One week to Go!!!

samkarenSeptember 30, 2012

Next Saturday (6th) is the big art fest! I am so excited and nervous. They are expecting about 50,000 people to attend so I am hoping to sell lots of my art work. I just put the finishing touchs on my last painting so I am ready to go. For the fest I have (40) 8x10s; (20) 11x14s and (20) 18x24s. I also have over 100 Spirograph greeting cards made. For every purchase they will receive a free packet of cards.

Wish me luck and next Sunday I will let you know how it went!


your resident DJ

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I do wish you the best. Take a deep breath and a calming cup of tea. You will be fine.

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Good Luck! Your artwork is fantastic, so you should do very well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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That's am impressive body of work. Good luck, hope you sell lots!

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Good luck, sweetie--and have a good time while you're at it. Just MHO, but I am more apt to buy something from a happy, talkative seller than one that sits on their a$$ acting bored by the whole weekend. So no matter how nervous you are--don't show it!

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Thanks. Patti I'm just nervous because I have never been to this fest before. I've heard a lot about it though. Once I am there and set up I will be fine. Temps are supposed to be 53 degrees, sunny but at least no rain (for now). Will dress warm and have a thermos with me. DH is going to drop me off and then go home. No sense in him sitting there for 8 hours. other strategy is if they buy a large painting I will throw in a free 8x10.
your resident DJ

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