Bentons Smoked Bacon

two25acresSeptember 6, 2012

Has anyone ever tried it. We wouldn't be able to purchase direct we would have to have it shipped. If you've had it, was it worth the money? Sure looks good and gets great reviews. I've ordered some food products and had them shipped in the past, Corky's Ribs make great gifts and I've been tempted to purchase shrimp/lobster as I'm in the middle of the country and just don't get good shellfish around here. I'm hoping to get my boss to take a trip to Alaska next year for Salmon. He did that a couple of years ago and shipped it back here. What a treat that was. Hope to hear good words about the bacon.

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I live close enough, if you feel like a 50 mile excursion), to have gone there 2 times. It is excellent bacon. I bought the smoked bacon the first time. It was a little heavy on the smoked flavor for me so the next time I got the unsmoked variety which I liked better. It depends on what you like.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Never heard of that one but there's 2 that we order from often and everything is excellent. One is Oakridge smokehouse

The other is Praseks, I love their smoked sausage. Luckily I can buy it here in the grocery store.

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Bentons is what all of the Food Network cooks use. I have no clue how they found them but it snowballed and they ship all over the US. It's a little hole in the wall family owned shop.

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Benton's is the best! We love their country hams and the bacon makes the best BLTs ever! At least 2x a summer, we gather good bakery bread, homegrown tomatoes, Duke's mayo, and Benton 's bacon. BLT heaven! I do have to admit that their smoke is so strong that I try to cook the bacon oudoors.

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I need a new brain. I looked at this thread and wondered who the Bentons were -- and why anyone would smoke bacon. (I read this right after the question about E-cigarettes.)

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I live an hour away from Benton's. He (Allen Benton) credits Blackberry Farms, an elegant bed and brekfast place in the Smokies, with his success. He's been featured in several cooking magazines , or at least his bacon and ham have been, like Saveur and maybe Fine Cooking, Gourmet (before they folded) etc. He is just a very down to earth fellow, very humble. His products are very good. Not only do the Food Network chefs use his product but high end restaurants all over the country do as well.


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