Greys Anatomy Thursday night..

lizSeptember 29, 2012

I didn't get to watch it till yesterday morning...boy I sure didn't see that coming!!

What did you think Grey's fans?

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I enjoyed it! Sorry to see McSteamy go! Sad!

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I had NO idea that was coming Glenda...did you? just blew me away...I kept thinking he's gonna wake up!! and Arizona's legs..WHOA...this should be an interesting season...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am glad next week they will take us back to the crash and bring us updated to the time line of Thursday's show. That was confusing at first since the last we had seen was the crash scene.
I will sure miss him. I never really liked Arizonas character and I don't think it is going to be better than before.
I loved the pig farm scene! I think Yang is in for a rude awakening. She can't be the boss of every one there.
I look forward to the season.

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Well, it was kind of fun to see tough Yang stuck in a kinder, gentler world. Will it change her for the better or drive her back to Seattle?

I'm not looking forward to the Arizona story. I've never cared for the character and sort of wish she had died.

I can't believe they are bringing Kepner back...why? I think there are some interesting story lines ahead, but maybe not the ones I would like to see.

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I thought it was sort of confusing, but I hated to see Mark die, but I had heard he was leaving the show. I thought it would have been good if, at the moment he died, Lexie was there waiting for him.

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It WAS confusing to us who watch the show. Imagine if you were a newbie. Next week they'll rehash the crash scene. I'll miss Mark and Lexie.

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I think they jumped the proverbial shark. Only because I doubt the show will be on much longer & I feel they're kind of grasping at straws just to shock us.

Now it's too sad. Way too much drama. It's not fun anymore like it used to be. G.A. is known for their excellent comedic writing along with drama.

Why in the world would they get rid of Lexie and Mark over Arizona? Then bring in a newbie (the girl who did the appy) over those we already cared for? Apparently she'll have a lot of story.

Ditto about Kepner. Why her over the one's who died?

I'll still watch though. I'm addicted!

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I am glad to see Bailey with more lines. But this show is definitely winding down. Christina has been a favorite, and it will be interesting to see how she manages in a touchy- feely job.

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I saw the last show of last season but was confused. I thought I had missed something. They skipped forward without warning. I didn't remember much about Arizona in the plane crash. I do like her character. I'm looking fwd to the tying up of loose ends.

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I was surprised by how annoyed I got with all the sex going on in that little room! Come on, now. It was like they needed the "take a number" machine from a deli.

Did they do a rerun of last seasons ending last week? Whole thing was just too confusing, and I must have fallen asleep because I only remember some of what you've mentioned.

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it sure would have been easier to see the rest of the plane crash...when new replacement doc said sorry about your wife, thought they'd killed her off as was a shocko see the fitting tho' since one of the best replacements is the "seattle leg"...

and i'm wondering what new show will be going up against it...

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