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Sally BrownleeSeptember 14, 2012

I am already starting to think about Christmas gifts for my sisters this year. I have 5 and we exchange at a tea party with Mom. (no kids, grandkids or men allowed, lol)

I like to give them all about the same thing and usually will make a gift.

In the past I have made jewelry boxes, decorative shelves, neck warmers, pictures frames, soap. I am pretty good with woodworking, basic sewing...willing to try anything. I am thinking about gourd birdfeeders with some etchings.

SO, do you make gifts? Can you give me some inspiration?

Oh...and we have to keep under $15 per person.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I am thinking about gourd birdfeeders with some etchings.
That sounds nice and like something I would use and enjoy.

What about a hand made bird feeder using a Mason Jar and a chicken feeder?

You could be as conservative or as zany as you like.

See also Mason Jar Bird Feeder. I think looking for the glassware at yard sales and thrift stores would be part of the fun of making them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mason Jar Bird Feeder Repurposed Chicken Feeder Glass Green

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You could do their initials or whole name in newly-minted pennies, placed in a velvet-backed, ornate picture frame. You can get the pennies from a bank. My friend did this for her son and wife and they loved it!

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I like your ideas, but I also quickly thought if I were your sister and you asked me what I wanted, I would say apron. I like aprons, but won't buy them!

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What about a special picture for each and you make the frame? You mentioned that you're good at wood working so I'll bet you could make something gorgeous and very special for each sister.

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Last year my youngest sister gave all of us girls new
handmade hotpads. They were all so pretty! You could
add a matching apron too.

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My old standby is home made Jam....this year I tried the low sugar kind. It does not have a long shelf life (as sugar IS a preservative), but OH MY really is to die for. Plus we have many many raspberries (frozen) and I can make another batch closer to the gift giving season. Shelf life is probably 5-6 months. Today I canned some salsa...waiting to try it to see if it is a "keeper".

I also second the Apron idea. I have bought patterns and fabric...need to "concentrate" and get'em made. Fabric purses and bags are also "in"....have ideas and still need that push to get them made.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just made both of my sisters beautiful glass garden totems, they love them and you can make them easily and cheap. Just do a search here for totems you can see the pictures, I will be happy to help.
I made one a birdbath totem and one made of hand blown Italian glass that I created a beach inside for the lanai area of the pool.

If you Google glass garden totems you can view the images.

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I received a "homemade" coupon book from a friend a couple of years ago. Among them was an hour service at my request to help weed my garden. Another was for doing any shopping chores for a day. One was for painting or papering any room in my house. One was dessert of my choice, came in great and for all coupons that I did use I gave her advance notice and on her time. Oh the best one was an adult pj party and we had a ball what a stress breaker that was. Since then I give them out to others. Everyone appreciates them as you are giving and spending only your can't buy that.

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I have a whole page of homemade gift ideas, take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: let's get Crafty

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Today in the crafts department at Walmart I was tempted by a package of three white canvas aprons for $9.95. They'd be perfect for decorating with appliques, trims of various kinds, or even fabric paint. I would have snatched them up had I not already bought fabric and patterns to make a few aprons for family members. (Great minds, Pam.....)

I make small hooked gifts every year, and this year I'm making hot pads for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

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Raven, that is gorgeous. What kind of glue do you use?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Salgal, how lucky your sisters are and I know that they must look forward to seeing what you'll come up with from year to year. Do these gifts need to be able to fit inside a suitcase? It seems unlikely that you, five sisters, and your Mom all live within driving distance.

One holiday I made similar gifts for my mother and sister-in-laws, inspired by one, who is English. I purchased three or four different kinds of exotic tea from a specialty store. They were in bags and came in pkgs of around a dozen per package, so I could divy them up in order to make a sampler for each person.

I found several small, simple baskets....maybe from Michaels....on the cheap and decorated them according to the colors and personalities of each woman. That part was great fun for me. I also included tiny jars of jellies, lemon curd, honey and the fabulous recipe for my mother-in-law's Scottish scones.

Years later, these precious women still have those baskets....having been repurposed for other uses.

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Joann, I love the idea of homemade gifts. Last year I gave my 2 sisters and my 2 SILS both a plate of Christmas cookies and a knitted tree ornament. This year I think I'll try knitted hats.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Moni thanks that is the very first one I ever did actually, I have done many more since then.
The pieces are put together using a product called GE Silicon 11 clear premium waterproof silicone window door attic basement, 3hr rain ready sun/freeze proof. It is a clear silicone caulk that can be bought in the large tubes to be used in a caulk gun or in a smaller hand held tube that is in my opinion much easier to use and control. I have hand problems and trying to use the caulk gun was just not working, there is however an automatic one I have seen that would be very nice to have.

It is best to always place plates and bowls upside down because they will catch water. I did not do that with this blue one and it does catch water and therefore gets dirty, it really does not bother me to just wipe it out occasionally.
Just make sure that the bead of caulk is making a full seal so water does not seep into the different pieces.
I dip my finger in water then run it around the edge where I just caulked to make a good seal and remove the excess.

The most important part is having a good substantial heavy base piece so that it will be supported well. I have found large cake platters and the dish from microwave ovens are good for that and I find most of my piece at Goodwill, salvation army, and other stores like that. But another great source is the dollar tree they have some very nice glassware for a dollar each.
For those wanting to do a blue one, Walmart sells an entire set of blue glass ware for a very cheap price it is basically a totem in a box LOL.

I also get a lot of my round toppers at Hobby Lobby in the candle holder dept. when they have their 50% off sales on glass.

It is all in the stacking just try dry fitting till you get a configuration you love.
Feel free to ask because I had to learn pretty much by trial and error, and what I read over on the garden junk forum.

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