how that happened. Must have not copied the link completely and sent you to the last link I used for my grand daughter.

Here's the real link.

Sorry about the mistaken link but if you're so inclined please vote.

Here is a link that might be useful: Licorice Tea

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Strange. The link didn't mention anything about licorice leading to pregnancy and cute babies as a result. ;-)

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Alisande, licorice has estrogen and it could unbalance your hormonal system. It sounds to me like you are having benign pvcs.(premature ventricular contractions) They're very common and harmless yet stressful as they make you a nervous wreck. I had them for two years and finally stopped taking fosamax and they went away. Go to the appt. but I think it will all be okay. My sister in law got them from drinking espresso too often. If I eat anything with msg or corn syrup in them, it all starts up again. There are drugs available to stop them so you're on your way to being okay.

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Alisande, since you are fine until after you eat, I wonder if you could have reflux issues, maybe even silent reflux if you don't notice heartburn, etc. The vagus nerve can get irritated due to reflux and since it affects the esophagus and the heart, it can cause palps and other issues if it gets irritated. The way to test that out would be to take something like pepcid prior to eating and see if it helps.

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How's your BP? How is your Vit D level? What did your MD say?

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I become agitated when taking Prednisone and some anti-biotics. I can't tolerate aspirin or any NSAID's.

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since you're appt is at 8:30, you might want to fast if you can for the blood work your dr might order...know you don't "have to" for thryoid anymore but they really get such a better reading...and ask if dr wil do the 4 step pricedure on it as well...most of the time they only do 3...dh got "puffy" when his first stopped functioning properly...and lost a few lbs, as soon as he was on synthroid...

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I thought about the wisdom of fasting, but when I was 15 minutes away from the doctor's office and still having no palpitations whatsoever, I ate some plain yogurt and walnuts. Still no palpitations when I reached his office. Still none when he listened to my heart. It figures, right? I couldn't be too disappointed, though, because I was so glad to be rid of them, even for awhile.

He ordered a Holter monitor, and my appointment for that is on Monday.

I noticed when I got home that my nerves are even more ragged than usual.....the refrigerator's ice maker made a small noise, and I practically jumped out of my chair. Feels like way too much adrenalin going on.

Petra, the acid reflux connection occurred to me too, and I guess I should have mentioned it to the doctor. I've noticed that I'm more acid than usual these days. The only time in my life I was completely without reflux was during the years when I ate zero carbs--not even fruit. I felt good, but was afraid that wasn't the healthiest way to eat. Maybe it was.

Looking at all the thoughtful and useful suggestions posted here, I'm wishing the KT could offer a handy Internet diagnostic service. People wouldn't have to look all over the Net to find people who have experienced their symptoms; they could come to one place. Of course it's not possible, but I wish it were. Most primary care physicians today don't have time to sit with a patient and go over all the possible causes based on the patient's health history; most focus on "curing" (masking?) the symptom with a pharmaceutical. But we have only to look at this thread to know how helpful it can be to talk about things on the periphery of the symptom.

My doctor and I often talk (briefly) about books we're reading, and today he was curious about my stone ice house and the history of my property. I have the feeling personal chats are unusual these days, although I'm sure they weren't generations ago.

He ordered a metabolic panel and thyroid tests (TSH/freeT4).

I ate half a panini this afternoon, and I've got the palps big time. Petra, your theory is sounding more and more plausible.....

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Yes, reflux will do it. I used to have the palps constantly and was eventually diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD. Since I've been more careful to eat smaller meals, don't eat late, etc., things have improved tremendously. Try pepcid and see if it helps, if it does, you know what's going on!

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IBM is prepping 'Watson' to aid physicians in making diagnoses. They should start reading here!

Hope you'll get some quality sleep, Susan.

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Alisande, I just want to add that fruit can also give me the anxious feeling. Pretty much anything a little acidic. Or if I overeat. :)

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Watson--what a great idea!

