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lazypupSeptember 13, 2012

A guy comes home from work and finds his dog lying lifeless at the front door. He calls the dog, but no responce, he pets the dog, again no responce. He shakes the dog and once again, no responce so he quickly scoops up the dog and runs to his car and speeds off to the vets office.

When he arrives at the vet he grabs the dog and runs into the vets office, past the receptionist and on into the exam room where he puts the dog on the table and hollers for the vet. The vet comes in and listens to the dogs heart with a stethescope, takes an anal temperature reading, then he turns to the man and says, "I am sorry to have to tell you this, but your poor ole dog has past on".

The man screams at the vet, "Doc, there has got to be something you can do, another test or something, I just can't loose my best friend."

The vet looks at him and says, "well, there is one more test we can do to confirm if there is any life left in him" and with that the doctor opens a locker and puts on a leather apron, then a pair of shoulder length leather gloves and a full face mask. The vet then walked back into his kennel and returned carrying a huge scruffy looking yellow cat by the scruff of its neck and he had a leash in his other hand that was attached to a harness on the cat.

The vet walked over to the exam table and dropped the cat on the table. Instantly the cats back arched, hairs stood up and it began hissing and clawing at the dog, but no responce from the dog. The vet finally got a grip of the cat again and carried it back to the cage, then he came out and said, "I am sorry, but there is not a whisper of life in your dog".

The man looked down with tearsin his eyes and says, "what do I do with a dead dog?"

The doctor says "I have an elderly Mexican fella who lives in a trailer out back and does my Janitorial chores, cleans pens and feeds animals and such, and he has started a small pet cemetery up there on the hill, for a small fee, I think its $15, he will properly bury your dog, say a few words and tend his grave.

So the man agrees and walks back out to the receptionist, pulls out his check book and asks how much he owes?

She looks at the doctors report and says $350.

He looks at her and shouts "$350, thats outrageous, how can you justify that?"

She says, " According to the chart its $35 for the office visit, $15 to bury your dog and $300 for the cat scan!"

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OHHHHHH, you got me.....Good one!

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Funny but kind of morbid. Lol

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This sort of reminds me of something similar...well, sort of.

I had a friend who had a stallion and he fed him 5 gallons of steer feed...for fattening steers...a day. Many times I tried to tell him how foolish this was. One morning, about 6 a.m., he showed up at my house to tell me the horse had died and he needed to get an autopsy done because if it was anything contagious, he wanted to vaccinate his other horses. I told him an autopsy would be expensive. He said he didn't care if it cost $100, he needed to do it.

He called the vet, who happened to be my vet and he met him at the barn. I came along to witness this. I did tell the vet, quietly, that he had been feeding the horse steer feed, five gallons at a time, and he didn't care if an autopsy cost $100, he was willing to pay it.

The vet walked around the horse and said, "Adam, look here how the horse's head is scuffed up. He died from colic. I can do an autopsy and charge you a lot of money, but I can guarantee you, that is what killed the horse." So, Adam decided, he wouldn't have the autopsy after all. The vet charged him $100 for coming out. (This was nearly 40 yrs ago.) Adam said "I can't believe he just walked around the horse and didn't touch him and still charged me $100." I said, "Just be glad he didn't do the autopsy."

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