Want a new recipe? How about Possum and sweet taters?

pump_toadSeptember 28, 2012

I was looking through a old 1914 cookbook and found this recipe so here goes-

Pour a large kettle full of hot water in a convenient vessel and add a small shovel of ashes and then put the possum in. Turn the possum around until the skin is loosened and you will have no trouble in skinning him perfectly clean. Remove head, feet and entrails, wash in cold water,salt the outside and let hang overnight. In the morning wash again and put in a baking pan with a little water. Cover and put over the fire. When tender remove the lid and put the possum in the oven to brown. Dust with black pepper and baste with lard.While that is cooking peel and slice potatoes and cook in a skillet over the fire with salt,pepper and a little lard . Cover and steam till tender. By that time the possum will be nice and brown.Turn the potatoes over him, return to the oven and when brown put possum on a platter, arrange the potoes over him and serve.

And we think cooking is a lot of work !!!!!

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That's a good one, but I think I'll pass. LOL Love the detailed instructions.


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Lol! My dad has always jokes about eating possum. I heard my kids talking to each other one day and one said "Well Mommy grew up with Grandpa so she's eaten it." Nope can't say I have. I have had several sightings lately. I'll have to keep this recipe in mind.

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I know my mother said they ate possums during the depression.
I guess when you are hungry enough, you will eat anything.
As for myself, until I get really, really hungry and desperate, I will eat beef, pork, chicken and once in awhile turkey. Add fish to that and other seafood, but no possum, no raccoon, no squirrels, no rats, no snakes, no armadillos, etc.

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One of my cookbooks has a recipe for bear.

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My mother said when they were going to eat a possum, they would pen it up and feed it bread and milk for a few days. I think because possums eat carrion. I guess they thought the milk and bread would "neutralize" that. :))

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My MIL told us that she had eaten possum. She also said they ate turtles, which she called "turkles."

I hope I never get that hungry!


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When I lived in Texas a bunch of the guys were sitting around having lunch on the job one day and we got to talking about eating wild game. One of the guys mentioned possum and probably half of us had eaten it, then one of the guys says..."Do you know why God invented Armadillos?"
I said,,"ok, I'll bite, why did God invent Armadillos"

He said, "So the Mexicans can eat possum on the half shell."

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I think I'll pass, but a lady in the USA once sent me a recipe for squirrel stew. I havent managed to catch one yet! lol


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I have an "All Maine Cookbook" that I bought in 1970. It has recipes for the preparation of game.

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I can go you one better than that,,,

I have an official U.S. Air Force survival manual,,,and it says "anything that walks, swims, flies or crawls can be eaten".

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