I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia a couple of years ago. I'm convinced it changed my breathing; much harder to get a good deep (abdominal) breath than it used to be. Sometimes eating just a small amount is too much.

The palps have been much better today. Just occasional small episodes. Thanks again, everyone.

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Susan, after reading your recent (and past) health challenges, I'm convinced we are more alike than different. Wish we could just meet and chat one day.


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I have no medical advice to give, I just hope you feel better soon.

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Fewer palpitations after stopping the licorice tea? That would be great if you figured it out!

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Susan, I rarely feel comfortable posting here as i didn't make the club with
KTers but your issues are so close to mine. I' m glad you have made friends on here that help you. Our bodies are so complicated but interesting.

I am so anxious to find your results and treatment. I learned a lot from comments on cheap diabetes testing from those folks too. It doesn' t help you but It is amazing what comes out in a good honest conversation and I wish you the best diagnoses. Thanks for bringing this out.

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Welcome back Ellie45! I missed you.

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Tami, thanks...

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Ellie, I'm not sure what you mean about not making the club, and I don't know what happened to make you feel that way. But I'm both surprised and sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed your posts, and I'm certain others feel the same way. Please stick around.

As for my palpitations, I'm sitting here palpitating. LOL I'm hooked up to the Holter monitor until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. The palps have been a lot better, and I was thinking maybe none would show up on the monitor. Ha! I had a few small episodes throughout the day, and then they kicked in big time tonight. Why they should be at their worst late in the evening is beyond me, but that's the way they've been. I've just been uploading photographs--not exactly stressful work.

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I had something similar several years back. The worst for me was a racing heart rate while in a resting position and feeling very uncomfortable in my own body (if that makes sense). I too had to wear the monitor, but nothing noteworthy showed up even when I felt a racing heart. After seeing a few specialists it was determined to be some type of virus. It lasted for a couple of months.

I often get what feels like palpitations, but seems to get better when I take acid reducer. I have had extensive work ups by my cardiologist and all is well.

I'm sorry you are experiencing these symptoms and I hope you get the answers soon.

Ellie I miss you at the KT. I've posted a "where's Ellie" at the daily trivia quiz. I always looked forward to your witty answers :) I don't know what happened to make you leave, but I really hope you reconsider.

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Susan, I also get palpitations after I eat at night. I told the doctor that and he said he has heard that before. My heart races whether I come in to his office while fasting of have eaten. Diet seems not to matter. My mother had it as well and when it came on she would lie down and press down on the palpitations at her neck to stop it. The wrong thing to do. I have taken it as a sign of a woman of a certain age gets these as I have read this and others I know have it too
but I am sure there are many who don't talk about it. I also take my bp and it will be very high 180/120/ I don't have the best doctors so am looking carefully at your
case. I hope it stops and yet when it stops, you might not know why. You are one who listens to your body and that is quite useful to be tuned in. Your body is your best doctor.
Let's see what more you find out.

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Matti, I tried to reach out to you and Georgie. Chemocurl was working with me on the other side with new computer techniques. I even made a Halloween card that included Georgie's dog and others for Georgie using my new training.I got in trouble for posting the final result of my training but I was thrilled to have chemocurl as my friend. Very patient and I learned a lot and liked that she is so darn real and tries to be kind and encouraging. I was moving right into Georgie's backyard and she asked me where I was going to live. when I told her where I was moving to I got no answer. I understood and moved on. When georgie called out for me I told her I was on the Computer Help side. No answer and when I came back to trivia it was not the same for me. Jasdip was clear I was not wanted even though when she was having personal problems I offered her a place to run to. Georgie, never spoke to me again and jasdip missed the fact that I won 2 days in a row. Not much to analyze.

For a long time the questions were repeats and too easy to google and I didn't want to be a part of people who did that. I enjoyed the smart answers to the dumb questions that were impossible to answer.

Quite a mess but possibly a misunderstanding on the part of you and georgie and me. Someone suggested journaling every morning and and what I wrote back to you all it was off the page in a couple of minutes due to an onslaught of everyone writing at once. I got lost in the shuffle and was off the page before anyone could read it. I probably was not the only one whose posts were missed. A bad idea that I guess stopped.

But I am on other sites like Computer Help and Decorating where one can go off the subject and talk about any thing off topic from decorating on a side channel. I will continue to come over here but I miss so many who got passed over and left. It is great to have a core group and I find Alisande
and others spot on with good questions so when it comes to someone being ill or losing a spouse I am there. Like Phoggie who lost her husband. I don't see her and because she was brought to this site maybe by raven she got taken care of and was able to move on. I miss mommyme if that is the right name and wrote her when she got ignored and sue va
who doesn't answer my e-mails. I remember the big build up when you join. The hellos and glad to have you but they don't last for some of us. There is a core group of wonderful people like Glenda who has always something going on. Inspirational and would love to meet her. And others who never recognize my questions or praise. But I feel the need to tell them they are clever like lazypup and his frog.It would take another 10 years to be recognized by some.

Sorry, Susan that I hijacked this. It may be that I only want a few to know how I feel. But I suspect people are concerned about your health and will find this rant but may pass over to get to your new info. You have been a great help for many people I understand and taught them to journal about their life. Good stuff. It seems that so many are glad you did that. Let's see you figure this out. I am hoping for new news and good treatment. Yes, you are someone I would like to meet also. Please keep journaling your time of day and reactions. And if your BP is important stay with it because mine fluctuates so very much without a bit of caffeine in my body. Enough...


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so glad the dr is doing the complete panel...stay as well as possible...

will catch up later as we're headed to fil's...they're having a city wide garage sale and want rescue some goodies to bring home and see if we can get better prices in detroit...

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Ellie thank you for sharing. I am sorry for all that happened to you here. From the moment you first joined the KT I noticed your huge and caring heart. You are always one to reach out to those in need and offer your support.

I am sorry if I missed you on other threads and that you tried reaching out. I don't know how I missed that. Generally I read/post at the daily trivia quiz and threads looking for prayers. I understand about feeling lost on here, as I do at times as well. I stop by the decorating forum occaisonally, but spend the most time lurking at Kithens and Appliances.

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Ellie, I'm just catching up on reading some of the threads.

I have no idea where you are saying that I cut you off, and don't acknowledge you. That is not in the slightest.

I did repeat some of the questions, but not intentionally. It's been going on for so long, that I forget if I've posted them or not. I too do not like it when people Google the answers, and I always got a kick out of what you, Georgysmom, Dees and Matti would say for answers.

I also don't remember you reaching out to me, for a place, when I was going through a tough time. If I missed that, I'm sorry.

So please come back and be a regular poster. If I've slighted you, however unintentionally.......and believe me, it was. I remember missing some other people who've gotten the answers right, now that you mention it. When I get reminded, I do post that they "won", even if it's later in the day.

Anyway, come back here, and to the quiz and the rest of the Table.

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"Call the Midwife" returns 3/29/2015
Just a little reminder for fans of "Call the Midwife"...
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Minka Lavery Harvard Court 32 1/2" Wide Bath Wall Light
Lamps Plus
The Bedford Pendant / Table Lamp - Manhattan Project
$115.00 | HORNE
angelo:HOME Mercer Table Lamp - Purple - 8521-TL
$118.00 | Hayneedle
Bamboo 20-inch Pillows (Set of 2)
Safavieh Runner Rug: Anatolia Navy/Sage 2' 3" x 10'
Home Depot
St. James Outdoor Bar Stool, Patio Furniture
$495.00 | FRONTGATE
Tech Lighting | Rae Low Voltage Linear Suspension
$474.40 | YLighting
Leaf it Alone Rug
Dot & Bo
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